1. S

    Where to get adult traffic?

    Hi, I am new to this forum. I don't know how it all works because it is cluttered. On Telegram and Discord, I have servers/groups leaking nudes (Snapchat/Onlyfans). I shorten the link to Linkvertise so I can earn money. But I actually have two questions. Where is the best place to get traffic...
  2. M

    Growth Hack?

    Hi everyone, I need your opinion on some growth hack strategies to grow Instagram accounts. I am currently doing follow/unfollow which works but slowly and I would integrate the following: -Mother/slave. Any advice on how to use this strategy at the maximum capacity? -Mass DM via a bot (I...
  3. F

    How can i make money by aged gmail accounts !? give me some ideas please !

    Hi there! I have around 150 aged gmail accounts from 2012 to 2021 Is there anyway that I can make some bucks from it !? I will be thankful for your ideas my friends Thank you!!!
  4. Zer01ne

    Where do I find a niche?

    Hello, I want to start affiliate marketing but I don’t know where to find my niche. I am planning for making a blogging website based on a specific niche. Can someone help me out with getting the list of the niches? Thanks.
  5. Tristin_Davies

    I am 17 and do not know what to do with my life after highschool.

    Hi, I am currently in my final year of highschool and I am stressing about whats coming next. My mom wants me to study a BCOM at university however I feel as if it is not worth it as what they teach you there will not help you achieve great things or start a business. What should I do after...
  6. jolev25

    (Asking For Help) Interior Designer Struguling To Sell My Services

    Hello I've been here for a while side hustling some of the methods in the forum to make some extra cash. Now i reached i point in my life where I have qualitiies and qualification to work on somthing that im good at but i strugle to find customers I have some expirience with Facebook ads so I...
  7. S

    [Help] C Programming - Can anyone suggest what should I make for my finals?

    Hello! I'm a first-year college student and to be honest, I am the type who doesn't listen that much in class. Now my prof told us to give him a proposal about what we will present and defend on finals. I want to ask the pros here to suggest what's easy to create. The prof once mentioned he...
  8. customgear

    This helps?

    Hey, is my ecommerce store and I recently created a blog to link the two. I do not know the internet that well but that will help correct? Also fuc*ed up coding, top line of background is f*cked up. Does anyone know how or what to look at to fix it, it is in the coding. Thank you...
  9. M

    IonCube Decoding help

    The owner of a webscript I bought about 1.5 years ago stopped the sale of the script and my unlimited license was wasted, since I have file access, I recovered the files, but is there anyone who can decrypt all the encrypted files for me?

    I need some help for a movie streaming site!!

    I need some help for a movie streaming site!! I have a movie website my website ( using (WordPress dooplay Theme) and I want to change it. What do you advise me? I want to make a movie streaming website directed to the Arabs and I want the movies to be with Arabic...
  11. S

    How to do follow/unfollow method perfectly for personal account?

    This is an account I've had for 10+ years and I use it normally every day. Is it something like 150 actions a day? Is this a number I can increase? I just need to know the basics. Thank you!
  12. Caviston

    Knowledge Panel is incorrect [HELP]

    Hello, I had someone create a Knowledge Panel for me and he did it incorrectly. It appears as I am an ¨Author¨, but it should be Entrepreneur :cool: I need this fixed asap, but the bad thing is that the same guy that helped me do this, scammed me... So I have no access to the account he used...
  13. afyie

    How do you recommend to rank a New Pharma Niche or any competitive Niche website

    Hey everyone, I wanted to know from some experts how they managed to rank a new website on easier keywords in a competitive niche. from my end i made sure website was good in terms of on page SEO technical seo pushed relevant HQ blogs frequently (off page seo from this forum) PBNs (2000 links...
  14. M

    Fansly IP address help

    Signing in to Fansly account from different IPs, devices and places? Will my account get banned?
  15. G

    How can I rank competitive keywords with in a month ?

    Hello All I need to rank high competitive keywords so can anyone helps me like how can I rank those keywords Because I already did on page of those keywords but still they are not ranking
  16. M

    OnlyFans Account - Third Party Content

    Hey friends, Can a Russian model/girl create an OnlyFans account if she has a permanent residence outside of Russia? Do OnlyFans not want any model with a Russian passport on the platform or only one residing in Russia? Hypothetically speaking, if you had the appropriate model release forms...
  17. zeenous

    Questions about starting an Instagram page

    I am interested in starting and organically growing my own Instagram page which I will later monetize or sell off etc. My questions are : 1- I have 2 personal Instagram accounts which I use on my home internet will starting a new page be a problem? using the same IP address as the other...
  18. Floch

    Is there any tool or code to one click turn on and off multiple redirects?

    So I have been using a CPA website where I redirect 50+ subfolders to another domain every day and at night I want to turn off all the redirects. I've been using Cpanel to redirect them and they have only a delete option. I am a newbie to this, Is there anything I can do with htcaccess or...
  19. RodGO

    I want the world cup to play on my Site blog

    Hey, I was searching around on the internet after i had the idea to have the world cup watchable(not only stats) on the blog, but couldn't find any, besides the api for the stats of the world cup itself if anyone had an idea, or just knows this is straight up impossible, i would want to know...
  20. Milagro

    Email from Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit : what should I don’t

    I got an email not long ago , I am I want to know if any now has gotten such email before To: The owners and/or operators of the website known as “site name” The Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit is hosted by the City of London Police and is a dedicated police unit set up to help...