help a brother

  1. J

    [ HOW TO] Replicate html link locker

    Hey bhw family, this is my second time posting this, I don't know why my first post got deleted :( So I came across this link locker can anyone help me make a similar one, and I'm curious on how was it made and which CPA network is the best for this? I'm currently using CPA Build Plus how is...
  2. Jordekorren

    To all nice members!

    Hello all members! I have been hanging around this forum for about six months before I joined and as a Swede I have long reflected on the polite tone all members have towards each other. On Swedish forums no matter what it is about it is rarely the same nice tone between members. I would like...
  3. jolev25

    (Asking For Help) Interior Designer Struguling To Sell My Services

    Hello I've been here for a while side hustling some of the methods in the forum to make some extra cash. Now i reached i point in my life where I have qualitiies and qualification to work on somthing that im good at but i strugle to find customers I have some expirience with Facebook ads so I...
  4. justmeus

    Need help improving my landingpage conversion (affiliate marketing consultation)

    Hey guys! I was running an affiliate offer very effective through Quora and Reddit. I decided to build a landingspage to catch data with the pixel to increase conversion. But ever since i released my landingpage my conversion dropped massively. Because the funnel is pretty complicated i'm open...
  5. A

    The worst start to adulthood, Arlind

    Hey readers I am a 21 year old male London university graduate, well not just yet I have managed to do all the hard work, get assignments in on time always and completed. Yet due to some funerals & complications had stupidly forgotten to apply for student loans for when I was a student in year...
  6. TetraSAM

    Hello Good People - I am SAM I am here to know about online world income source

    Hi, I got my adsence approval few months ago but can't income even a single penny from that website is there any suggestions for me how can I earn at least 5-10$ per day? [Mod Edit Don't give your Url on here]
  7. M

    Fansly Question - Can you help?

    Good afternoon all, If anyone could shed some light on this as there’s limited information online it would be appreciated. Does the Fansly verification process work the same as OnlyFans? As in, if a model registers her ID, does the bank account need to be in the same name or can it be in...
  8. M

    OnlyFans Account - Third Party Content

    Hey friends, Can a Russian model/girl create an OnlyFans account if she has a permanent residence outside of Russia? Do OnlyFans not want any model with a Russian passport on the platform or only one residing in Russia? Hypothetically speaking, if you had the appropriate model release forms...
  9. X0t0

    How To Stop Being Lazy?

    Hello, i'm 24 years old been like 3 months i'm like this crazy lazy, i can't work or even follow up with a single video before i hold my phone and start scrolling. i did well last 2 years was full of work and courage and achievements more than 6 figures Net Profit from IM + two Assets with...
  10. B


    Hello Guys, This is a story of a depressed adult, who is at the point of giving up. And is looking for words of ecouragement and Advice. Life hasn't really being fair to me, i must say. Before every major leap in my life i have to first struggle to achieve or get anything. From Primary to...
  11. yusufxdigital

    (HELP!) Adsense & Ezoic Rejection

    Hi, I'm running a website on word-press with pirated content like templates & tutorials. I provide basically downloadable links and they're neither hosted or uploaded by me or my team. I've been trying to apply for both google adsense & ezoic but unable to get approval for monetizing. My...
  12. Zablo

    A little help regarding my Gmail Account

    Well basically last week i installed a weird plugin or software (i kinda not remember) but my chrome and other browser just sign out me from every website. Well, i didn't mind that cause i was in the way of updating my windows and editing videos. So then i checked my instagram and saw very...
  13. B

    Page Not Getting Indexed by Google (Crawled, Not Indexed) - Help!

    Hi! Last week I wrote an article and submitted it for indexing through the GSC. Here's the page: It usually takes only a few hours before my pages are indexed, but this time it's been over a week. I've tried re-submitting it, but to no...
  14. Castle770

    Posting CPA offers on Facebook from multiple accounts

    Greetings, I have a good survey offer. I decided to spam as much as groups possible . I'll be satisfied as long as I get 20 people to do it . I have created multiple accounts . Does any senior here knows from where am I supposed to get 3-4 same photos of a average looking girl . I only find...
  15. Bigcookies

    How many posts do you guys usually have?

    Typically how many posts do you guys create before advertising a new site? or is it all just a matter of preference and strategy? does it matter at all? I also didn't know where to put this post
  16. Bigcookies

    woocommerce search bar

    how do you guys add search bars to your woocommerce shop pages? I tried installing fibosearch and using the shortcode but the search bar is only on the first page of products I want it to be on all the pages on my shop page does anyone know how id do this or if id need a different plugin
  17. Bigcookies

    Answer the public

    Does anyone just use keywords from answer the public? I did a little research on the search terms I got from them and I was surprised to see that most of the keywords they suggest are very low competition keywords and they meet the KGR requirements does anyone just make articles with the...
  18. Bigcookies

    Rank Math

    okay I got Rank math like everyone on the forum always says to and it just covered every page of my site with errors and it won't even edit the alt text for my images has anyone else experienced this it says something like: warning: undefined array key "find"....alttext... warning: undefined...
  19. Bigcookies

    Does the KGR method Still work 2022?

    I'm getting a lot of mixed answers from the internet so what do you guys think does the KGR method still work in 2022? I see a few people on this forum still use it and others say it's useless is this another one of those things where it's like everyone has different opinions so you have to...
  20. Bigcookies

    Keyword research

    Okay, so I see that everyone Has these complicated and elaborate ways of doing keyword research and I just want to understand why? I've never actually successfully made a website before so my keyword research strategy consisted of using google keyword planner thinking of a few words in my niche...