1. M

    Hostinger Vs Namecheap For Web Hosting ?

    Hostinger Business Web Hosting Vs Namecheap Stellar Business Shared Hosting
  2. M

    What is DMCA Ignored Domain! Not Hosting ?

    Never heard of DMCA ignored domain before! I just recently purchased a domain from namecheap with the intention of hosting DMCA ignored hosting site, What is the problems with such a purchase ? also, any recommendations for good speed and reliable DMCA ignored hosting ?
  3. wantviews

    {WTB} A wordpress web designer to JUST answer my questions.

    Hey, i'm relatively new to web design, so i thought i could use someone who has experience with Wordpress websites building, hosting, etc. What i would need of u is to just answer to my topic related questions, and make it as digestible as you can. Requrements: 1.Good communication skills...
  4. Hints404

    Wordpress hosting with reliable email service?

    I'm seeking cheap WordPress hosting for under $5 per month, and I need the email service to work properly. Please provide me with hosting suggestions for a tiny website with fewer than 100,000 visitors, especially if you send and/or receive emails every day.
  5. black_panther

    namecheap account suspend all your domains permanently

    hello sorry for my bad egnlish i want say what happen to me so maby you will think befor use namecheap with cpa i have like 15 domain and hostingplan Stellar Plus evry think look ok almost 1 year but gest what hapen i try login to my account and see this ugly message so i try contact suuport...
  6. tazarbm

    I'm confused about hosting servers and IPs

    Hey peeps! I'm struggling understanding something, and I wondered if you could help me figure it out... More specifically, I have a hosting plan with some hosting company (which I shall not name, so please don't ask, especially since it's not relevant to my question), and when I purchased that...
  7. C

    Questions! Astra / Woo Commerce / Rocket hosting / Buying reviews / Come chat!

    First off, thank you all for the FREE resource and help over the past 5 years. I went from homeless, and doomed. Alone. Poor. Waking up to be the first person in the public library to use their free internet and student offices. Learning about SEO from scratch and being completely lost and in my...
  8. R

    How to start iptv Business

    In a few I see a lot of people working in iptv reseller but i don t know how start it in some advice Thank you
  9. sonpink2003

    [WTB] Windows Cloud VPS

    Hi guys I am still looking for Cloud based VPS/Shared Server windows 2019 with 16GB, 8Cores, 256SSD+ storage with/without auto backups need 40 numbers if you can give best price. Thanks.
  10. sonpink2003

    [WTB] Windows Cloud VPS/Shared Server

    Hi guys I am looking for Cloud based VPS/Shared Server windows 2019 with 16GB, 8Cores, 256SSD+ with/without auto backups need 40 numbers if you can give best price. Thanks.
  11. Norman_drey

    Reseller hosting under $10

    Is there any good trusted web hosting reseller that offers unlimited bandwidth and unlimited storage for less than $10/month
  12. Norman_drey

    GoDaddy reseller

    I came across GoDaddy reseller hosting for $75.99/ year Does this hosting include unlimited bandwidth and storage? Who's else here is using GoDaddy reseller?. I need more info Here's the link to their reseller hosting
  13. Engels07

    List of Real Offshore Hostings

    this list is up to date (repost of 1. Before order/buy check their terms of service. 2. Not all of this list ignore all kinde of abuses, others ignore. 3. Keep in mind, if they receive a court order from their local laws...
  14. mmubeen8

    [Method] How to get Free Hosting for your website

    Hi, I will be pretty straightforward about how you can get free hosting with Netlify for your website. First of all, you need to install WordPress locally on your computer. I would recommend bitnami for this Download and install WordPress. (It will take a...
  15. Norman_drey

    Web hosting service

    Is there any reliable site that offers unlimited bandwidth and storage for reseller plan
  16. kimomalcolmx

    Warez Related Porn Site, How to Store Videos?

    So this is my first adult related site, it is slightly warez related, The idea is to use content locking on parts of the content, the pictures of the model will be viewable but the videos will be locked, My concern is how and where should I store the videos? as there are lots of videos VPS...

    Everything you need for media buying: Part 1

    Hi there! We’ve been sharing manuals and guides on everything concerning traffic, traffic sources, funnels, creatives and stuff like that. Which is great and, we believe, quite helpful. But those who only are starting out in media buying must have dozens of questions like “where do I start?”...
  18. L

    Need a good offshore dedicated server similar to Alexhost

    Hey yall! Alexhost was pretty good up until they said I need to send them ID verification. So I'm moving away from them. I'm looking for a host that's cheap, fast, & reliable. With Alexhost, they had server with 5TB hard drive and 4gb ram for under $55 monthly. I looked at some hosts like...
  19. coolsheet

    NEED A NEW HOSTING COMPANY ASAP! Managed Wordpress Needed. Unhappy with Nexcess

    I've been with Liquidweb for years. I learned long ago that paying extra for managed WP hosting pays in the long run when you factor time equating to money. Piece of mind is priceless so the $90 a month I would pay to have 4 WP sites fully managed, plugins updated, and to have them test the...
  20. tregoal

    Affiliate Marketing what's next?

    Where do i have to post my affiliate program in order for others to start register and get commissions for each sell they do? Also im in web hosting industry