htaccess code

  1. Nody Khan

    About 301 Redirection

    Hello Friends, I have two websites lived For example, Now I just want to redirect only one URL "" to "". All pages are lives as it is. but just one URL redirects via .htaccess file. Please help and tell me the .htaccess code...
  2. C

    Coding For SEO - htaccess files, X-Robots-Tag, etc...

    Hey, I'm looking to learn more about the technical side of SEO in regards to coding, I'm trying to learn how to access the htaccess files and what to edit for SEO, add X-Robots-Tag for mockup sites, and everything in between :) It seems like not many tutorials online in this respect. Cheers
  3. imonboss

    how to redirect from https to http

    I am not a technical nerd and never faced a problem like this ever before. So, I kinds lost in here. This is something I need to do and I need help from those who have coding knowledge and played with htaccess file before. If i don't do this, i can't access my site at all which sucks due to ssl...
  4. shadowfiend

    Blocking Bots HTAccess Code 2019

    Hello I used to use link privacy to block bots on my site but the plugin has not been updated since 2015 and is not giving an error in WordPress. So I need to block backlink checker sites in HTAccess file. Does anyone have a good list of user-gents for 2019 like ubersuggest bot and other...