1. kaloyan14

    Difference between HTTPS and HTTP proxies?

    Hi blackhaters, i am confused about the difference between http and https proxies. I tried to search in G, but serps are overspammed with services or proxy lists. So i have 3 suggestions: 1). http proxy can't access https sites and https can do it. 2). There is ssl certificate on the https...
  2. S

    secure version (https) of blackhatworld

    Due to lots of dns spoofing and ISP intervention
  3. akacash

    HTTP/HTTPS Thread, Scanned Valid Directly Before Posting.

    Hey guys I've been meaning to do this for a little while now and just haven't gotten to it. No promises on how often I'll update this, but I'll try and add to it at least once or twice a week. Proxies will all be scanned directly before I click submit, which means I won't start scanning until...
  4. pulkitseo

    Can any one help me on https server problem ?

    I have a site at secure server i.e https .I tried submitting it in directory sites bu sadly most of the sites are not accepting the submission because of https.I tried submitting it with ww_ dot site dot com but still its not working can anyone suggest some solution ? Thanks and Regards, Pulkit...
  5. C

    Volusion Website Rank

    I've been doing SEO for a number of years for a lot of websites but I've got a problem that I've never seen before and I'm hoping somebody can point me in the right direction. I started SEO work for a client who built a new e-commerce site on the Volusion platform. After two months of work...
  6. zoomsixx

    Forcing entire site to use SSL https and SEO issues

    I recently decided to force https on my entire website. I just assumed this would be a good option using sites like Twitter and Facebook as example. I never thought about the SEO aspect of this. I created a 301 redirect of all http to https, so I don't think there is any loss in backlink...
  7. kytro360

    HTTPS proxies?

    Hi, where can I get HTTPS proxies for sites like Twitter that basically run on a secure connection (HTTPS)
  8. H

    question about blank referrer with https

    hello members. i know when you click a link from https to http, the referrer would be blank. but how about from http to https? is it also blank?
  9. O

    Wordpress with plimus

    Hi, I have one big problem with Wordpress. I use wordpress for selling Plimus products affiliate. I use sales links from plimus with "https". Whi verify with firefox if it's working my links it's OK. But when i use Internet explorer it's not working. Do nothing when I click on the link...