1. P

    Most effective way to tell Google to deindex a site? noindex vs 410 vs 404 vs 301?

    Trying to see if ppl have opinions on how to best and most effectively tell Google to take some pages out of the index. Working actively on pruning my site from thin content. Planning to submit the sites once the meta tags / status codes are implemented through the Index API. TIA!
  2. R

    I have a problem with google indexing time on my website

    Recently, the indexing time for articles on my website is quite long compared to before. I went to gg search console and checked the recently indexed articles. I noticed that there was a resource message on the page that could not be loaded (49/cannot load 88). Here are some pictures of the...
  3. jootess

    What's your best method for index 500K pages published already

    I have 500K URLs that already published. The speed of indexing process is very low... How can I index them with high speed? I have sitemap and submit it n search console but I didn't see good effect...
  4. G

    Is there a working indexer?

    Backlinks have not been indexed at all since October 20th. Of course, not high-quality backlinks, just plain pbn and web2.0. I got it to work, but after the spam update, all the working services seem to have stopped. I've tried almost all the popular services on the forum, but they don't work...
  5. mainceaft

    I got a lot of G cache bots visits, with no indexing, is that good or bad sign?

    Hi, couple days ago I created g Ad campaign for my SERP dead websites, that campaign went kinda well and visitors quality were good. But with these traffic I notice after I publish any article in couple minutes G cache bots visit it from multiple location (different ISPs around the world) yeah...
  6. jootess

    About JSON file for instant index Rank Math plugin

    Hello I want to create multiple Google accounts and create many index APIs to request 10,000 requests per day. Can I upload multiple JSON files into index api setting for instant indexing rank math plugin at a time? Do we have to upload only one JSON file at a time or can we upload several JSON...
  7. I Am Batman

    How to index a site without GSC?

    I know that we can use Indexers to index sites without GSC. Just have some questions: 1. Do you give the site's original link ( to the indexer or just give the article links ( 2. Do you give the sitemap link ( to the indexer? 3. I...
  8. jootess

    Index of 500K pages rapidly

    Hello I have +500K pages on my website. I already have sitemap. and i built some backlinks for my website but indexing process speed is low. I want to speed my all pages faster. Any idea?
  9. G

    Time Required To Index New Post

    On average, how long would you say it usually takes to to get a new post indexed by Google? I posted my first post on my new site last week and its still not indexed. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated...
  10. W

    Partial relocation of the site or relocation of the site by directories

    I want to try moving the site to a new domain on the directories. I am unfamiliar with this method, who knows, can share a little information about what is necessary and important to do? Also interested in information about redirect on the site 301. If for example I have site A and site B. I...
  11. S

    Bulk Index Checker

    Who's got any ideas? Any suggestions on a bulk indexer that leaves a small or no footprint i.e site, script, etc If someone has a custom script they want to share I'd be willing to compensate.
  12. K

    Indexing Backlinks Case study

    Hi , i am doing rankerx Backlinks and use GSA campaign for Index Ranker X T1 Links. Some how its Successful. Normally i Build 100-500 Backlinks Depend On the campaign (rankerX) and i Build GSA 100k+ Links (T2) Over 1000+ Unique Domain, within 1-2 Days and getting 30-50% Index. i want to know is...
  13. W

    How to increase the speed of page indexing

    Hi all. Recently used the services of a specialist to index pages quickly. And then I have a question how to index pages on different sites, and even own, when google bot does not want to go to the site, even after using the API and manually send to index. Maybe someone has a proven tool or...
  14. TelegramDominator

    Free Link Building for everyone simple tactic for harnessing the power of Telegram

    I won't elaborate too much, I'll just give you a brief overview of a tactic I've been using for several years. As you know, anyone can write a text in their bio on their own user's profile or on the profile of the group or on the profile of the Telegram channel, you can also put links in the...
  15. W

    How to show the bot that the page is redirected

    Hi all. Recently encountered a problem that google can not see that the page has moved. The page itself is in the sitemap of the site, so I sent it to the GSC for indexing. From another site left a link to this page and nothing. google does not see it. Maybe someone knows what to do?
  16. AzizPro

    How are they doing it?

    Nowadays, indexing is a big problem for them who are working on CPA marketing. But some people still indexing their link in 3-5 min instantly. I don't know how but they are doing it. last few instant indexing method was. 1. 301 redirecting 2. google news site (old edition) 3. bookmark site 4...
  17. B

    What if the new website is not crawled?

    One of my new website, it has been a month, but the main category page has not been crawled, is this normal?
  18. Spectra2000

    Looking To Index Profiles With CPA Content!

    Hello everyone, i am looking for a way to index profiles in 2 hours maximum. Type of content: CPA. So if you know something, you can reply here, or MP me!
  19. Spectra2000

    Best parasites for CPA?

    Hello guys, I want to know the best parasites for CPA, the ones that i am gonna post in, and they won't remove my post fast! I have been using Gumroad for a while, but i want some other ones! I have been testing with some parasites lately, but they are so bad, so if you have any parasites i...
  20. SEO Duke

    Discovered - currently not indexed

    Hello, I am facing some indexing problem in my new site. Almost 30+ articles are published but none of them index automatically, ( indexed 5 articles by force index) In search console its showing "Discovered - currently not indexed" Can any one help me to get out of this problem?