1. leonardsrines

    Can anyone suggest best indexing tools.

    It is getting very difficult to index backlinks. Can anyone suggest the best indexing tool in 2022
  2. RandomX

    How to index

    Hi, Can anyone have idea to index this "" on google. I tried all tools and methods, but i am not able to index. waiting for your idea. Thank you
  3. P

    wordpress page index

    Hi I have a sports website in Persian. All articles and pages are indexed in a short time. But unfortunately, two of the main pages have not been indexed for a long time. Can anyone help me? I did everything necessary for these two pages and the live test has no errors in the search console.
  4. Tuanti

    Help Needed : Google Deindexing my Sites

    Hi BHW brothers, I'm running to this headache lately and need some advices. I have several E-commerce websites and they have been massively deindexed in a short period. When I check site:domain it only leaves 1-5 pages on google search results. Even though it was indexing full (30 pages)...
  5. jellyjuice

    indexing problems

    my parasite is indexed ytd but now when i check it again it's not indexed. What wrong with google? anybody know why?
  6. jellyjuice

    Google Ranking Glitch

    i dont understand with my website ranking, when i search with normal none of my website is rank but when i use ( google usa ) it shows my website is ranking on page 1 #4 p.s. it's a parasite from Microsoft ""...
  7. Deniss john

    【Justice League SEO Service】⭐Future SEO Strategy For Top Ranking⭐ Huge Diversity From Quality Sites ❌Massive Discount Inside❌

  8. georgejennings

    Can Anyone Suggest Best Indexing Links Tool

    Can Anyone Suggest Best Indexing Links Tool
  9. redabale

    what is the best indexing service now

    hello guys what's the best indexing service now on bhw for new websites with 10k+ link thanks
  10. Rodrigo Ferreira

    Can't index domain with the word sex

    Hello, im developing a sexshop focused on local seo, so the domain I selected is sexshop(cityname).pt , I only have 3 pages right now but I cant index any of them Is it because the word sex cant be indexed in domain name? like ive seen porn in domain, drugs, religious stuff but sex? is it the...
  11. I

    Do you know what indexer it is ?

    Can you guess from the dashboard what indexing service this is?
  12. Krise656

    INDEXER Contest? Not another indexer thread

    Like most of us, I am also looking for a good service to index my backlinks. We have tons of those threads with a different outcome. So what about a contest of indexing services? I would create for each service a similar RankerX campaign. This will be between 1.200 and 1.800 Backlinks each...
  13. Z

    Index problem (for weeks)

    Hi guys! I have a new website. The google bot visited it at 8th of december, and there was noindex metat tag in the site. I removed the noindex then, and many times sent for new index in search console. Now, after 3 weeks, the website is still not indexed. The search console URL test says there...
  14. BigPBN

    Fast indexing of 200 pages via google api

    Hi. Sorry for the bad English, a user wrote to me and asked how to index sites through the Google API. Recently, Google indexes sites very slowly and I think this information can be useful. With this tool, you can guaranteedly index 200 link in 1 minute. (post consists of two parts) STEP 1...
  15. Milagro

    I Need Help , my home is no longer index on google

    Hello friends , I really need help ! Recently I noticed that my home page and other categories were removed from google. when ever I search my on google the only thing I see is my music categories! Same time when I search I don’t know if is google doing it or...
  16. sbeweb

    Question about indexing

    Hello to all, I'm a beginner in blackhatseo and I have a question to index in mass pages generated by cotent spining. You need a site = a Google account or for each indexed site you can use the same google search console account. Thanks all
  17. M

    How to Index my URL on a Site That I Don't Own?

    I published an article couple days ago on a major site, kind of like Facebook. I optimized it for SEO and now I want to get that pages indexed as fast as possible. To submit a page for Google to be indexed people use Google Search Console, but GSC cannot work because I don't own the site. How...
  18. T

    Any one facing google indexing issues these days?

    Hey, my new posts are not getting indexed in google for the past two weeks, Earlier it use to get indexed within a day? Is it because of the updates or something, anyone facing this issue?
  19. hatterftw1

    What Indexing services are the best right now ?

    I have not needed to index anything for the last handful of months but I will need to start indexing some links each week again (nothing huge) . What services out there are the best right now ? A few months back I was mostly using Speedlinks and it was doing a pretty decent job for what I needed...
  20. mikaop

    [Help a BRO] I would really need the help of you guys in this

    Hey , how are you ! i really hope you are making some good money , and you and your family are safe ! so my problem is this : i have something around 60 articles in a website and only few articles are indexed (which is a very very big problem for me) cause this doesn't let the website...