1. hatterftw1

    What Indexing services are the best right now ?

    I have not needed to index anything for the last handful of months but I will need to start indexing some links each week again (nothing huge) . What services out there are the best right now ? A few months back I was mostly using Speedlinks and it was doing a pretty decent job for what I needed...
  2. mikaop

    [Help a BRO] I would really need the help of you guys in this

    Hey , how are you ! i really hope you are making some good money , and you and your family are safe ! so my problem is this : i have something around 60 articles in a website and only few articles are indexed (which is a very very big problem for me) cause this doesn't let the website...
  3. zaharouk

    Google sites SEO

    Hello guys hope you’re doing well. I just want to know how these people ranks their google sites as you see in the picture they use….. but when i tried to create url like that in my google sites. The website doesn’t be allowed to add (web) it look like that...
  4. Andrewbar

    Footprints in indexing backlinks?

    I want to index some of the backlinks to my site. To do this I want to use a different already indexed blog, and put the links to my backlinks there. After the backlinks are indexed, I remove the links in the blog and put some other links to backlinks I want to index. Do I have to worry about...
  5. sir.rankalot

    [METHOD] How Indexing Services Work, and How To Make Your Own Indexer That Works.

    If you are familiar with indexing services and you see recently they don't work sometimes. In this post, I will explain how the indexers work and why they don't work well at the moment, and also how to build your own indexers. There are numerous ways that indexers on the market work that is...
  6. Vasi Ciocan

    How to index a pdf in minutes?

    Hello BHW members! I'm looking for a way to index a pdf. I saw a lot of "Game Generators" pdf. classified on the first google page indexed in minutes. Does anyone have any idea how to do this?
  7. NicuT

    How is it possible to index the pdf in a few minutes?

    Hello blackhatworld members, I opened this topic because for 2 weeks I have been struggling to index pdf files in google. Uploading the pdf file is easy and I think everyone here knows that, but the problem comes with indexing, reading here on the forum I understood that if it is not indexed in...
  8. Ilia

    Indexation Problem (Discovered - currently not indexed)

    Hi mates, I've got a problem or maybe not:) So i registered a new domain name in Feb 2021 for my client, and in March I begun publishing articles (30 articles per month). All articles are 100% unique. Till May everything was fine, only 5 articles got Discovered - currently not indexed status...
  9. LoverMarketing

    I have a problem with Medium post indexing.

    I have a problem with indexing Medium post. How can I setup "Index tag" when publishing post? If anyone can help me. I will be very grateful.
  10. Rollfic

    Indexed but not in search ??

    Search console shows indexed: When I am directly searching the URL in search, it still says not available: What kind of issue is this ?? Been like 2 days.
  11. Bloodseeker

    How do you index backlinks in bulk?

    Suppose I have 100 links that I want to index. Now it's pointless to purchase indexing services for each one of them. What's the best way to do this for bulk links?
  12. kuldeepsingh689

    Index New Web 2.0 Blogs in 2021

    Hello, Is there any method to index new web 2.0 in 2021? Share your trick, it can be helpful for many BHW members. Thanks
  13. Nody Khan

    Deindex Website From Bing

    Hello, My website was getting too much traffic from bing and also my main keyword ranked on 2nd position. My website ranked in 2nd position with the main keyword from the last 4 months but before somedays suddenly all my website index page removed from bing. If I search on bing like...
  14. Rollfic

    Indexing query.

    After indexing a new site via domain, would we need to index each post and page that we create? When I search my site on google like - I can see it but when I do that for some posts like site: it doesn't show. So each post need to be manually indexed...
  15. xanaIDE

    A question about plagiarism and indexing

    Hi guys, newbie here... So I have a question about plagiarism and indexing, I see some sellers offering expired articles that don't get detected as plagiarised. My question is: if I took new articles that did not index yet and put them on my site and index them before the original website, will...
  16. Rollfic

    Indexed via Search console but still not found ??

    I indexed the landing page via google search console and it shows this: But when searching on google using - site: it still cannot find ? It's been over like 2-3 hours. I though after successful index via search console it shows on google...
  17. htoolas

    Google index

    Hey guys, I have built an archive all-in-one website, but I need an index tool to build backlinks, I'm working on black hat niche. Any suggestion?
  18. weirdo23

    Weird homepage index issue?

    hey guys and girls i hope you are doing well and coping well with life. I have a question regarding google indexing, Any dea why after Inspecting my url according to google search console it is already on google. But when i try the All of my pages are indexed except...
  19. Jeanclaude Gaddahfi

    Google Indexing wrong URL

    Guys, I have a challenge in the past few months and I need help. Previously anytime I write an article and search my main keyword, I see my post in Google Search. Normally on the second page, third page, etc It has changed recently. Anytime I write an article, Google index the wrong page. It...
  20. GunterSachs

    How long to re-index site?

    Hey, I registered a domain some months ago and installed WordPress. I set it to no-index in the WordPress settings and forgot about it because I had other things to do. Today I removed the no-index setting. Now I started to write some articles and tried do add the sitemap (created with...