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  1. B

    TITLE- SMMLOUNGE.COM - LEADING SMM PANEL ✅ Top Working HQ & Stable Services FOR LOW PRICES ➡️ Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook & More!

    =============================== ABOUT THE SERVICE =============================== Hello BHW Community! We have been serving our clients with uninterrupted social media services for years. We provide a large database of services like views, shares, comments, etc., on various platforms like...
  2. S

    Need someone to build me an instagram DM bot in an adspower-like fingerprint browser. He can be RPA or pure code

    Probably 50-100 accounts are needed to send DMs on a rotating basis, and we can prepare clean 4/5G residential IPs and need some simple spinning text. We are an online team, or you can join us full time if you have great experience. Pay with virtual money or paypal...
  3. NaiveKid

    Instagram has limitied Followers Visibility in verified accounts .Is this the death of mother child and other marketing methods ?

    You cannot view anymore the full Followers list in verified accounts and in post likes you cant view the full list of people on any kind of account . Considering All social media platforms are going to put the verified option as a monthly subscription or might one day just remove the option...
  4. A

    Mother/Child or Story Interaction

    Hello, I am looking for someone who offers Mother/Child for Instagram or some service to interact with targeted users stories. Also I am interested to buy some (custom) software, which can operate this tasks. Anyone has such software? Thanks in advance :)
  5. P

    Instagram DM automation outreach

    I keep getting contacted by random accounts asking me to DM message a specific business account to join their ambassador scheme. This business is clearly blasting 10000s of people every day from various accounts. How is it possible to automate this? I'm guessing the business page isn't banned...
  6. davi123

    I'm looking for people who make mass mentions on instagram stories

    I noticed that every day someone mentions my instagram account in advertising stories, I would like to promote my services with this medium as well
  7. A

    Instagram MASS DM

    I want to sent 500 DM's per day from one account Is that possible? Does Instagram have a DM limit per account or per IP? What will be the solution? I want to send MASS DM from my accounts
  8. B

    need a an instagram automatic dm bot

    hey guys, so basically i'm running a SMMA and i want to do some cold outreach though instagram dm's but sending 50-100 dm's per day manually is so fucking time consuming and tiring. is there any bots that can do that easily i tried to use MANYCHAT but unfortunately it only automates dm to...
  9. S

    Instagram storiess mass mention to targets with cta

    Heyy! During the last few days I have been mentioned in many stories random accounts promoting offers with call to action, does anyone here provide this bot or service?
  10. NaiveKid

    How do mother-child experts create child profiles to compete with general bot accs who poisened NFT/Crypto community

    I decided to try the "mother child" method in the crypto niche, but I was shocked by the large number of bot profiles that spread spam and ordinary general outdated scams. This made the follow-back ratio terribly poor that it wasnt worth the financial costs to continue . It would be...
  11. J

    Telegram SMM Bot

    Hello, I need a telegram bot that I can connect to my smm panel via api. What should the bot be able to do? - When the user starts the bot then the bot should ask the user for his Instagram name, gender, country and category (country should be captured by IP address). - The user should earn...
  12. M

    Bot For IG Mass DMs + Create IG accounts + Scraping by usernames & followers.

    I am looking for a developer to make me a mass Instagram DM bot that can do the following: 1. Send unlimited IG DMs per day 2. Scrape usernames from hashtags and followers 3. Create mass IG accounts to send the messages Please send me a Message in my Telegram @Murphy734 Thank you
  13. SMMTribe

    Instagram Mass report Bot

    HI there, I'd like to hire a programmer who can code mass report for me. This will be used for personal purposes
  14. voxoto

    I need a simple instagram bot

    Hey guys, since Jarvee disabled their services I need a new instagram bot with normal features like posting and liking. Thanks for your recommendations!
  15. K

    LOST MY IG verification (NEED HELP)

    Hi guys, I recently paid a friend of mine to get verified. It took him 1 second as he said he had an IG rep. Two weeks later an IG account posted a video of my account, he refreshed it and my badge was gone. I need someone to hack my badge back or find a way how to actually do this. Please help!
  16. N

    How to make lot of instagram accounts ?

    i need accounts because i bough a instagram bot for automation if you can do this we can work i have a nice strategy
  17. B

    What is the best Instagram Repost bot in 2022?

    Being familiar with Jarvee for mass automation from a few years ago, I have been using it once again for reposting on my theme page. I wanted to know if there is a cheaper or better tool for reposting on Instagram in 2022. Also - If anyone knows of any bots for reposting on TikTok that would...

    Is there an app for that Instagram

    Hello I was wondering if anyone knew of an android app that would be part of the phone's camera and automatically show the view of the picture you are taking automatically sized/cropped for Instagram, both portrait and landscape. Thank You
  19. jaroule


    hello dear members im looking for a way to download all instagram user content at once. for example IG user @user how i can download all his images/videos at once? thank you n advance
  20. jinxedsoul

    how to instagram follow unfollow bot

    i need a bot that follows and unfollows people i am running 4 accounts and growing them organically is too much work for me, jarvee is expensive but i heard i can use gramaddict bot. is it safe ? do i need proxies ? my fifth account is my main one and its one the same device as the others and...