1. A

    Decline of a big instagram page in the luxury niche (780k)

    I launched my Instagram page (luxury niche) in May 2020. It has been a great success. I managed to get it up to 800k followers organically .On average I was getting 1k-3k followers a day. It could even go up to 10k a day. But big problem, since approximately 5 months it's not been the same at...
  2. H

    Write 5 people on IG instead of me [XMR]

    I am looking for someone who will write message to 5 different people instead of me on Instagram. Just one message. I don't want to register and verify but I need to contact these people. I will pay $3 in XMR for that freakin simply job. PM for more info or write me on hefaistos878 @
  3. uhq

    [FREE] MEGA ANIME GAIN | Earn insane ANIME REAL Followers with Giveaways

    Hello, I have experience with MEGA on Anime and we are going to do one at least 1-2 times a month. You choose when you want to participate! Let me know your instagram account and I'll check if you're eligible to participate. How will the MEGA be? 1. I will do a massive giveaway and give...
  4. M

    Ig Reels Bonus Views/Monetize

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone had experience generating views with Instagram reels bonus? I am a content creator in Music and was wondering if someone could help me generate the views to go towards monetization. I'm willing to split or some to an agreement since I keep getting invited back...
  5. C

    Do You Know Any Service To Manage 100+ Instagram Account To Upload Reels

    I'm a thinking of service that can manage 100s of instagram account to upload reels. Something Like: For 1 Account there is a folder "X" with Video and its schedules the video reels to that Insta account. This way 100s of Instagram account we can manage. Do anyone Know Such service? Thanks
  6. seo_review

    How to increase Instagram Video views daily and reach people

    I have a aged Instagram account like 2 years, followers 4.3K. Since 1 months i upload videos daily. But the problem is each have only 1K-1.5K views each video. I want my videos will reach much people. In this situation what i have to do for this ?
  7. seo_review

    How to grow Instagram Followers

    Hello, Mates how is doing ? Instagram is very popular platform we all know. It is essential to communicate each other on Instagram. But have only few followers since few years. Let's gather here for help. Help me to grow Instagram Followers.
  8. S

    How to do follow/unfollow method perfectly for personal account?

    This is an account I've had for 10+ years and I use it normally every day. Is it something like 150 actions a day? Is this a number I can increase? I just need to know the basics. Thank you!
  9. Legit App

    [WTB] Instagram and TikTok Accounts

    I am looking for trusted seller that can sell me IG and TikTok accounts. I don't need big accounts, i can take accounts starting 4-5k followers+ and i might need to take them in a bulk price. If you have what i am looking for please message me.
  10. S

    IG Scraping Expert | Millions of records required

    We are needing a long-term partner to scrape IG data This will include getting peoples': - Usernames - Emails - Follower / Following count Requirements: - The data needs to be new - Ability to filter by country We only need first-world data In the IG Scraped data we need: 1. Username 2...
  11. S

    Instagram Scraper

    We are needing a long-term partner to scrape IG data This will include getting peoples': - Usernames - Emails - Follower / Following count Requirements: - The data needs to be new - Ability to filter by country We only need first-world data If you are able to do this, please reply here or...
  12. nano2022


    I would like you to tell me the best sites to promote my SMM panel, other than google ads
  13. purpledust

    Instagram bot for linking, following/unfollow

    Hi guys. I am looking for an Instagram bot with normal features: like posts, follow/unfollow accounts and to comment on post with certain hashtags.
  14. The Universe Legend

    What is the best social media management tool nowadays?

    Hey BHW, A long time didn't post here, hope everyone is doing well. Working on a new ecom brand, and I want to know what's the best tool to manage my social accounts of it (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube...) I want to schedule all the posts for these accounts, any tool with a...
  15. N

    Grow my IG account the right way

    Looking for someone to grow my IG account. It is a personal account so I am not looking for follow-unfollow as it will clutter the feed. Mother/child could work but it really would need to be done in authentic manner; I don’t think dms would work? let me know what you can do. I’ll pay really...
  16. N

    Growing PERSONAL IG account?

    One issue I have is that I would like to grow my personal account while still keeping my feed clean and clear and a good ratio; so follow unfollow doesn’t work. is there anything except mother/child for this?
  17. And Bogi

    [Journey] Instagram mother-slave + CPA ($100/day goal)

    Hey BHW, it’s time for another Ig journey! Those who followed my first journey are already familiar with the mother-slave method I am using. In case you missed that, I'd urge you to read the initial post of the thread to get familiar with the basics since I don’t want to repeat the whole...
  18. E

    Instagram Verification And Account Claim Needed

    Hello, I need Instagram verification service. If possible, I want to claim an inactive account also. I have 110K real followers. I prefer telegram communication @mahmuttopan For the last two months, I was being scammed by shitlisted & banned user @thetraveller. I am in the dispute process of...
  19. Q

    I'm buying Instagram bulk DMs. I'm looking for companies that can ship in Korean.

    I am looking for instagram bulk dm service The price is currently being purchased at 3~4$ per 1k. We are looking for a company that can ship in Korean Please contact us after testing Black Hat Newbies, please do not contact me.
  20. O

    Quick Bluestack

    I would like to open as many Bluestack instances as possible to have automation for Bluestacks for social media management (Tiktok & Instagram) Do I necessarily need a strong VPS for this? Or is a dedicated server also possible? Tiktok open and upload videos should really go very fast and...