internet marketing

  1. M

    What would you study ?

    It is clear that the major job niches that AI would disrupt in the upcoming years are : Writers, Editors, Programmers. What would you study in 2023 ? Are there any good courses you would recommend in 2023 to some one ? I am currently choosing between IM nd Web Dev
  2. Ley

    Need 3 Guest post on

    I need someone who can publish my guest posts on influencive. I have about 3 articles to publish now, 1 target link in each article, ******** link is required, and possibly fast delivery.
  3. SocialManager

    [Reddit Journey] NSFW Subreddits and Accounts - Growth, Profit, Learning

    My biggest issues with internet marketing have always been disorganization and procrastination. This journey is intended to help hold me accountable, keep me organized, and hopefully get feedback from the community that will help me increase the success I have marketing on Reddit. For this...
  4. SocialManager

    12 Months of Internet Marketing With No Other Responsibilities - What's your strategy?

    Imagine a scenario where you have 12 months of complete freedom from all other responsibilities. All of your bills are paid for, so you don't need to earn any money during this time. After 12 months, you can't make any changes or start anything new online, so it all comes down to what you set...
  5. Mjinnn

    Legit IM businesses to make $5000/m in <6 months with $400 budget but tons of time

    I want to dive in IM and create a legitimate IM business but my budget isnt the greatest. Help/direction would be amazing.
  6. Krizzzly

    How to go from zero to hero with Email Marketing

    I've recently done alot of research about what skill i want to learn and excel at and ive decided that i want to get into email marketing. What does the roadmap look like for learning email marketing?
  7. W

    My $3000 Dream Journey!

    Hello folks, Let me introduce myself first, I'm working as full time Social media manager at a digital agency (african country). I've been doing this since 4 years. Now I feel more than ever that I need to start my own thing because I can't take anymore the stress and the amount of clients...
  8. Conjecting

    Do you guys ever involve your friends in your internet marketing ventures?

    I've only tried to involve one of my friends in an internet marketing venture. Oddly enough, this was my best friend. He never wanted to take instruction from me and simply didn't view it as a business partnership. Eventually I couldn't deal with him not taking things seriously and I had to cut...
  9. Bitcoingiver

    Pinterest Masterclass - Unleash a Massive Wave of Traffic & Sales, WITHOUT ANY Pinterest Marketing Experience or Even Website!

    Get Instant Access to Pinterest Masterclass ENROLL NOW & Get The Unfair Advantage Today! Regular Price $120 PAY WITH CRYPTO $34 (Pay with any crypto of your choice) If you don't have cryptocurrency you can order this Pinterest Masterclass on Fiverr. ORDER ON FIVERR $50 (Pay with your Credit...
  10. P

    Looking For Google Ads Expert

    Hello everyone, I am looking for someone who can be able to help me with setting up ads for a small website of mine (launched 3 months ago). It is a subscription-based website (I P T V) just like Netflix, Disney + or any other platform where the customer chooses a package (let's say 3, 6 or...
  11. Bloodseeker

    Best Black Friday Internet Marketing Deals?

    I'm looking for some steal deals about internet marketing products. It could be any software, web hosting, theme, subscription, LTD, or anything that's relevant. Kindly share.
  12. Starblazer

    [Guide] A simple test to check if you have Vitamin D deficiency

    IM requires us to stay indoors for most of the time. We usually skip going out during the day and spend very little time under sunlight. Over time, we become sensitive to sunlight and completely avoid it. This might result in Vitamin D deficiency. The common causes of Vitamin D deficiency...
  13. A

    Benefits of Bhw?

    Just wondering has anyone every met anyone that catapulted there career/business on this forum?
  14. A

    Stream of consciousness

    Random post. I'm new to the forum so I'm just making post and engaging to build some rank. Anyway I just want to leave a quick stream of consciousness and this will be my contribution to me getting my 50 post to finally be a real member on the site. In short, I began my digital marketing...
  15. A

    New on the forum

    What's up people I'm Jay I run the all in affiliate marketing team. I look forward to being an asset to the people on the platform as much you guys will be for me. Thanks Jay
  16. MasonF


    Hello everyone, this is Mason MY GOAL: Scaling my digital agency to $500 per day using: Freelancing platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, freelancer Cold emailing Cold calling Linkedin, indeed the main purpose of this journey is to keep track of my progress and motivate other people who got their...
  17. TheBeardAbides

    What's the most long-term, sustainable path?

    Hey everyone! Newb to internet marketing in the house. So, I'm trying to deduce what the best path is in IM. What's the best for long-term sustainability? I've browsed through the forum, and I see a lot of "methods" that can work for a while but can be taken away in a heartbeat. Now, I know...
  18. Negi Ji

    40k Instagram account got disabled

    One of my friend's Instagram account got disabled due to submitting the copyright video. We did request to that man that please remove the strike as it was his only source of income in this pandemic as he was selling jersey's from the page and it was going well. He has invested 2+ years on that...
  19. vigyavan

    Which Of These Free Traffic Strategies Would You Do & Stay Away From and WHY ? ... if your target audience who are affiliate marketers ?

    If there is a free traffic strategy I did not mention and feel it should be on this list please share it and why you would or would not use it .... Facebook page marketing Facebook group marketing Facebook direct prospecting -- adding 15 friends a day, sending a pvt msg to affiliate marketing...
  20. TheSoloAct

    If you could bring back one IM or SEO trend from the past, what would it be?

    Let's be honest, not many years ago, the entire Internet Marketing (and SEO) scene was pretty easygoing. I can name a few things I miss today, including how cheap it was to do PPC back in the day, or how you could be shooting thousands of mails a week and each one would arrive in an inbox, 100%...