1. bhanonymous

    commitment to a new life

    Hello, its great to be here. So far ive done some lurking around some of the forums and decided I want to spend alot more time on here so I figured Id start from the 0 point, the introduction. A real no bars held transparent introduction. I rarely do this due to a tremendous amount of social...
  2. RodGO

    First time meating

    hey everyone, feel free to call me buddy or guy :smirk: newbie tittle really suits me, i'm 19 and i live with my parents, didn't do much before besides gaming and working out. This past year is where i've gone through a breakthrough, i droped out from IT school after 2 years with no knowledge...
  3. ProfKieft

    Hello World/BHW

    I'm a developer with a bachelor's degree in CS and a graduated from General Assembly Full Stack Bootcamp in NYC. I'm not interested in simply renting myself to the highest bidder on the market - which is what getting a job is. I believe we are all meant to live meaningful lives free from...
  4. jenny_searchseo

    Hi everyone!

    I'm one of the new owners of searchseo, a CTR manipulation service. I'm here to learn more about the latest SEO trends and respond to feedback on our product (have seen it pop up in a few forums) as well as look for inspiration on new features :)
  5. mikecarlooch


    Ha. Got you to click.. Didn't I? Before you read my ego-talk about myself, I want to say I'm here to serve you on the forum knowledge in any way I know how, and also to extract wisdom from you amazing and smart individuals. Hey, I'm Mike. I've been creating and mastering the art of short...
  6. lilkrito

    Hi Everyone

    Hi BHW Community, My name is mahmoud, I'm in computer science college, I joined this community looking for a way to make 500$ a month or more, to pay my college money, so please if anyone has ideas please share them with me. Best Regards
  7. F

    Hi, A newbie here

    Hello everyone. I'm new to this forum. I've browse around for sometime and found the discussion is really interesting, but I don't really know a lot about the topics. Hope can learn along with everyone. Hope everyone welcome me and can help me there. Nice to meet everyone here
  8. jack_

    Hello World

    Hi everyone, I am Jack and I am new to this community( this better not awaken anything in me), I really look forward to be a part of you all)
  9. TaurusH

    Hi from TaurusH

    Hi everyone, I heard a lot about BHW and community and was using this website to just read threads and see the interactions of people here on various topics. But finally registered to add some contribution and get some more learnings. Such a great forum and platform to learn new things every...
  10. digitalrocky

    Hola Amigos

    Hi there, Rocky here from canada. Looking forward to contribute towards this community. Heard much from a friend about it. Would also love to learn some great lessons from others mistakes as well, already read few though and I already love here. Have a great day everyone!
  11. seo express

    Hello BHW

    Hello all, I am new on this forum and finding some ways to feed my family. Just joined this forum and I think this is the best forum I have found ever on interent for SEO. Wish me luck for future. Thanks
  12. bingeme


    Hello BHW! I am new here and I want to learn how to make $$$. Willing to learn and thriving for success.
  13. avalex

    Welcome Me xd

    Hi guys, I'm Avalex. Thanks for checking by. I have benefitted from the forum on earlier occasions and felt it was just time for my contributions. I'm a budding network engineer and hope to give back to the community to my fullest. See ya around.
  14. MarkBhatti

    First step to this amazing world!

    Hi! I am 26! I am a physicist and a guest blogger! I just stepped into BHW and i got to know that this domain is so amazing including all the knowledge and people which are immersed into BHW. I hope this will be an amazing experience and i am looking forward to know many successful and...
  15. chrisfree208

    The hat the sells most

    Hello folks, I've just joined and thrilled to share view with you. Been in the industry for more than 5 years but never subscribed to BHW. However, I feel now's the time to join the fun ride!! Will get to know each other soon.
  16. F


    Hello, I've been affiliate marketing for the past 8 months. Been making some money but not profitable yet. (It hasn't been very consistent) Haven't really tried the forum route yet so imma try something new cuz what I've been doing so far hasn't gotten me the results I want yet. I'm hoping...
  17. MailingIPs

    Hello all, & Happy New Years

    Hello and happy new years to all the hats out there. I am a reputable IPv4 broker but don't take my word for it, check our website for more details. I'm excited to learn more about SEO with this community so enjoy your new year's eve everyone.
  18. Subreddit

    Finally Onboard

    Hello BHW, Creating a bhw account was a long time due and wanted to do this before the year ends and before I get too drunk, so here I am. Happy New Year !! Funfact: My account will be an year old tomorrow, unlocking all the benefits and will be able to upgrade to Jr.Vip too.
  19. T

    New Brother!

    Hey guys, there's a new brother on BHW. I'm here to learn and teach. Be the light is with you.
  20. Jinxer

    Hey everyone

    Hi all, I'm in SEO since 2013 but for some mysterious reason I never encountered this fascinating place before... Well, guess it's the proper time to grab some beer from the fridge (though I would prefer my own wine cellar) and dive in Greetings to everyone and special thanks for all of you...