1. ChrissM

    Hi BHW !!

    I love spiders & Mary Jane & Tony Stark. I hate Thanos. He snapped me away but finally back after 5 years. Looks likes a lot have changed. I love shooting webs too, though I have to clean them up later. oops, Dr. Octopus is back again this time with eight mechanical arms. Gotta save the city!
  2. S


    I am new here in BHW! I hope we can learn something from each other.
  3. S


    Hi everyone ,I am a beginner in making money online .I hope you help me to start earning money.
  4. J

    .::Hello Black Hat Community::.

    =============================== ~~HELLO BLACKHAT COMMUNITY~~ =============================== I stumbled across this page when looking into SEO and online marketing. Nice find! :) I'm hoping to find some more reading material on the subject. Just checking things out right now. I've never really...
  5. seonoc

    Hey Howdy

    Hi folks - Dwayne here! Back on BHW after almost six years out of the game. Formally EGSEO Hope to learn a lot and get my edge back. Lots of great stuff here as always. See y'all on in inside... seonoc
  6. GreyHatNik

    How I made $65,000 in the span of 20 months as a 15-16 year old [Intro] [Origins Story]

    Hey all, I really wasn't sure whether to post this in introductions or not but because of the clickbaity title, I chose to place this thread here. I'm not actually new to BHW. I was active here during the golden years of CPA between 2014-2016 and have decided to delve back into it now that I'm...
  7. J

    Here to learn how to make passive income

    Hi guys, Nice to meet you all, I've seen a couple of great posts here and hope to learn a thing or two as I also share what I know. Regards.
  8. paulsmith420

    Hes a lurking no more

    Hey, somewhat of a long time lurker, decided to finally commit already and create an account. Also, wanted to say thanks to all the peeps here that so willingly share their knowledge, I've learned a ton. Discovered BHW because of a new legit moneysite i've been building and its in much need of...
  9. 1JeRome

    Jerome joined the chat

    Hello, my name is Jerome and I am new to this (super interesting-looking) forum! I'm not an internet marketer like most of you might be (I have no real job, just do what is most profitable/fun at the time), but I'm sure I can learn something about this world anyway! (Usually) every two weeks, I...
  10. S

    Hi friends (and enemies)!

    Came across this site recently after researching some of my more *morally ambiguous* ideas. Saw some cool stuff and it seems like a cool community. I’m a newer web developer/ programmer who pirates everything they watch, so naturally I’d like to put up some websites of my own eventually with...
  11. R

    Personal Introduction - Account Intro

    Greetings all, I joined this forum today, after looking for online places on digital goods content. Clearly, I'm here to learn and engage with other people and at the same time aiming to sell some of my digital gaming products as I do on the other platforms and forums. Thank you for having me :)
  12. Uday Singh

    Hello Everyone

    Hello BHW family! My name is Uday and I am from India. Currently, I am trying to run my IT startup company in India. So glad that I have found this Forum, and I think I can get various stuff that can help in running my startup easily. Thank you very much for accepting me here :)
  13. Ishum

    Hello everyone!

    Hi all, My name is Ishum and I've been lurking around these parts for a few weeks now, trying to gather and absorb as much beginner knowledge as possible! I finally decided to make an account, for no other reason than to explore more into the worlds of social media accounts (IG and Tiktok...
  14. TrashGirl

    Hello From Indonesia

    btw, this my first post :) I hope can stay here like home
  15. M

    Joined and can't stop

    Hi everyone, just joined a week ago, and really like the forum. Feels like a rabbit hole I can't help but leap into. Currently working on SEO for new blog (3 month old) - had known about on page SEO, though with how competitive my niche seems to be - need step up to keep up. As such my goal is...
  16. ELLIO7

    Hello BHW'ers!

    Hello good people. I couldn't find any reason not to join BHW. I hope I will be able to be a part of this family.
  17. ninjaflow

    Hi! Newbie looking for 1) live/work exchange, 2) passive income, 3) IM services

    Hi, First timer here (or in any forum actually) - mainly due to COVID and how it's affected the global economic landscape. I consider myself very lucky to have an amazing lifestyle with ample food, water, shelter, and internet on a tropical island, BUT my business is tied to hospitality, and...
  18. D

    konichiwa! I'm Doom, happy to make your acquaintance

    Hope everyone here and their loved ones are safe during these tough time! I had joined BHW long back ago but from today on I'll be actively participating in this forum ^^ I'm a huge weeb and into Anime, Manga and Manhwa - feel free to talk about them in this thread and mention your absolute...
  19. Anirath

    Hello from Alaska

    Hello everyone here at BHW!!! I'm newly registered, and interested to dive into what these forums have to offer. A little about myself: I'm a Software Engineer & Web Developer located in rural Southeast Alaska. I've been doing remote contract work for 10+ years as well as developing my own...
  20. O

    Finally a place that feels like home!

    Hey Everyone, Please don't mind my username( trust me i tried a hell lot of others but all were already taken). You can call me Alex. To tell you the truth, my mind is totally blown by the amount of knowledge and expertise you guys are providing. I am so glad i somehow managed to stumble up this...