1. Zepph

    Zepph here, hello!

    Hey guys!, I have been lurking around in this forum for like a year, but it wasn't until I recently started to use it more frequently that I decided to make an account, now, here I am. I hope that eventually, after reading lots of posts and investing my time on it, I'll learn to make money...
  2. mrseagull

    Hello BHW

    After a long time scrolling through the threads, i've taken the decision to finally join this community. Hope i learn new things from this forum. Hello :)
  3. M

    Hey hey, I'm new to blackhating and here for help

    Hello, I'm new to code in general, I'd love to learn all I can! I'm mostly here for picking up what I can for a particular project, and also to possibly find someone willing to help me out with said project if it sounds interesting enough! Hope to make good friends This little project is a...
  4. Z

    my intro

    Hi guys! I just stumbled on this site. I was looking for sites that could do phone number verifications and saw a thread here. Which lead to me reading a couple solid posts in the how to make money section. From there noticed the hire a freelancer section, wanted to create a post for that, so...
  5. InsaneSaint

    Breaking the lurking habit today!

    Hey BHW, finally gave my resignation to the lurker's lounge and registered today. I look forward to learning a lot and contributing wherever I have the right knowledge to help. A little background about me- I found Internet marketing at one of the lowest points in my life last year around...
  6. P

    Good afternoon all

    Unless it's not the afternoon, there, greatings! New to SEO so will be snooping around ha!
  7. mildsauce

    Pleb interested in youtube view reselling

    Ive read most of the rules that I've found and im not posting any services. But I do want to mention that what brought me here is the huge money involved in YouTube and how there incentive for youtube to allow some amount of robo-views on their videos. I write software bots and current run a...
  8. T

    Flustered Rookie without a clue - glad to have found BHW!

    I set up a business online 9 years ago that failed miserably because I spent my budget on PR (old fashioned methods at that), rather than SEO which I realized was where I had gone wrong. When I did cotton on, the platform I was using, Epages, nobody I hired could do SEO on at the time. I have...
  9. covertjustice

    Ooooh! My Lord. BHW is crazy! :))

    I am CovertJustice. I am a computer engineer. That's it! Oh yes and member of BHW! Now my Goals! Robin-hood. If I ever succeed, and yes I will, no person will ever see poverty again. I have plans, ideas, what not! Do You? I am starting from zero. With all of you we will become what we...
  10. J

    Hello, I am new

    Hello people I am new im excited to see how much value BHW has to offer me :)
  11. xdcoder3289

    BHW - Greetings Everyone

    I am very pleased to be a part of the community. I recently learnt about the BHW and the knowledge it has. Came to the forum and saw that yepsss, the guy was right. There is hella knowledge here. I am fairly new to the world of SEO and wanted to learn from the best. Hope to stay here for a long...
  12. Treater12

    Just getting started

    hey everyone, looking forward to lurking a ton of this forum, thanks guys for being awesome! Im interested in seo tools and i currently have about 0 usable experience with this topic. Can anyone link me to some critical threads?
  13. F

    Hello All

    Hi BHW Members, I have heard about BHW for a longtime now and only just signed up. Of course, Fry Phillip is not my real name but my pseudonym. I have been in marketing and sales in the financial arena for about 5 years now. My main interests are in the marketplace but will be doing alot of...
  14. B

    Hey lovers

    I hope that title made you smile, even a little. :p I'm just here to learn mostly, I'm entering with an open mind. Thanks for having me aboard
  15. Grixal

    Hello Black Hat World!!! Im Grixal

    Hello, a good friend told me about this site, I really want to learn all the wisdom that is shared here. ;)
  16. A

    Gamer intro

    hello. im from india. i lurked here for some time now & decided to join in & see how it works out. i am a longtime hardcore gamer, recently thought of putting my efforts to use, as in to make money haha. i found some success after investing over a month into it i made my first 20$ but since...
  17. X

    Hi, BHW Internet Marketing Community

    I decided to join BlackHat World community as I am looking to help people with their Digital marketing needs. Currently, I am working with UK IT company as a lead digital marketer. I look forward to helping members of this cool community! Thanks
  18. SerBelview

    Hello, world

    Hiya folks, I am SerBelview I stumbled across this site while researching various ways to supplement my main income stream. It seems to be inhabited by plenty of like-minded individuals! I am incredibly interested to keep perusing the forums and learning more about all of this. Unfortunately, I...
  19. qualityContentBoi

    I hope this site can be the extra push I need

    Hey, Everyone! It's kind of a funny story as to how I ended up here. Because it's 2019, and holding on to attention is becoming tougher and tougher, I'll keep this nice and sweet for ya ;) I run a start up that's rather disruptive. I won't go into the details of it, but if it gets big, then...
  20. TheGroundedMan

    Thank You For Having Me! :)

    I am so grateful being a part of this amazing community, albeit like a tumbleweed tumbling about near the entrance, a part still. A few things about me: - I've been a lurker for a few days now (I know, and I'm ashamed all I did was suck value. There's nothing much I can contribute at this...