1. Heisenberg's Hat

    Best IOS App for Unfollowing

    Many people have left bots, and go back to manual follow/unfollow. What's the best IOS app to do that? : Follows: via IG only, or via app? Unfollows: as many as possible via IG, or unfollow all via the app?
  2. P

    Can Instagram app work through a proxy on a smartphone?

    Hello! I have several smartphones in one WiFi network. So I'd like to use proxy servers to avoid ban from Instagram for using too many accounts from one IP address... I'm going to get http proxies and setup these proxies on my smartphones (in WiFi settings under iOS and under Android). I have...
  3. ad149

    Universal Cross-Platform/ One Programming Language for all Devices

    Hey, Flutter 1.5 just got showcased in the latest Google I/O conference and it is a breakthrough event in all of development history. Born as an alternative Cross-Platform language for iOS and Android, one code works natively for both of platforms, even though in beta phase it beat React Native...
  4. Lukmat

    iphone subscriptions in apps - from noob to ... who knows

    WHITE HAT JOURNEY! I made several Android journeys but not finished any of them. There were different reasons, once I failed, another time I was making very blackhat. Many newbie people from this forum asked me questions that I cannot reply in public to not kill my methods, niches, etc. With...
  5. ankysingh

    Any iOS Dev here ? If yes, let's connect.

    Hello fellow BHW's, I am an iOS Developer. I am just curious to know is there any other iOS Dev on BHW. Please reply here if you are iOS Dev. Thanks
  6. Veil123

    ★Codevix★ - Professional Website & App solutions!

  7. S

    Help on unlocking disabled ios 7 device?

    This is probably in the wrong place, on the wrong forum and knowing apple, impossible, but i have an old ipad with a load of content on that i am trying to get off, somewhere along the long i have disabled it so that i can no longer unlock it with a passcode and i have to use itunes to unlock it...
  8. predator411

    Ios app developer & Instagram graph api

    Hi, I need a developer that can modify my app to make it works with a new api. I developed an ios app that used instagram api but instagram modified their api. I don't know how to change the api file in my app to make it works again. The app made gains and is well placed on the store. I am...
  9. CreativeArts

    Android VS Ios

    Hi I had ios iphone5 and I get bored it I sell my phone and now I have android, I think android is much better buy I see that is very easy to hack you , apps installing by themselves a total mess , what you think about it?
  10. ShinigamiGummy

    Apple done?

    Apple now have to much troubles. Latest iOS version (12.1.2) now have a very awful bug at all over the world users. I'm talking about network connection issues. Moreover, they have sales ban in Germany, Asia region and some other country's. Seems like their devices soon lost their quality and...
  11. Dictatorce

    How can I add admob ads on apk without source code?

    I want to add admob ads on games that aren't exactly mine. All the developers I've asked told me that it isn't possible without source code, but I've seen it done before. I know there's some sort of way to inject the admob ads without the source code. Does anybody know how?
  12. D

    [LFH] Android/iOS Developer (quotation)

    So I been thinking in making a new app, this app will be pretty much like PICAP (similar to uber) but with an affiliate marketing. Mostly for LATAM and then worldwide. I am not so experienced making apps but I would like to know how much you guys think it will cost, so I can have an idea. Also...
  13. TigerShadow

    Looking for an App builder(s)

    My company resells dietary supplements directly from manufacturer and we would like to have an app for our customers to use, I was looking at either getting multiple freelancers/VA's to work on different aspects of the app so that no one person would bottle neck the process or get a single...
  14. N

    No app marketing service on BHW ?

    Hello, I can't seem to find app marketing services on BHW apart from services that sell fake installs/reviews. Does anyone know where I could find such a service ? People which would help with ASO/Installs/Reviews/Ad optimization and so on... I mean there are so much stuff on the marketplace for...
  15. systemad

    Hi BHW

    Happy to be part of this awesome community. Theres so much valuable information, so many methods to work on. I visited this site years ago, but then busy doing other things, now eager to learn more and hopefully also can give back to the community. Ive been doing IM before. My main focus is...
  16. C

    Best VPN for Windows, Linux, IOS, and no logging?

    I have tried PIA and ExpressVPN. I don't know if there's one that's better, but I find that trying to register on sites is blocked when I'm on these VPNS, or if I already registered then I can't login on these for many of the locations that they provide the connections for. The sites I go to are...
  17. supercode

    Admob ecpm plunged last few days

    for my iOS games I see Admob ecpm decreased a lot for last couple days. Usually, it was $5-6 but last two days it is only $3.3-3.4 .... it is only half of usual earnings :eek: No changes in downloads, countries or something else, only ecpm plunged. I never had such low ecpm, so I am bit...
  18. tyecd

    Where can I buy 5,000 IOS app downloads + KPI events such as posting, commenting, etc.

    Hey guys, I have a client who would like to buy 5k downloads on the Apple app store that can pass a screening (potentially a download network?). They also need those downloads to engage on the app, completing events such as posting, commenting, etc. Does anyone specialize in this...
  19. K

    IOS 11.4.1 data tethering possible? no jailbreak

    i have a i phone 6 plus that i purchased and realized it has ios 11.4.1.... cant not be jailbroken. The only reason i even jailbreak my iphones is to get free tether apps that tranfer my phone data to my computer for free 4g lte speed internet. However i cant seem to figure out how to get a...
  20. W

    trusting place to buy where To Buy - App Downloads + Reviews + Ratings

    I'm also looking for reviews + ratings, quite a bit per day. (100+) Please... No Fivver stuff. I'll really appreciate some help with this.