1. C

    Do You Know Any Service To Manage 100+ Instagram Account To Upload Reels

    I'm a thinking of service that can manage 100s of instagram account to upload reels. Something Like: For 1 Account there is a folder "X" with Video and its schedules the video reels to that Insta account. This way 100s of Instagram account we can manage. Do anyone Know Such service? Thanks
  2. ccav

    Jarvee Service Permanently Closed,What's a better alternative?

    I saw the news from the jarvee official website today that the Jarvee server is permanently shut down, any good ideas?
  3. Koseii

    Looking for a 1 on 1 Jarvee (IG Automation) Expert

    I have never tried Jarvee before. Need someone who can give insight and assistance on understanding and using JARVEE for our specific needs for 1 account growth. Will need to show me the capabilities, I will supply everything like proxies, accounts etc. Optimize and monitor the settings...
  4. BaZidA

    Jarvee permanently CLOSED - Good bye fellas, thank you for everything

    In june the thread on BHW wasn't renew so it got closed, but I didn't think they would shut down the business completely. Sad to see another great tool shutting down. You can see the notice on their site https://jarvee.com It was an awesome tool, great devs, support, owners, entire team...
  5. Z

    Instagram Influencers Sourcing/Scrapping

    Looking to do ongoing scrapping of influencer accounts based on location or similar accounts. I.e Enter influencers handle and scrape 100+ similar accounts per day. We had used Jarvee for this in the past but after reinstalling it, this feature doesn't seem to work anymore. Is this issue...
  6. J

    Best VPS & Proxy For Jarvee?

    Can someone please let me know about the best VPS & Proxy for using Jarvee (main priority is ease of use, but pocket friendly if possible)?
  7. N

    Jarvee Story Views Configuration

    I have an Instagram page and I want to automate customer acquisition. Liking stories has been the best method. But manually is very tiring. I downloaded Jarvee and I'm trying to configure it to see and like 5 stories from each profile. With an average of 2,000 profiles per day. I already do this...
  8. 202GreatDays

    JARVEE - Statistics Dashboard CHART Does Not Work

    Hello, I have been running Jarvee on Windows 10 for 30 days straight - and for a month earlier this year. During this time, the statistics dashboard chart has never displayed the POSTING or TOOLS charts. I have followed all the directions provided by Jarvee but nothing ever gets displayed...
  9. jason212

    Is someone still doing Jarvee and instagram?

    Hey guys, almost a year ago I stopped using Jarvee but now I want to start again to grow accounts on instagram. Do someone still use Jarvee in combination with Instagram for follow/unfollow, mother child method etc. - Where do you get your accounts from or do you create manually? - A 4g proxy...
  10. SteveHolt

    Got B2B or Instagram traffic? Instagram / TikTok Growth Service with 30% recurring payouts!

    Got Instagram, Social Media, blog, or B2B Traffic? If you can drive traffic to businesses, influencers, models, fitness trainers, or coaches, etc you can earn 30% of every recurring payment your subscribers pay! Social Fuse is an Instagram growth agency that delivers real, targeted followers...
  11. brank87

    Setup Jarvee for 4 Linkedin accounts

    Hey! I'm looking to hire a freelancer that can help me finish a very simple Jarvee setup to grow connections for 4 LN accounts. • VM is up • Jarvee installed, with the accounts and dedicated proxies • Accounts are loaded and verified. I just need someone to finish the setup, make it work and...
  12. smm jacopo

    Mother/Child Proxies

    What proxy to use for mother/child on jarvee?
  13. TheBarbarian93

    Jarvee Telegram Group to connect about Jarvee??

    hey if anyone is interested in a telegram group for jarvee users send me a message and i'll add you! I think together we are stronger and can support each other! it's about instagram, twitter and other social media growth. Many greetings ! :)
  14. dilder

    HTTPS vs SOCKS5: Instagram

    Which is better when you use a software like Jarvee? I have so far only tried HTTPS but read somewhere that SOCKS5 should be better, since it hide the original IP address. So, what is better for Instagram?
  15. O

    Jarvee with 4g proxies

    I have my own 4g proxies very high quality on the vodaphone network (number 1 mobile provider in UK). With aged phone verified actions and If i keep to 100 actions a day (follow) will these get banned?
  16. Bakidaki

    Jarvee "Social Exchange" Twitter working?

    Hi, was wondering if the Jarvee "social exchange" tool is still working for twitter? saw quite a few of comments saying it doesnt work for IG anymore, was wondering if twitter still works? The like / retweet tool, if working, could be very good for growing accounts a lot faster, so would...
  17. dilder

    Jarvee - Email Verification (Instagram)

    Hello, I have just started out again using Jarvee and wanted to ask if it is normal that at least 50% of my accounts get the red email verification statues (displayed on Jarvee) if I have not warmed them up? And if I have to warm them up for how long?
  18. therp

    Jarvee VS Socinator. Which one is best?

    Hello everyone! I'm looking for a tool to automate my pinterest and instagram account. Which one to choose? Jarvee or Socinator?
  19. B

    ¿What happens if i delete all cookies from jarvee?

    The server I use has memory crashed, since jarvee uses a lot of space in cookies I wanted to know what would happen in case I delete them. Thanks
  20. xDonDraper

    Instagram botting 2021

    Hello everyone, It's been a long time since I left the Instagram niche but now I'm back to it and I see everything changed. I've started a brand new account and I would like to have a little help to grow so I'm thinking to buy several accounts and start botting but nowadays I see everybody...