1. razharov

    Good advice for anyone with 100+ domains

    Hey everyone. As of today I have 221 domains to my name that I own. My advice is no matter how many domains you have, never let them sit on your account with no content on it. I had domains that I bought 4 years ago and ever since then I didn't use them. What I advise is use Mobirise (best...
  2. N

    Keyword rank

    How can I make the page rank in many keywords? As I see in others, in one page they are ranked in so many keywords but I cannot see those certain keywords in the page content.
  3. O

    Keyword Search Volume

    I'm using SEMrush and Google KWD planner for search volume data. But there's a discrepancy across all primary keywords on both. And if i'm comparing with Ahref, it's getting mismatched too. Some of the keywords have the same search volume. Which is the best tool or method to check the correct...
  4. Harnur

    How to Find the Most Expensive keywords in a geo?

    I am trying to find the top 10 most expensive keywords with the highest CPC rate in India(geo). When you know the niche, it's easy to sort keywords in the keyword terms of the highest to the lowest bid. I also tried to google "Top 10 most expensive keywords"...but the list...
  5. Poorboy

    How to get good traffic from Bing?

    I have a small blog site. Everyday I am getting around 200 page views from google and 100 from Bing. Google is not ranking my new contents while Bing is ranking the new contents but the traffic is low. How can I find keywords that would bring a little more bing traffic. Even a keywords with...
  6. TheDankChocolate

    [Guide] How to find low competition PAAs directly? A Breif Guide

    This is going to be a brief guide on how to find PAAs directly without any research. Before beginning with the Guide let me explain as to what PAA is actually. What is PAA? PAA is an abbreviation for People Also Ask. These are the questions people have already been asking on Google. So...
  7. ganesha7

    Best tool / website to find newly registered domains based on a keyword

    Dear pros, i would like to find newly registered domains based on a keyword. Is there any premium tools or websites available for this? Say for example, if i search for penguin, it has to show any recently registered domains related to that keyword. If it shows name server / whois data, that...
  8. L

    any one here have yukapo subscription

    Any one here have yukapo subscription i need nuss wordpress theme if you can please download it for me Thank You
  9. metalfingersdoom

    Does ranking for small volume keywords help with the big ones?

    Simple as it gets, if my small volume keywords get ranked, will it help my big ones get ranked too? @warriorsam53 has commented on https://www blackhatworld com/seo/how-could-you-skip-the-google-sandbox.1389345/ on how ranking on small keywords can help you rank in general with the bigger...
  10. Bigcookies

    Does the KGR method Still work 2022?

    I'm getting a lot of mixed answers from the internet so what do you guys think does the KGR method still work in 2022? I see a few people on this forum still use it and others say it's useless is this another one of those things where it's like everyone has different opinions so you have to...
  11. Bigcookies

    Keyword research

    Okay, so I see that everyone Has these complicated and elaborate ways of doing keyword research and I just want to understand why? I've never actually successfully made a website before so my keyword research strategy consisted of using google keyword planner thinking of a few words in my niche...
  12. GainTheImpossible

    [FREE FOR YOU] Low-Competition Keywords Giveaway ⭐

    Hi there. This works simple, and I will list the "rules" below. The giveaway is available for everyone with at least one month on BHW. 1 Keyword = 1 member (Please DO NOT ask for more than one keyword!) Attention: If you WANT the giveaway, send me a PM with the TOPIC. Example: "Hey, my...
  13. ThatBloke

    How come? Noob SEO question.

    When I check almost all of my competitors, even though their article is focused around one specific keyword, they end up getting more than 100's of related keywords ranked and getting traffic from them. How does this happen? Should I focus and build links around other related keywords or is this...
  14. F

    PAA Website Keywords(Question) Research

    Hi, I have got some list of PAA keywords(Questions) which shows some difficulty level with Keyword research tools. Is it treatable like normal keywords difficulty or PAA questions should not be considered as keywords? I'm yet to research those Questions separately to find out what are the...
  15. Bigcookies

    Niche Keyword tool

    Is there a tool that allows you to search for a niche and produces a list of long tail keywords related to the niche? like you just put in the monthly search volume youre looking for or something in the settings and it produces a list with those requiremnts? (I appologize in advace for my...
  16. Rich Uncle Pennybags

    Should I use these keywords to start?

    I recently discovered some new keywords (with variations) that have over 500k search volume each on google. I want to start a channel on this topic and create videos but the problem is.. these keywords have no volume on Youtube. Literally not even 100 in total. I know I can get people's...
  17. abdelhake

    [JV] My SEO Skills and Niche Sites Building experience + Your Writing skills = Successful Niche Website

    Looking for someone who is passionate about building a joint website. Building and flipping websites has been my hobby for many years, and I have a Portfolio with a good number of websites that work very well. I am looking for someone who is able to write in English well and would like to work...
  18. Oneilrocket

    Can anyone point me to a tutorial they used to learn SEO.

    when I search on YouTube I see hundreds of tutorials and its all overwhelming. most of them require a website that you pay 100 dollars up to us their tool and the whole outlook looks complicated. I'm a newbie so please what tutorial or guide worked best for you. i just want to have a guide i...
  19. GainTheImpossible

    [FREE] Keyword Research - Get 1 Free Keyword!

    How it works: One keyword per member. Must be at least 30 days old on the forum. Cannot request more than one! PM with the topic, I will find you a long-tailed, very low competition keyword. Limited! I will do this for up to 30 members :). Please allow me some time after you asked! Edit...
  20. Starblazer

    ⚡⚡[Method] ✅Find extremely low-competition keywords for free

    I have a beginner-friendly keyword research method for low-authority websites. You can also get some high-volume keywords of competitor websites if you have moderate-authority website. I'll walk you through my step-by-step method for finding extremely low-competition keywords within just a few...