lead generation

  1. Digby King

    (UK) Funeral Plan Leads wanted

    Our client sells funeral plans and we need someone to build lead-generating sites and email us hot leads. Excellent rates of pay and a long term relationship sought. There is no limit to the amount of leads we can handle. digbyking (@t) gmail (d0t) com
  2. Mad Ryder

    Hi, m new here, but m hiring, guys who got tons of traffic or who can generate leads

    Hi, I am looking to hire guys who can get me english speaking geo traffic or generate leads.
  3. T

    legit prescription pharma and hormones op looking to grow

    Hey guys.... I'm looking to expand from our usual approach to include more internet marketing and creating some funnels. I know Pharma has made a lot of people a lot of money, and I'm sure lurking out there - are some really good pharma experts. I am hoping to connect with one or some of...
  4. Local Lead Gen

    [Follow Along] 0 - $1k/mo. in 60 Days With a Local Lead Gen Site

    This post will document my journey to create a $1,000/mo. recurring revenue business with a local lead generation website. My plan is to build a niche lead generation website and rank it for localized keywords with local SEO tactics and strategies. Once the website starts to produce leads I...
  5. johnrogers75

    An Online Tool To Find Web Development And SEO Clients?(Prototype Tool Needs Your Input)

    Hello Black Hatters, I recently decided to make some extra money freelancing my web development and programming skills and was looking for a way to find clients. I set up email alerts for CL and other job posting sites as well as spamming out messages on freelance websites(even though I know it...
  6. lazyloafs

    I work for a lead generation division (A/C Company)

    Hey guys, I'm currently working for an AC company generating leads for them by having people sign up for a free inspection and then sending the sales reps to the house. I wanted to know if anyone has a good method to do something similar but online. where I can scale it up. I get paid fairly...
  7. J

    Lead generation (fitness industry)

    I'm looking for someone to generate genuine leads for my site, where I sell at - home workouts. I just started doing it and I'm looking primarily for US. If you have done this before or have capabilities, please, let me know. Thank you.
  8. M

    Need Craigslist Help and a bulk whois bot..

    Hello, I need help in craigslist marketing.. I am looking for a cl add poster at good cheap rates for like 40-50 ads daily in different cities in services section.. I am also looking for a bot to get whois information of expired domains in bulk quantity.. I know it's quick simple task and a...
  9. FrankyOne

    Craigslist Email Scraper

    Hello, gents. I had a look on the forum before asking the same question again, but I thought that could be useful to see what's new in 2016. I am looking for a simple email scraper to gather leads from Craigslists. I would like to know what tools I can buy without spending much time coding...
  10. Phobos

    This company pays ridiculous cash for leads which convert. I have an idea...

    Hey you guys - honor and privilege to work with geniuses like you - it's time to give back a little. Over the last few years, I've been working in a very specific niche - its a SaaS for small business. This software is expensive - you have to pay about $300+ per month for using it. They have...
  11. Y

    Looking for linked in content marketing / SEO company

    I have a growing answering service business and looking to reach my goal of 100 active clients by the new year. I am looking for exposure and some SEO help. I have a business with a unique and memorable name. I am currently re-designing my website and looking for someone to help me get traffic...
  12. S

    Can any one suggest me lead generator tool, Free / Paid both will go ?

    Can any one suggest me lead generator tool, Free / Paid both will go ? My requirement for my client is to extract details of people like name number email website address. It should be B2C not B2B (For B2B I already have one, If any one needs it, go and search on youtube "hotleadfiner", you...
  13. Swave

    301 Redirects To Video - Good Idea or a Waste of Good Domains?

    I'm sure this is not a novel idea, I'm just looking for feedback from those of you who are more experienced in SEO than I am. I'm considering making (1) YouTube video for a home services niche and for now, I'd like to see if I can get some quick rankings if I run some 301 redirects to it...