1. Fail

    Need sms Marketer for paid work (US Carrier Targets)

    I have several campaigns I need sent out if you can send high volumes of sms then message me. I'm really looking for long term biz relationships, you have to be able to send message and link without needing to change or switch out anything. Please don't waste my time I wouldn't want to waste...
  2. S

    How do you guys drive OnlyFans traffic?

    Hello, I am struggling with driving OnlyFans traffic. How do you guys do it? Any tips, guides, and suggestions, anything is more than welcome!
  3. S

    [JV] Your Targeted Leads/Sales/Traffic my Plugin and Bots

    Ive a plugin(Crypto Related) and couple of bots that I would like have some sales generated. Interested in partnering with folks who can drive targeted traffic and sales or have a host of clients that might fit. Would split 60%-40% per sale which should be fair enough.
  4. Bloodseeker

    Email Marketing Newbie Question: Are these cold leads? How do I convert them❓

    I'm promoting a product using my direct affiliate link using Google Ads. I got a few referrals as well that haven't converted yet. The product's company shares the email address of the lead in case affiliates want to convert them. Now, I don't know if we will call this audience cold or warm...
  5. wolfman1

    [WTB] Crypto influencer email list. YouTube, Instagram, possibly LinkedIn, website owners

    Hello and thanks for your time :) Can you provide email addresses of crypto influencers who have an audience? Ideally I want YouTube influencer emails, but Instagram influencers also interest me … I’m not too excited about LinkedIn leads however. Please PM with details as I cannot reply...
  6. MachMarketing

    Looking for someone who can generate hot leads or appointments for a Swiss Marketing Agency

    Hi there, I'm looking for someone to partner with who can generate leads and appointments with decision makers for my Swiss Marketing Agency in Zuerich/Switzerland. we offer FB ADS, Social Media Management, Website Design, LinkedIn Ads, Copywriting and other Digital Marketing Agency Services...
  7. jeffz

    People are killing it on Twitter!

    I know a couple of guys that are killing it on Twitter. I'm just curious, are you using Twitter to get leads for your Services-based agencies/ freelancing Jobs? Some people claim they don't know what to post, and sometimes it hard to squeeze their ideas into 280 characters. What are your...
  8. O

    Urgent Help with my leads

    I am looking for someone who guides/advises me on what I can do with the leads I have as I do have more than 7k, please.
  9. nantoli10

    How would you sell a CRM SaaS?

    So I’m working with this business that made a pretty nice CRM system similar to hubspot but tailored towards retail businesses, ie: if a coffee machine manufacturer that sells their machines in walmarts for example, the CRM plugs into the POS and will give you live data of sales, along with a...
  10. MachMarketing

    Way around - LinkedIn Connections Limit to 100 per Week?

    Hi Guys, I am using Automation to connect with LinkedIn profiles outside of my Network. You might be familiar with the tool I use, it's called Phantombuster. Years ago I used this tool and I was able to send out 70 connections per day. Which gained me some fair amout of appointments with...
  11. yesmenotyou

    Making a snapchat users BOT

    Would anyone or agencies be interested in snapchat users that are paying for adult content regularly? I think this would help the growth for alot of onlyfans girl or agencies. Should I make this?
  12. L

    How to get a message option to every person on group

    How to get a message option to every person on group. like i don't want to go to there profile and then message to them there are some group where there is a message box with every person name so how to do that like the screen shot i am posting here https://ibb.co/c6Pkmd4
  13. R

    JV- My AI that extract b2b leads from google+Your ideas/offers

    I have created AI that extract b2b company leads from google. I'm looking for a partner to make JV What I want from my partner :- --------------------------------------- Good offers/ideas to monetize the b2b company leads for $$$ If anyone interested, PM me or reply in this thread
  14. maqsmem1

    How Do I sell Leads?

    Hi there, So, I've got around 180 legit customer leads (customer that've bought something from my ecom store). The leads are mostly from tier countries like US, UK, Canada, Australia, etc. If anyone knows how can I sell them then please do let me know :) TIA.
  15. Crypto Sinatra

    How to consistently generate leads for your clients?

    Hey everyone, I have a question for lead generation specialists. I have been a marketer for many years, and I'm aiming to start my own lead generation company, but I still struggle with this one question. "How do you consistently generate leads for your clients every month?" I want my leads...
  16. ViP

    [GIVEAWAY] Targeted Leads for your business (list of potential customers)

    Requirements: Registered for at least 1 month Able to write a detailed review on BST thread How to apply: Reply and wait for my PM That's how leads look: Email, First Name, Last Name, Address, City, State, Zip, Phone Number, IP, Time Zone, Date of birth (leads format can always be different...
  17. ViP

    FREE REVIEW COPIES: Targeted Leads for your business (list of potential customers) | GAMBLING, CRYPTO, DATING, HOME WARRANTY, SOCIAL MEDIA, PORN

    New topic opened because last one was flooded with fake accounts. Members without ranks cannot join anymore to avoid these problems Quick overview of what "Digital marketing leads" are, click here Requirements: Premium / Jr. VIP / Marketplace Seller How to apply: Reply That's how leads look...
  18. seo_alexa002

    Buy Leads/Data/Info for Any Professionals/Business from USA, Canada, Australia , Germany ,UK, Netherland, New Zealand, UAE, Denmark, Fra...

    Buy Leads/Data/Info for Any Professionals/Business from USA, Canada, Australia , Germany ,UK, Netherland, New Zealand, UAE, Denmark, France &More Every Internet Marketer Know's the Value of Data We have Build a Custom Tool , Which Gives us Data for Specific profession/Business for a Specific...
  19. G

    Putting Video ads in app to make money?

    Hello so i have an app in which i would like to have users watch an ad/video ad or what ever kind of ad generates most money in exchange for a "special code" they can use in the app. I thought about using linkvertise but i dont know if i can generate unlimited links with that since each user...
  20. ViP


    Quick overview of what "Digital marketing leads" are, click here Requirements: 1. Registered on BHW for over a month 2. You got a good reputation 3. You don't have a similar service 4. You will write a DETAILED review in our BST thread when it gets opened How to apply: 1. Do not PM me 2. Just...