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  2. rht99999

    Link Building for an Expired Domain ?

    I got a very good expired domain [Education] from Godaddy Auction. I want to start it as a money site but before I go for it. I need some advices from you guys. Is it wise to create backlinks for a expired domain whenever we add new content on it ? I read somewhere that creating backlinks for a...
  3. B

    Bad to have multiple do-follow links on one guest post?

    just wondering if its bad or spammy to add 2 do-follow links to the same website on one guest post. They would be pointing to two different category pages as it is an ecommerce site
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  6. R

    post link or homepage link for building ?

    hello. i'm planning to buy backlink. the service always ask for my link to put in their post. which one is better to give ? my homepage website link or my post website link?
  7. C

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  12. seojen

    Web 2.0 Platforms in 2022 - Which Ones are Getting Easily Indexed these Days?

    Hi wonderful members, I have a new site and wanted to create some foundation links for it. I'm looking at blog comments, profiles, and mostly web 2.0 sites that give do-follow backlinks. Please suggest to me the ones you've used and had a positive experience with. I also welcome any other...
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  18. Yupwork

    Why I didn't Find New added Backlink

    Hi guys My domain name age is 6 months, it's been 20 days I start Link Building and get some backlink that have good DA like mention to this thread. Today I want to make sure that I'm getting backlink from those website and search on Ahrefs about it, but I didn't find those new backlink. Next I...
  19. DuckingOutstanding

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  20. J

    Link building to increase DA by google domains

    Hello guys. Recently I see too many websites with high Domain Authority and when I check them I see many google domains links like or or and etc [check the image] I am wondering how they can get many links from these google domains I am trying to do it for my...