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  1. M

    YouTube Traffic Strategy

    I am trying to manually spam YouTube live chat section, but I am not getting any clicks to my link whatsoever. I use bitly as a link tracker and I don't explicitly type the URL in the chat, instead, I type it as bit(.)ly/my-link or bit(Dot)ly/my-link Can someone tell me what's wrong? Also...
  2. M

    Phone Call vs. Live Chat

    Hello, I'm working on setting up my digital marketing agency. We will be generating leads through cold emailing. I never liked the phone call and was thinking to implement a live chat in the sales process. My question is can we successfully close clients via live chat rather than through the...
  3. T

    My live chat is getting spammed with porn

    Hello everyone, I'm a long time lurker here but I finally decided to sign up and ask if any of you has encountered/still encounters this issue the past weeks/months. Basically I own a fairly popular website where I provide SEO and SMM services to my clients. Recently my live chat started...
  4. D

    What is the best place to discuss a particular product?

    Right now I have a skype group where we talk/discuss a specific product. However, Skype is very distracting, hard to navigate, and was only used as a temporary solution. What do you use to discuss/support your products with your audience? I am looking for a mix between Facebook and skype...
  5. cladg

    VA - Live Chat Representative(s)

    Hi BWH, Looking for qualified virtual assistants that are proficient in ENGLISH. Must be able to learn quickly and handle incoming requests for support. You will be trained on many/various aspects of our service & software. Your job is to handle day to day chat support & sales requests. We are...
  6. R

    What are the top 5 live web cams software programs?

    What are the top 5 live web cams software programs? Looking for full featured ones with tokens and all that jazz?