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  1. CloudCreator

    SMTP Inbox warm up

    Hi , I am having currently issue with AWS SES smtp outlook/hotmail mail delivery going to junk. SMTP is configured well with DKIM, SPF and other properly . For all other providers its getting inbox , have issue with office 365 only . Any suggestion/tips How I can get deliver mails to...
  2. KJREDDY247@

    Need help on adding an Unsubscribe Page

    I there any source I can download readymade templates for unsubscribe page and add it to my website. like I have downloaded a template from, but I am unable to add it to my website. Is there any source where I can download and add it to my site directly...
  3. KJREDDY247@

    PowerMTA/ Mass mailing server setup Guidance?

    Hi, I am looking for someone who can teach me/ setting up my own mailing server or teach me at some cost. I was trying to learn these but had been unsuccessful till now, I would love to hear from some who are working on power mta+ interspire/mailwizz/mumara etc or any other with SMTP and IP...
  4. geekhob

    [HELP] Please is there any free mailer to send me to my subscribers

    I have list of mails I got from a friend, is wanting to know if there is any free mailer I can use to send mails to more than 1000 mails same time. I seriously need this.
  5. Teotech

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  6. kommaihag

    get the email to inbox?

    Hi, I am using mailchimp i use my own domain-mail as the answer email, by I dont include any image or link in my email (only text), and I send it to 3 emails, (my own as a test) but still end under the campaign tab. Can anyone help me?
  7. M

    Gmail Mail Campaings (300$/500$ budget)

    Hello, we need someone that can help us to send emails from gmail accounts so that we can reach the inbox of other gmail accounts! We need to send 600/1000 daily emails! We would use multiple gmail accounts to achieve this goal! Our budget is 300$ to 500$! We are also ready to invest for the...
  8. Help Desk

    Black Bulk Mail

    I've Just Purchased BlackBulkMail Edited Everything In It But When I Click On Start Button It Crashes What Is The Problem Can Anyone Tell Me.... I'm Using gmail accounts and running it on VPS
  9. Y

    Got notice from my host of sending spam mails

    I've started new website and I'm a designer + front end developer and trying to get control over marketing & SEO. After some research and few past experiences I decided to start mail campaigns to gain few visitors to see my website. There's no other effective methods in my mind to grab instant...