1. 5ung1

    Making money with cryptocurrency?

    Long time no see, i am active again and want to start making money with cryptocurrency, some advice or tips to start and making some 10-30$ per day?
  2. xlighter

    Any suggestions for my website?

    Hey Guys! I have a 4 months old domain and hosting, which I bought it to make portfolio type of website. For some reasons I'm moving up my portfolio website plan to next year, meanwhile I wanna put my domain and hosting to use and make some income. I had plan to make portfolio + blog + AdSense...
  3. socialmediamarketing0

    [Help] Making Money off of my Tik Tok Account(s)

    Hi BHW, I am launching this thread at the same time that I started one about getting my rapidly growing account potentially verified. However my question for here is........ How should I monetize my main Tik Tok account that has 51k right now? Also it is this account that has grown around...
  4. A

    Newbie here: looking advice

    Hi guys, I'm amazed with all the knowledge available in the forums, but also a little confused. Very new to this so apologies if these questions have already been asked (happy to be linked to the corresponding forum if they have) :). Questions: 1) How can I make money from social media...
  5. Dream Eater

    How to reduce those scammer from BHW?

    In my experience many of new or little old member offering me in PM (Personal Message) for their various product. They are not Jr. VIP and not also market place seller. I guess they are also sending PM of our regular buyer or when a new buyer comments in our BST they are also sending them PM...
  6. GoGol96

    Youtube Niches

    I need some suggestions about starting a channel without showing my face but i will talk with my voice any ideas ? Im strugglin to find some niches what will u members recommend me to do videos without face but with own voice
  7. zig-zag

    Can you recommend any books on Wealth/Money???

    Looking for any books you find invaluable or that has helped you in wealth/money in relation to money tricks, money manipulation (I don't mean illegal), creating long term wealth, economics for life...... Please don't say the most obvious books like 'rich dad poor dad' I am talking about hidden...
  8. GoGol96


    Hello so im new into the cpa game im trying to get approved with ogads but i cant can anyone suggest me something or how can i contact managers to get approved with ogads or some sites i have a few yt channels and some ideas
  9. K

    Trying to make money online with no experience

    Hello guys, I've had my account for quite a while now but never had the time to actually read some threads about making money online. I was wondering what are the possible things I can do for passive income with a budget of 1000$. I do not have any experience and knowledge with some of the...
  10. GoGol96

    I just noticed a big rpm drop in kids niche

    The rpm for me is -50% have anyone noticed a change or drop of rpm in kids niche is it possible this is from the upcoming yt updates about kids content for janary 2020 ?
  11. R

    Click bank + click funnel?

    How many of you use click funnel to promote click bank products?
  12. jongmr

    aliexpress issue

    hey im using aliexpress for dropshipping. i have a issue to make payment on aliexpress and when i click on place order i receive this error: for security reasons this process can not be countinued. to make sure your transaction is secure, please provide us with documentation by clicking my...
  13. G

    spaming via emails

    Hello everyone, I recently joined to this amazing community. I started to work few months for some guy to promote some dating sites, I sent them text with some photos and url to site and if they register I gain some money of it, so what do you guys think would be easiest to make them register...
  14. johncao

    John's journey to $50,000 a day

    first please don't be stupid to ask these kinds of questions what is your niche? what is your method? what is your traffic source? etc.. the rule of a money maker: no one tells you their secret, so please be respect people The story: a newbie who made zero in 2013 he made his first $5 in July...
  15. A

    {GDPR} email list question

    hello everyone! i want to collect a list of email with the hotspot free wifi method to sell them or use them to cpa/affiliates offers but, i've been reading and i saw the GDPR law that european goverment put on in 2018(i'm from spain) so my questions is: -with this law i can collect and then...
  16. M

    Freelance options?

    Hey everyone, I'm here today looking for some alternatives to fiverr that people are actually using and making progress, I figured I'd get better results from you guys than just a google search with 100 different options. Currently I dont know how many others are experiencing this but getting...
  17. KosmicFatez

    17 Year old trying to make money online

    Hi im 17 and looking to make money from online work. I usually have about 5ish hours of freetime each day so I thought why not try to make some money. Summers coming up and I'll have alot more freetime. Anyway somethings I like to maybe field in is: Moderating for sites Social Media Managing...
  18. GoGol96

    Article 13

    Article 13 (now known officially as Article 17) is happening. The European Parliament voted – by 348 votes to 274 – to pass its new, comprehensive copyright directive. That includes the contentious rule some have labelled the “meme ban”, which will require internet companies to prevent the...
  19. GoGol96

    Youtube is High AF

    Wtf i got rejected so many times for monetization i even recorder videos my self showed my face my own f**kin voice and still reused content reused content reused content WTFFFFFFFFF Is anyone in YPP still today !?
  20. GoGol96


    Hello BHW Members! I hope your doing well. I know that Youtube has made a lot of changes and a lot of new rules, especially about monetization.Nowdays is really hard to keep your channel monetized.They only enable monetization If you show your face or voice in your own videos. But I wanted to...