1. T

    sms marketing

    i have numbers data and i don't know which software can i use to send offers to those numbers please if someone work with sms marketing help me for this
  2. NobleGuyHere

    Why Tiktok is sucks

    Hello everyone, I'm trying to create a TikTok business account to make some ads on TikTok based in Iraq but this seems not working because there is no option for targeting an Iraqi audience, I know TikTok not supporting the Iraq location but, the thing is there are some ads I see every day...
  3. seo_review

    How to get Facebook Professional account and benefits after getting it.

    Hello, How are you doing today ? Facebook made professional account for extra income. But saw few people got Professional badge. Is there any matter that they haven't sent all people badge at a time ? And how will it work? How will people get earning from Professional ACCOUNT ?
  4. Ley

    Need 3 Guest post on

    I need someone who can publish my guest posts on influencive. I have about 3 articles to publish now, 1 target link in each article, ******** link is required, and possibly fast delivery.