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  1. ShroomLords


    Hello everyone, I just wanted to start this thread in hopes that some good information can be shared. Over the years i have accumulated 200 plus instrumental all produced by me. I’m not trying to be famous or anything I just would like to see a nice piece of change from my craft. I understand...
  2. B

    started 3 weeks ago i made 100$ so far

    hey guys i just started IPTV Reselling 3 weeks ago made about 100$ so far, but most of the traffic i get into my site is just people ordering free trial i launched a facebook ads 3 days ago, got tons of traffic but all of them are just Free Trial junkies as well no one actually purchases, any...
  3. D


    i have gmail email sender bot that can send emails without app password just like SMTP but i don't know how can i make money with it. Any suggestion or ideas will help a lot! THANKS!
  4. G

    Suggestions: Head of Grow Marketing and ran out of ideas

    Hi there, I am the head of grow marketing for a company that sells self-improvement courses. The company sells 3 million dollars yearly and they want to grow fast. The main platform we relied on to attack new customers is FB and IG (for paid traffic), but the performance of the campaigns have...
  5. ViP


    Quick overview of what "Digital marketing leads" are, click here Requirements: 1. Registered on BHW for over a month 2. You got a good reputation 3. You don't have a similar service 4. You will write a DETAILED review in our BST thread when it gets opened How to apply: 1. Do not PM me 2. Just...
  6. Mjinnn

    Best skills that I can learn within 6 months and start working remote

    I want to change my career path and start an IM business. I'm wondering what are the best paying skills to learn that don't require a huge budget to learn? I'm currently learning to copywrite but I already have some experience with FB ads.
  7. L

    Twitter services

    I need to tweet some specific tweet from 10K different account. anybody can help with that?
  8. Windnfire

    Growth Hacking Lead Generation

    Hello there, We got Creative Studio AR / VR / UNITY and Cryptomarketing 60+ People in-house, but we have a huge problem with lead generation management. So we need the help of an expert. We could build metaverse, NFT collections, provide full circle marketing. so... Looking for Growth...
  9. Windnfire

    Looking for reddit marketing experts

    Hi there, I am looking for a marketing expert with experience in crypto. Reddit Targeting Reddit Upvotes System Reddit Advertising any kind of growth Hacking themes. Friendly, WNF!
  10. J

    Google Ads Black Hat

    Recently a guy reached out to me asking for me to help him with my payment processor which he certainly needed for google ads. He told me he was doing high ticket dropshipping and making huge sales and his stripe got banned and he lost some what 100k to stripe, so i shared my stripe with him and...
  11. Windnfire

    Creative Studio is Looking for Experts - Devs & Marketing

    Hi there, We're looking for high-level experts to join our team. We got 40+ in-house specialists: Metaverse Creator from BAYC, Senior 3 D designers, Growth Hacking Experts. Strong Team with 2 years of experience in crypto. More fun being partners than competitors, isn't it?! Budget: from...
  12. T

    How to advertise a website for selling services (Asking for help)

    Hello guys. I finished building my website few months ago where I provide services for book authors. I have some previous experiences in Facebook ads, I had a one product Shopify store, I used Facebook ads.. the sales were just great, I made about 27k usd in one month the profit was 6k usd. I...
  13. Windnfire

    Twitter Targeting Expert

    Hello there, I am looking for an expert on Twitter Targeting / Twitter Ads. Budget: 1000$ for test Niche: Crypto/Blockchain Let me know if you are the one whom we're looking for. Friendly, WNF!
  14. hims.000

    (discussion) Any offline Marketing ideas with zero or little investment??

    Hi, I am doing a job in my country where i can earn 200$ per month. I have to take care of my family and my brother who is also studying on college. These money is not enough . If you suggest me some ideas to offline marketing which would be helpful for me. I think there are a lot of users...
  15. duarte3003

    18 YEARS old Brazillian with 280$ p/ month

    hey, I want the opinion of you who live in other countries for a decision of what to do. here in Brazil we usually say that the foreign market, mainly the USA, is 5 years ahead, that is, what was happening there 5 years ago, here is happening now. at the moment here in brazil everyone started to...
  16. Windnfire

    Looking for marketing solution for crypto project

    Hi I am launching my crypto token pre-sales campaign. I need a cost-efficient marketing solution for my token and an idea of how you can help me in getting a lot of buyers to buy my new token. The budget is not much as I don't want to spend a huge sum of money for pay-per-click. I am looking at...
  17. Windnfire

    Looking for Partnership Program Expert

    Hi, BHW! We got around 50 experts in our team and 70 in the development of crypto products. We can provide full-stack development and marketing for any kind of crypto project. Right now, we want to develop a Partners Program and we looking for an expert. Need to develop a partners program...
  18. Windnfire

    Looking for DM Discord Expert

    Hi, BHW! I am looking for a DM Discord expert for a long-term partnership. Budget for the first order: 200$ for test. You should provide me with your showcases, feedback, and proof that u use the software. Thanks, WNF!
  19. X

    Tik Tok Content

    Hey guys! I'm a new content creator for tik tok and I wanted to know if there is any way I can know what are the trending weekly videos? Or what can I do to know the trending hashtags?
  20. J

    What is the best funnel for those who are going to start advertising courses/ebooks today on facebook ads?

    Hi guys, What is the best funnel for those who are going to start advertising courses/ebooks today on facebook ads? I'm going to sell a product as a product and I want to know what is the best funnel to make a facebook ad for my product today