mass download

  1. Fam

    Download all PDFs from an APP

    It's an android app. I bought the subscription to prepare for one day competitive exams but their PDFs can only be viewed in the app but i want to download and print them. It's is frustrating to keep reading on phone... It really hurts the eyes. Anyway to download those all pdfs in my phone...
  2. Raiderklvn

    Looking for a working TikTok Downloader with HQ/No Watermark.

    Hi I'm currently looking for a script/program that can do the following: - Download all videos from Tiktok user - Video must be downloaded in HD and with no watermark Please check as reference since this is the one I'm using at the moment but this site can only download 1...
  3. Savvy Rose

    Lynda courses download

    I've the full access of but only for some other few days. Do anyone know a method which I can use for mass download videos by selecting a keyword.
  4. OmegaPoint

    4000+ photos from Facebook

    I would like to download over 4k images from facebook. Most plugins or websites I'm finding crash over 100 or so. Any advise? Maybe a plugin for Firefox/Chrome I've missed?