mass mail server

  1. M

    Port 25 Opened VPS

    Hello, I am looking for a VPS provider with pirt 25 (SMTP) opened and also can send to hotmail/ outlook. Many providers have their IPs blacklisted on outlook, so when I try to send to outlook, nothing goes through. Which provider have you tested here on Marketplace or somewhere else and you...
  2. flashsites

    SPAM - Email Mass Sending Dos and Dont's

    Hello. Im going to start pushing 20k emails a day to scraped emails sending them to a landing page. I think I should use a URL redirect as the landing page is connected to my mother site. But is there anything else I should be doing or not doing? Im sending a simple join my list form *if...
  3. flashsites

    Need massive dating email blast

    Hi I'm aware dating email blasts dont convert well but hoping to get a good number of inital users with a large enough blast. Someone on fiverr from Nigeria wanted to charge me 175 to blast a 150m list. I'm not sure if thats a good price due to low conversion. Do any of you offer this service on...
  4. F

    How to send mass mails from local machine?

    Hi Guys i know there must be a way to send thousands of emails daily by installing a mail sending application on local machine (windows or linux) and then connecting it to a list of proxy but i couldnt find anythin useful on google, can someone please guide if its possible and if yes, then what...
  5. KJREDDY247@

    Email Marketing-Setup Email Server-onetime setup

    Hello Everybody, I need a simple mail server setup. We need someone to help us setup SMTP server and integrating with any mailer with our existing domains and well configured with all authentications methods like dkim , domain key, spf, sender id, dmarc etc., and help with DNS, rdns, ptr for...
  6. J

    What is the best SMPT for sending cold emails (spamming)?

    Hi everyone, I am looking into ways how to send emails to people. I just installed Mautic and connect it with Sendgrid smpt. Yesterday I managed to send 8k emails but now I can not login to their account anymore so it means I got banned. What are my other options. I could try many different smpt...
  7. T

    I need vps privider for sending 500k emails a day

    hello, previously i was using linode vps's to send emails to my list but they banned my account for spam complaints so im stuck now searching for a new provider wich must be mailing friendly. if you could point me to right direction and affordable price that would be great. thank you .
  8. D

    how much do you make from mass mailing?

    how many mails you blast in a month? what product or CPA offers do you promote? what SMTP server use for better inbox?
  9. N

    neen mass mail server configuration expert...requred

    Hello, I have PowerMTA v4.0 already installed and configured I used to use the same configuration for each server I got and it inbox to all ISP.. but lately I tried to install PowerMTA and configure it with the same config file I had but it does not Inbox anymore to gmail.. I know a good...