1. prey24

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  2. korosho

    Medium or Wordpress blog ?

    Hello everyone, and thanks for the one who will nanswer me Here my "problem", i'm looking to have a blog, make article for a cryptocurrency, so creating content and much more. My only question is should i use Medium, will google index my post ? Let's say i redirect my medium : to...
  3. I

    Is medium dead for new accounts?

    Just wondering if the whole "no-index" policy makes it impossible to start anything on medium from ground zero nowadays. Buy aged account or die?
  4. I

    Buy accounts

    Hello, I want to buy aged accounts, preferably with articles. If you have some, pm me.
  5. gogaka

    Medium vs own blog

    Hey! Whats good blackhatters. I’m wondering if it’s better to start blog on medium for my agency or create one on webflow? we are already operating agency but I personally have 0 skills and knowledge about SEO. Also cant hire someone skill full for our budget. Please advise. Planning to...
  6. castoro

    NEW and very original method!!! Parasite+affiliate links

    Yeah, I know, this not new nor original :D But it is kind of new to me, I've never used parasites. I was thinking of using a parasite like medium or google sites to promote affiliate links in my foreign language. I would concentrate on finding low competition keyword with buyer intent ad link...
  7. V

    Medium Index issues

    Hi, My articles in Medium are getting the "noindex". My old articles are indexed but I never checked before the timing of being indexed. I have posted 2-3 new articles and none of them is indexed, it has been more than a week now. I see the below tag: <meta data-rh="true" name="robots"...
  8. V

    Seo - Custom domain with Medium

    Hi, In terms of SEO, what is the best approach when choosing a custom domain( or a subdomain of the medium( If I use custom domain like, would it be difficult/delayed for search engines to index my articles? Thanks :)
  9. kurosaki4d

    Question about big DA sites

    Hello BHW members :) In the process of going through a backlinking campaign, I have a question about a couple of big DA sites. I would like to know if the following sites offer "do-follow" backlinks or not? Because, lately I was under the impression that...
  10. ugurbyr

    Do you get a lot of visitors when you write article on Medium?

    I've heard from many people that they write article on Medium and they get a lot of visitors is it really true? Is it good strategy to write articles on Medium so that i can promote my affiliate/dropshipping products?
  11. thesyndicate

    What do you do to rank your Medium articles better? Where do you post links?

    What do you do to rank your Medium articles better? Where do you post links?
  12. LoverMarketing

    I have a problem with Medium post indexing.

    I have a problem with indexing Medium post. How can I setup "Index tag" when publishing post? If anyone can help me. I will be very grateful.
  13. BradyX

    [Suggestion Needed] Medium Link Not Getting Indexed

    I posted an article on Medium but its not getting indexed since the last 1-2 weeks. I have already tried: 1. PBN links (which are indexed already) 2. RankerX links 3. Comment links 4. Tier 2 GSA blast and cheap PBNs to all the above 5. Social Signals 6. Medium Claps But nothing seems to...
  14. BradyX

    How to Rank a Medium Post In the Quickest Time?

    Hello! I want to rank an article on Medium The keyword competition is quiet high however there is already a Medium article for that keyword ranking on the first page Just want to know if there are any tricks for ranking medium parasites the fastest? I know many would suggest to get GSA but...
  15. G

    Medium articles are no-index now ?

    Yesterday I created a couple articles on Medium and after publishing them I noticed that they were showing as no-index, is this for all articles now on medium ? or is there some requirement I have to meet to turn them to indexable ? I have not used Medium in like more than a year so now sure on...
  16. GainTheImpossible

    My Medium Partner Account, My Articles + Your Traffic = $$$$$ (We share 50/50)

    As the title says. Looking for people who could bring lots of targeted traffic to read/view the Medium articles. What I got: -Medium Partner Approved Account(With real ID, Address, Tax Info) - Living In Germany. - Articles(I usually write myself or just get someone to do it; you can help...
  17. camden123

    [Method] Monetize with expired content / YouTube transcriptions - or use it as a platform to post affiliate products

    Sign up for partner program. Find expired domains in your chosen niche - use wayback machine, get content and paste into medium. Fix it up a little, pictures and tags. Get content from Youtube Video transcriptions. Fix it up a little using Grammerly / any plagiarism checker. One of...
  18. RighTsS

    Crowd Sourcing

    In SMM panels. Where can I order Medium Followers ?
  19. M

    Should l start my blog with medium or wordpress?

    I want to start my blog journey but I am not sure to start it with Medium or wordpress? I know start with WordPress gain me a lot of benefit. But Medium will gain me a lot of reader. Can anyone suggest me with Pros and Con?

    Can i put amazon affiliate links to medium articles?

    Need help guys?