1. CThomasRaging - Claps/Interactions/Social Signals

    Has anybody seen or heard about social signals on I can’t find anything here on BHW. Thanks!
  2. B

    Need Medium followers

    Hi - I'm looking to grow my Medium account and I need followers. Is anyone interested in providing this service? Feel free to PM me.
  3. R

    Looking for Medium followers for an account

    Hey everyone, I'm trying to grow some Medium accounts with more followers. Does anyone provide this service? If so PM me.
  4. ApexTemple

    Hack your Life in less than a minute

    There’s a famous anecdote about a man and his boiler that says a lot about where we’re at these days regarding self help. The man’s boiler is broken and he spends weeks trying to fix it. Finally he gives in and calls the engineer, who comes the next day, taps it on the side and presto — it...
  5. G

    Seeking someone who can add followers to a blog.

    We run sites for which we need more followers. Note: accounts have to be registered to follow another page -- perhaps you can automate account creation. We have a couple sites that require this service -- we've also set aside a budget, please PM for more info.
  6. 1

    Looking for follow/unfollow bot for Medium

    Hi - I am looking to automate following, unfollowing of accounts on medium, using other accounts and publications as the source. Also, any type of liking/commenting on Medium posts is also interesting. Please let me know! Thanks
  7. 1

    Medium (blogging service) Followers/view/reads?

    Hey there, I am looking to see if there anyone that knows how to do automated follow/unfollow on Medium, or get views/reads of articles?
  8. getakash1

    Huffingtonpost, Medium, Instructable @ $5! Insanity?

    Hello, I was just checking fiverr, surprisingly there are tons of gigs offering links from huffington post , medium , instructables for $5 each. And then there are also services giving this for $300. Am i missing something? Because this does not fit. Eg. Gig - I will publish a Guest Post on...
  9. A

    Amazon Affliate links on medium

    Hello, I need help from experts. Can i put amazon affiliate links to medium articles? Is it not violating amazon T&C? Thanks
  10. deathass01

    Medium & Views

    Hey There, So recently i've released a product and have written about it and the progress on medium, Are there any tools that allow me to generate more viewers, like medium follow/follow back kind of thing? I have tried posting it across reddit and so far its generated a couple of hundred...