1. K

    Getting a Channel Monetized To Change The Niche

    I'm planning on getting my channel monetized by uploading original gameplay videos with narration and slight editing to apply for partnership. The main goal is to have my channel monetized and then switch the niche completely to start uploading original videos. If the channel gets approved...
  2. ciphercipher1

    Adsense approval of .apk websitr

    Hey I just bought a website that was monetized with adsense on flippa. Now when I try to apply for my newly registered adsense account, it says "rejected for hacking content". Not a single place in my website that contains hacking words. It is mostly " MOD, UNLOCKED , UNLIMITED MONEY" etc. What...
  3. M

    Ig Reels Bonus Views/Monetize

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone had experience generating views with Instagram reels bonus? I am a content creator in Music and was wondering if someone could help me generate the views to go towards monetization. I'm willing to split or some to an agreement since I keep getting invited back...
  4. FluffyStuff

    How to know if a Youtube channel monetization?

    As title, I'd love to know is there any way to check if a channel is monetization or not.
  5. MessyWile

    My channel with 270k subs got demonetized. What should i do?

    I created this channel 9 years ago. First 6 years I posted motivational videos and I had monetization on. I used scenes from movies and speeches from public figures. Then youtube in 2019 turns off monetization on my channel. Then I paid for stock footage and hire some people on fiver to create...
  6. smm jacopo

    Motivational videos on YouTube

    Seeking advice for a YouTube channel with monetization goal in the motivation and personal growth niche. My intention is to take English-language videos and have them dubbed by a professional in my native language. Leading experts in the field will be approached. Is it still possible to start...
  7. Kieu Minh Nhat

    Bulk Monetized Youtube Channel For Sale -

  8. socialglamup | Buy Custom Comments, Likes, Views, Retweets, Subscribers (and more) from Social Media Followers in Africa & the Blac...

    Looking to fine-tune your audience to include a more diversified demographic? Let’s help you grow your social media accounts the proper way with real & active social media followers from South Africa, Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria & the African Diaspora. No bots, no spammy activity - just real likes...
  9. ibrapique

    Why Football highlights Channels are not getting demonetized ?

    They are getting millions of views daily & monthly posting old & classic highlights " i know how they edit to bypass content id " , Is there a trick or something we are missing so YouTube is letting them stay monetized ?! examples : 1 - 2 -...
  10. skferdous

    integrate offerwalls, videos, and surveys into my Android app

    I'm looking for someone to integrate offerwalls, videos, and surveys into my Android app's backend. Ad Networks: Adgem, PolFish, AdGate, CPALead, KiwiWall, OfferToro, Personally, TapJoy, Wanads, Vungle, ayetstudios, and a few more if necessary.
  11. A

    Anyone had luck doing promotions/shout-outs on reddit?

    I'm running a NSFW subreddit and I'm thinking about monetization techniques. Right now I'm just searching through the threads and clustering methods and techniques users here mentioned. Somehow none of them really mentioned promotions or shout-outs. 1. Is it allowed to do it without getting...
  12. W

    Monetize podcast with 250K downloads/month

    I produce a podcast that averages 250,000 downloads a month. I monetize it currently with premium access (Patreon) but it's only a fraction of the total listenership that have signed up. I was previously monetizing the podcast through a former hosting platform with dynamically inserted ads from...
  13. shabushabu

    Facebook page with 400k followers monetization ideas?

    Im in serious need of monetization ideas. Had a couple people hit me up for shoutouts or to promote their products but I only charge them $15 and the last time someone messaged me to promote them was a month ago. :( Looks like no one does business on FB and I'm assuming most are on Instagram &...

    YouTube Monetization: If You Applied For Monetization From The 19th Of April, You Need To See This.

    So, it appears the monetization review is being delayed recently and I think this started after the Easter holidays. For instance, I applied for monetization on the 11th of April and got reviewed within 24hrs. 2 weeks later on the 26th of April, I applied with another channel and it is still...
  15. FeynmanX

    Educational Blog Failure (SEO PROBLEM) - What should I do?

    I started a theoretical blog related to subjects on my degree two years ago. Now, it gets around 10000 monthly organic clicks from Google. But the problem is 80% of them are from India. And only 20% is from the USA. I'm struggling with monetization at this point. I tried both AdSense and...
  16. Bedazzle

    How to Keep a Youtube Channel in the YPP

    I had a channel for about 6 years that's been monetized. Really decent content that I made, it's about to lose monetization in 5 days because I stop uploading 3 years ago. My analytics for the last 365 days is 3.6 Hours and 171K views. The last 28 days are 6.1K views. Now I don't want to lose...
  17. castoro

    Minimum traffic to pet blog to see first earnings & overall advice

    hello for about 3 months I have been creating a blog in a foreign language about pet niche. The first clicks begin to arrive (about 10 a day for now). I continue to create new articles and work slowly to create backlinks. I think the blog is done quite well (SEO, keyword research , silo...
  18. opscurus

    How to monetize babes account?

    Hey guys, I have an 80K babes instagram account, forgot about it for a year or so, so its kinda dead, used to be at 95K followers. I'm going to be reviving it. Was hoping someone could drop some insights into best way to monetize it. Do OnlyFans girls buy shoutouts from babes accounts? Can...
  19. J

    How to generate income with a youtube channel?

    Hello everyone, I have taken the time to read all your procedures to generate more money online. I am going through this channel to ask for your help, indeed I have created youtube channels that I want to monetize. How to proceed? Your opinions, suggestions are welcome.
  20. C

    How do movie streaming websites make money?

    I'm sorry for the newbie question, but my concern rises from the posts I saw about people who do similar websites. Firstly, from looking at other movie streaming websites, and I noticed the main ways they make money is by putting popups when you press the play button, but I found out from my...