1. ShroomLords


    Hello everyone, I just wanted to start this thread in hopes that some good information can be shared. Over the years i have accumulated 200 plus instrumental all produced by me. I’m not trying to be famous or anything I just would like to see a nice piece of change from my craft. I understand...
  2. Twistler

    What is your opinion on “money can’t buy happiness”?

    I hear this saying way too much. I disagree with this statement, what about you?
  3. T

    Ebay money making need help

    Anyone got any idea to make money on Ebay. I don't have much experience, all I've sold is like just like books/games, I've made very little.. I have a 25k limit on 2 accounts. I've thought of becoming a picker like on American pickers lol, but I don't know the value of anything I'd find at...
  4. Anonimito

    Writing Google reviews earned me $1,400 in 24 hours.

    Good day, everyone! I just started this yesterday and have already reached out to about 150 apartment owners. Within the first 24 hours, my current response rate is around 36%. The conversion rate is approximately 40%. I write reviews for 30 cents per review, and the minimum order is 50...
  5. R

    Hello new world

    Here to learn as much as possible and find ways to make residual income for my loved ones! Peace to all
  6. A

    The worst start to adulthood, Arlind

    Hey readers I am a 21 year old male London university graduate, well not just yet I have managed to do all the hard work, get assignments in on time always and completed. Yet due to some funerals & complications had stupidly forgotten to apply for student loans for when I was a student in year...
  7. L

    Make money with your scientific work

    This method is perfect for students or former students. I have noticed that some students sell their theses and earn some extra money with little effort. A friend of mine who went to the same university as me sold his master thesis shortly after graduation. The topic of his master thesis was...
  8. StormyKiller

    Hello World :)

    Hello everyone, I'm Andrew. I'm happy I came across this community. Currently, I'm searching for people I can network with and collaborate with, hoping we can improve our skills together. Mod Edit.
  9. uastend

    how to make money blogging from 2000 per month?

    what are the monetization methods for a blog like
  10. L

    Make your first money with Reddit: Method for Absolute Beginner

    This method is for Absolute Beginner. Don't expect to get rich with this method. You can expect to earn about 5 til 10 Dollar per Day. There are Subreddits at Reddits that allow Referral Links and are pretty big. To get your first money you can do following steps: Step 1: You need an...
  11. DXA

    Good Fortune and Prosperity magic

    Okay, so I've recently tried some stuff decided it is okay to speak openly about this, it works but in a minor way, you still need to find the clients and put in the work. Do you know anyone who does this professionally and actually has results? I wake up every morning, lose money or stay the...
  12. razharov

    Having 15+ devices, what do?

    Hey guys! My question is that I have 5-6 android phones with their own IP (own SIM card, own internet access) and same for iPhones, I got like 5 of them too. And I also got 3 iMac and 4 windows pc (these 7 desktop devices may share ip without vpn) So my question is that, how could I make the...
  13. N

    CPA Method

    Hey, can anyone that did CPA tell me if my stats are good, I did CPA for 3 days, I put 3 hours of work a day (it wasn't really automated tbh) and I got these stats. So Im not really sure if these stats are good or if they are not so i would love some opinions
  14. Wrath Of God

    How much do you think the Owner of BHW makes in $$$$ from BHW for a month?

    Hi mates... How much do you think Diamond Damien the owner of this great community makes from BHW for a month? @Diamond Damien ....... let's see what your fellow mates think you would be earning from ☺️ ☺️ ☺️ Let me start with myself...I think he makes $100k + per month. Please...
  15. J

    Does anyone know how to make money with Python?

    I'm unemployed, I suffer from social anxiety and I've been learning and "playing" with Python syntax for months now. I don't go to fiverr because I think the services clients ask for are more advanced, like creating app or websites things I don't know yet. Does anyone know of any proven...
  16. Conjecting

    [Method] How YOU can make $500 over and over again - “The Perfect Solution”

  17. TheSoloAct

    What is the general process of creating a PAA site?

    If I had to manually create a People Also Ask based website, what are the techniques I'll need?
  18. HiQ

    verify address adsense !

    in mistake i checked a very old gmail account. Last message from Google Adsense "30 days and we will cancel your account" i thought it was spam, and I opened the message, the name was for a YouTube channel, and I put two clips in it, and then it was stolen. I don't know how, but it was stolen...
  19. C

    Low earnings with Exoclick

    Hi everyone, I'm new to Blackhatworld and I still have to settle for myself, I hope I have chosen the right category for this post. Anyway I have an adult hentai game website and adult game review blog (always on the same site) And I started placing banners from Exoclick. Traffic comes from...
  20. J

    Searching for help with a microtasks service

    We are looking for help in promoting our service of microtasks I'm looking for help, those who worked and entered foreign markets with their projects, those who know those who did it, those who worked with SMM panels, projects to earn money on the Internet. We have a micro-task service that...