1. geekkamal

    Why My Page With Moz's High PA and DA is not ranking?

    PLEASE HELP Most ranking pages(1ST PAGE) for the keyword "fintech app development company" has a low Moz Page authority(PA- 27-30). Why my page is still not ranking in the 1st page? I have this site, Moz PA- 34 and DA- 45...
  2. Digimetriq

    Built a Smart Moz Researcher for Expired Domain Hunting

    - Scrapes all Information and Reads through it - Using Selenium - Checks for bad referring domains - Simple text.tostring contains "string" - Checks anchors for foreign languages - Using Langdetect Python Module - Rejects domains on a few more factors like DA 15+, First two linking domains...
  3. J

    How to index moz links?

    Hey, We have a client where a KPI is DA increase (I realise this is stupid) but some of our heavy hitting links haven't been picked up. Anyone know a way to get these links picked up by Moz quickly?
  4. A

    Is there any good alternatives to Moz on-page optimizer?

    I'm using Ahrefs mostly, but I find Moz's on-page keywords optimization ( really useful. It's very expensive if that's the only thing you're using it for. Does anyone have experience with some good alternatives?
  5. The Data Scientist

    Poll & Discussion: DR vs TF vs DA

    Hi members of BHW, which off-page metric do you prefer to evaluate the SEO power of a domain? I would be interested in your opinions! I have used Majestic a lot in the past, and I like their Trust Flow (TF) metric for a rough assessment of a domain (competition and expired domain analysis). Few...
  6. medialounge

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  7. N

    [GET] Free Moz reports

    I'm offering Moz reports for free so if you need reports on keywords, website metrics, etc., you can either reply to this thread or PM me.
  8. Leader777

    x10 Moz Pro Accounts giveaway

    Giving 1 account to each , active member here. Who the fuck want it?
  9. L

    Increase Keyword Count

    How to increase keyword count in aherfs quickly
  10. dragonguy4

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  11. L

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  12. TheMarquis

    Moz Has Been Acquired by iContact

    As title says, Moz is now part of iContact: We have some big news to share today! iContact has acquired #SEO industry leader, @Moz ! Watch iContact’s Michael Pepe and @SarahBird from Moz chat about the acquisition. Link to the tweet: --- Later edit: Yahoo! announcement...
  13. kuldeepsingh689

    Moz Spam Score

    Hello, My website MOZ spam score is 52%, even it has good backlinks profile and 0% links from domains having Spam Score of 61% to 100%. Can you please help why and how I can reduce it? Please refer Image:
  14. flashsites

    What metrics are ideal from Moz when it comes to choosing Guest Blogs

    I was told high PA,DA, and low OL. But no concreate numbers. I'm working with a new dating site and have about 20k links to filter. Any notes or ideas?
  15. flashsites

    Scrapebox for Page Authority from Moz

    I've been trying to make this plugin work for about a week now. It seems that in Scrapebox there is a feature to find PA and DA of any link by using your Moz credentials. Unfortunately, it never runs. It only starts up and closes with no error or warning. Has anyone figured out how to get...
  16. T

    How to write a good content brief for SEO

    To get quality output from your writers, you usually need to provide quality briefs. But, briefs get trickier when SEO is involved. What really makes a content brief SEO-focused? Kameron Jenkins from Moz shared a blog post on creating effective SEO debriefs What information should you include...
  17. gold service


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  18. D

    WTF is wrong with Moz bar?

    I mean the thing works OK for a while and then it stops displaying DAs of the SERP. Has to removed and installed again. WTF is this??
  19. Cloud1

    Top 4 methods to see How much Traffic your Blog gets.

    1.SimilarWeb You’ll see total visits to a domain, average visitor duration, how many pages people hit per visit, and what the bounce rate is. These are a great estimate of overall traffic and how engaged people are with the website. 2.Check for Statistics in Blog Posts Many up-and-coming blogs...
  20. W


    Hello operators from the darkness, I am operating an SEO biz and I am expanding, hiring a couple of people for content/on-site seo/ design I focus on PBNs + Native brand article for clients SEO Its mostly off-site SEO that is the most part of our strategie. I worked with Semrush, MOZ and...