1. T

    Do networks know source website ?

    Hello, Can CPA networks know from which website they've been redirected if there is no Google widget on the page ? And do they track it? Cheers
  2. ziko12345

    Need a good content locking network for tier 3 traffic

    My main traffic is from philipines, india , thailand and some other tier 3 countries. I have tried ogads, cpagrip, cpalead and a few others but many of them dont even have offers for these countries and when they do, they convert bad or they pay really low. I know that tier 3 countries generate...
  3. L

    List of CPM networks (desktop) (cracked)

    Can we get a list of cpm networks that aren't complete and utter garbage? CPM only networks please, I know about content locking and everything but I would just rather simple cpm ads, Using PopAds which is always less then $1 cpm so not great but I guess ok, still not cpm like banner ads and...
  4. C

    Looking for networks that will publish my offers, Help

    Hi guys. After I've been struggling to make up some very hq products and landings now I'm struggling finding good networks that wants to accept my offers, I have offers regarding Cheating on games(+loophole to get these advertised on google and facebook (which otherwise are banned)) and other...
  5. Brickbat1

    Expertmobi.crom - any one with experience with them?

    Hi, I am looking for a cpa or affiliate network that is not picky on traffic sources.. Came across this. Any thoughts, experience with them will be helpful. Also if you know of similar alternatives, that will be fine too. Thanks.
  6. zafseo

    SurgeCalls Pay per Call network Reviews?

    Does Any one Know about surgecall ppcall network? Need Reviews.
  7. Z

    Starting new to networks

    hi! i'm new member here and im glad that i found this forum. I got some little experience with email marketing working in a company, so now i planning to start for myself. so im kinda need help with networks to work with so i'm asking any suggestions to start with. Any network that will...
  8. pj777777

    Anyone recognize this network?

    TIA Pj777777
  9. ShiningWarrior

    Do you give real address when signing up as affiliates?

    Hi, I know that real home address is required for payout purpose but do you actually use real name and real address when signing up as an affiliate for example ClickFunnels...Do you give your real first name and real last name and real address when signing up for any affiliate program?
  10. ShiningWarrior

    Any less strict and good network like Peerfly?

    Hi, I'm already in Peerfly but they are a bit strict on traffic source like they do not allow traffic from forum posts, blogs, twitter, classified ads and FB groups that you don't own. It's totally understandable because they are one of the biggest names in the affiliate market and I can't wait...
  11. F

    Looking for network with this trackingcodes

    Hi for some offers i want to run i'm looking for the networks who have these trackinglinks: Someone who know what networks have these trackinglinks? Thanks.
  12. IlyesPoke

    Search PPC Networks

    Hello everyone! I am looking to announce banners (like juicyAds but not in erotic) at pay per click with a cost of up to $ 0.05 per click and I do not have a big budget. But I can not find sites corresponding to this description ...
  13. G

    What Are Best Networks To Promote AFFILIATE CASINO OFFERS ?

    Hello, For last 6 months I've been promoting casino affiliate offers trough Facebook And Instagram ADS + Youtube . I've made a decent portion of winnings but for last 2 weeks dont know what is going on (Facebook Ads have the same budget, same method of creation of ads , targeting is good )...
  14. L

    Looking for Networks pays for Sign ups and DOI 'Cam & Adult dating '

    i have a French Traffic
  15. incrediable

    Pay Per Install Network

    Hello All, The latest and updated list of Pay Per Install Network 1. PerInstallCash 2. Installerr 3. GuppyGo 4. InstallCapital 5. Installerex 6. Cinstaller 7. Earnperinstall Enjoy earning...
  16. Niloy Pal

    Networks With PPL/SOI Offers?

    Hi, I'm looking for a good network with ppl/soi offers that except many countries and gives good payout. I'm a beginner so it'll be better if it's beginner friendly. payment method has to be easy and quick and with payment proof.
  17. K

    CPI network

    What's is the best CPI network??
  18. playgonzalez2017

    advertising network

    Hello there is anyone here know adult/porn ad network PPC or CPM on support application thank you
  19. E

    How to monetize violent videos?

    So, I have a couple ideas that I want to try, but, with recent events regarding demonetization of videos that don't go along with adsense tos, I'm skeptic on wasting my time making something that won't be possible to monetize, so what alternatives do I have to adsense? Networks? Affiliates? How...
  20. U

    BEST soft-incentive networks + Offer walls?

    Hey blackhatters, I'm in the process of creating a GPT website in exchange for virtual currency. Need some recommendations on networks with the best incentive programs + offers walls. My only worry for a website like this is running out of offers to give to my users. These are what I...