newbie bhw

  1. nickhustle

    What's Up BTW!

    Yo! Excited to learn and contribute to the community. I have a few ecom business/offers primarily driven by social ads. Not an expert by any stretch, but pretty knowledgeable running FB/Google ads. I'm looking forward to learning methods to drive traffic to my businesses. Thanks to all the...
  2. malik_link

    Hi there

    Hi there, Glad to join the forum; I am interested in guest post link placement in the U.S area. So let me know if you have anything to offer. Have a good day, Best, Malik.
  3. TaurusH

    Hi from TaurusH

    Hi everyone, I heard a lot about BHW and community and was using this website to just read threads and see the interactions of people here on various topics. But finally registered to add some contribution and get some more learnings. Such a great forum and platform to learn new things every...
  4. S

    Newbie(Email marketing)

    Hello, i am new here, i heard this forum from my friend, he told me that it is a nice place to learn and earn.I hope i can learn and earn here. i have some email list for email marketing, if somebody interested, just told me. we can also communicate about email marketing Nice to meet you...
  5. Hawkeye Digital

    Hello ! New to Bhw !

    Hello brothers , hope you are all doing good and fine ! I am new here , please guide me through ! Thank you !
  6. LonelyPerson

    Hey LonelyPerson is Here

    Hey BHW Community! LonelyPerson is Here to make some friends from the worldwide. I want to learn more from you to build my career in Digital Sector. Thanks LonelyPerson
  7. PetalSEO


    Brother New to BHW ! Please Guide me about tons of SEO Knowledge ! Hence Waiting for an Warm welcome !
  8. OliverSan

    New To BHW !

    HEY BHW Respected Family , Just newbie Got enrolled into Bhw New ERA ! Hence Guide me through this Form and Teach me Tips and Some helpful Guidelines !
  9. Razorfeast

    Newbie Here !

    Welcome BHW Members , How are you ? Please help me , To grow and Be an Successful BHW Members ! Any Type of Suggestions are Accepted !
  10. RoyalCandy

    I am new here.

    Hi Guys, I hope you all are fine. I am new here and I am not an expert of writing but I'll try my best. I think it's gonna be awesome here :) Thank you
  11. gates101


    Hey there, I'm new to the digital world. I've been writing content for some time but my interest is bending more towards digital marketing and I'm still learning the ins and outs of how everything works.
  12. whaleagency112

    [BHW] Why did you choose this platform?

    Hello everybody, I'm Rem from Whale Agency. This is my first post on Black Hat World. I have been doing socials media, branding and community building for 6 years, mostly on Facebook fanpage, group & Ads accounts. My life turned out not too bad since I found this platform. Honestly like It's...
  13. U


    Hi all, This is mandi from india, in past 7 years i had worked in bpo field and for the past 6 months i had entered into designing field. i got this forum few days ago. with thanks, Mandi.
  14. SEO Duke

    Hello everyone

    Hello BHW Users. I am new here. heard a lot about this forum. I am here to learn more SEO tactics and share some valuable tips which i know about.
  15. MichaelWhelan

    Hello everyone.

    hi guys, i am new in BHW. i heard about it from one of my friend and join to acquire knowledge about SEO.
  16. A

    Warm greetings to everyone. Crazy place for me.

    Well warm greetings to all the wonderful people out here. I am new to SEO and Online stuff, during this lockdown by travel industry was totally shut so I shifted to SEO. I was already overwhelmed with the way SEO industry works, lots and lots to explore. I was on the verge to say, I already know...
  17. SEOBitnet

    Hello I am new here :)

    Hello and thank you for allowing me to join this prestigious group!! I am getting around to reading the policy’s so I don’t do anything wrong, or upset anyone! :p I have just gotten into SEO this year and I am obsessed! To the point it’s all I think or read about. I have started some sites on...
  18. L

    Hello I'm NEW HERE

    what's a great day to have the chance to be member in blackhatword thanks to my good friend advices me to take a look and i surprise how is the thing is going on here really it's a new world :). sorry for my bad language cause i'm not english native speaker.
  19. BobZhang

    Just say Hi

    Hi, I am Bob from Shenzhen, China. I am a blogger, digital marketer. Wanna find cool things here.
  20. R

    Hello from this newbie on BHW

    Hi everyone, I am new to BHW but I knew about this forum from last 5 years never had time to explore. Now during Covid Lockdowns in India, while going thorough FB groups on IM, thought to come here and be regular member. I am thinking of dropping my habit of visiting Twitter and FB groups so...