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  4. N3WY0RK

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  5. Random Rank

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    Curated Links (Niche Edits) Niche Edits AKA Curated Links, The content links from aged posts. What exactly are Curated Links (Niche Edits)? Curated Links, also known as Niche Edits, involves inserting new links into existing, already published blog posts or web pages rather than publishing a...
  6. N

    6 months link building case study. Niche Edits vs PBNs

    Hey mates, I hope you are doing awesome! Here is another link-building case study. Before I start talking about it, just to let you know that I have nothing against PBNs, I still use them in ranking other sites. This study is just to share with you this “fight” between PBNs and Niche Edits and...
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  8. 7th Sense


  9. indexsy

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    What are Curated Links or Niche Edits? The TL;DR is that niche edits are links placed into existing and aged content. It's honestly not that hard, and we believe most people can do it, but we just do it at scale. We currently build over 2500 links a month for companies, agencies, and resellers...
  10. ClickRankio


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  11. LiveCaseStudy

    What do you think are the most imporant factors to consider for a Niche Edit backlink?

    You can check maximum two of the factors which according to you are the most important to consider for the niche edit backlink. Let's see how this poll turns out to be! I personally believe the post (not only the entire domain) which at least have "1" organic traffic or the one being ranked in...
  12. nLinks

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  13. -KoD-

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  14. Getwhatchuwant

    Your experience/results with Outreach Guest Posts and Niche Edits?

    I see that Guest Posts on blogs via Outreach and Niche Edits seem to be all the rage on the forum lately. For those that have used these services, is it worth the money? What I mean by that is has it improved your rankings? How many of these types of links did you need to see positive movement...
  15. JapaneseBillionaireSeo

    How to cut the middleman for guest post/niche edits

    Hi experts! I'm new to SEO, but not new to the business so I know there's the middle man who sells the links. I want to get guest posts, and niche edits, but I want it without any seller. How do we find and scrape websites which accept guest posts or niche edits? Is there anywhere we can...
  16. backlinknest

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    I have been buying guest posts on decent quality sites with at least 50K traffic according to Similarweb back in January this year from let's say a reputable provider that sells them. The majority of the posts were $200-350 USD price range which is not a small amount of money for my budget. So...