1. A

    My journey to make over 8500$ in cpa marketing

    Hi, firsty sorry for my bad English, cause he didn’t my native language. so a little about me, I’m from Morocco I really live in 3rd world country , I have 19 years old I leave school, and now I do cpa, I have made over 8k$ in my journey with cpa YouTube. So what I do: I make my own videos...
  2. N

    CPA Method

    Hey, can anyone that did CPA tell me if my stats are good, I did CPA for 3 days, I put 3 hours of work a day (it wasn't really automated tbh) and I got these stats. So Im not really sure if these stats are good or if they are not so i would love some opinions
  3. Norman_drey

    CPA marketing email blast

    Can I make money with CPA marketing using email blast method I have over 2k list of email address on a particular niche I wanna know if I can be making up to $10 daily on sites like cpagrip, ogads using content locker with this email list
  4. Lucas04

    Making $1000 is not worth for me

    Hello, everyone hope you guys are doing well, I'm doing cpa marketing from last 1.5 years and making $1000 a months I'm attaching payment proofs too. I am writing this thread for help from you guys - I'm getting paid a good amount but I don't want to stuck at one place anymore. All the...
  5. Spectra2000

    is OGads a scam?

    I know from Ogads terms and conditions that payments are paid based on a NET30 system, in the month of August i decided to give OGads a shot and to start working on it, i finished the payment threshold, and they said that i am gonna get paid on the beginning of October which is this month, but i...
  6. Norman_drey

    Ogads leads method

    I tried completing ogads survey and I found out that is very dificult for users to complete task, page keeps redirecting from one tab to another, after everything the survey didn't convert Please how do I get leads because I'm tired of getting tons of link click without lead, I wanna sell the...
  7. FaizanAnsari

    (BlackHat Method) Which CPA Traffic methods are working these days? OGADS and CPAbuild Traffic Method

    Hello Everyone! in 2020 I stopped working in CPA Marketing 4 month ago i started working again Niche: i use Blackhat niches as everyone uses in OGAds and CPAbuild i struggle with the traffic i don't know which traffic methods are working on those days i tried many methods but it's killing me...
  8. Better_call_me

    The current problem with Ogads

    I'm making $200+ every day on US offers. Most users noticed that it only takes a few hours after starting a new day 90% of the US offers gets capped. It is impossible to earn normally all day long. If it weren't like that, I would earn 5x as much. Is there someone here who also makes money...
  9. rajib000

    Handpicked custom content locker

    I want to make newly launched exclusive-hyped movie download site with content locker. Problem- need very very user friendly landing page and handpicked cpa offers from every network, so that everyone can complete the offer easily and get his things (99% conversion, nobody can go with empty...
  10. QWE333

    TikTok + CPA Journey - Let's Make Some EZ Money

    Hello BHW Members, Welcome to my first CPA journey, It's going to be TikTok method to drive traffic + CPA to make some Some about me: I'm 26 years old from tier 3 country, not new into the CPA world. I've been on this forum for almost 10 years but don't have many messages cause I used to just...
  11. med9

    OGads Bad support!

    Guys, by God, it is not possible to deal badly from this company. I brought them all the details, and it is also not useful to reply to messages per day once, for a week, every day, a message wasting time, frankly, cpabuild is better
  12. elnor0

    question about the OGAds file locker

    When I'm setting up the file locker on ogads, it asks me to fill in a URL to redirect the user to. This confuses me since the only way i can think of getting a URL of a file, is by uploading it to google drive and copying the link from there, but I feel like I'm missing something and I'm just...
  13. Bedazzle

    [Journey] $500 per Day with CPA + Youtube

    It's a new month and I want to push myself this month to higher heights. About a month or two ago I completed a Journey to $50 per Day with CPA + Youtube and I've got countless messages to continue the journey to see how far I can go. How does that saying go, ask and you shall receive? Well...
  14. MrSponge

    [METHOD] ✅ How I Made $9,756 in 30 Days With ➡️ YouTube Shorts CPA ⬅️ | A COMPLETE GUIDE [25% OFF BHW DISCOUNT]

    >> BUY WITH CARD << >> BUY WITH CRYPTO << Price: $160 $120 Contact: live:.cid.4fd7f02f3c4e3c27 Disclaimer: Roughly $140 initial investment will be needed to use this method. Refund Policy: As this is a digital product that can't be revoked I will not be offering refunds...
  15. predator1988@

    OGads alternatives

    Can someone suggest me better generator from OGads?
  16. xEssence

    OGAds Help (They denied my application)

    Hello, I tried to apply to OG Ads last night buy they denied my application only two hours after submitting it. Can somebody tell me what I did wrong? I said that traffic sources were Youtube Shorts, Tiktok, Paid Instagram Shoutouts, Discord Servers, Telegram Groups and Reddit Traffic. Thanks...
  17. fxony

    Paying someone to identify / find this CMS or Theme script

    Hello, Im trying to figure it out what script those websites are using? - premiumapps.vip - injectapp.org And there's much more but i found only that two with same script. It also has admin panel if you go /admin .. I want to download / buy it, so please give me link where i could get it. On...
  18. fxony

    Question about OGads + CPI (Website theme) - Does anyone know?

    Hello, Im trying to figure it out what script those websites are using? - premiumapps.vip - injectapp.org And there's much more but i found only that two with same script. It also has admin panel if you go /admin .. I want to download / buy it, so please give me link where i could get it...
  19. unit999

    Journey to 2000$ Autopilot on OGAds In 2022

    Introduction Hi Jonty Here, i am work with ogads last 4 year but first 2 year not work due to work with other network.. i am work with also paid traffic and free traffic.. like Fb and Google.. target health niche and ecom product. But i am plan to start work with ogads and try with different...
  20. O

    Help me to get approved at OGAds!

    Hello guys, yesterday I tried to to get approved with OGads, but they rejected my request. It’s my first time to working on CPA So can someone help me to get approved? Thanks