online courses

  1. Luced

    What should be my next project?

    All my projects are completed for 2022. I am free for the next 5-6 months. Therefore, thinking of starting a new project. But I'm confused between the two. 1. Start a niche affiliate website - Choose a micro niche, write articles about it, and link with amazon. 2. Sell an online course -...
  2. nirose

    Coursera is offering 1 free course with certification from 9 specialties (Machine Learning, Python, Leadership and more)

    To celebrate its 9th birthday Coursera is offering a list of nine specially selected courses for free - with a valid graduation certificate. Your discount will be applied at checkout. Offer is subject to change and valid through 04/30/2021. The courses on offer are: Introduction to Machine...
  3. nirose

    Free live training webinars from Google (Career, Analytics, Social Media Marketing)

    Found this on interwebs, thought some people might benefit. Google Digital Garage will hold live training webinars to teach anything from building your CV to finding customers and marketing from Google products like Maps, Analytics, YouTube, and others. The sessions will start from March 10th...
  4. Mister Dark

    I Just Finished My First Digital Product For Clickbank, And Could Use Some Advice On A Couple Things.

    I finally finished my digital product that I plan to release on Clickbank and put up on my blog, but I have a couple of questions. 1. First off, it's a 12-week program. Meaning, ideally, the customer would get one video a week automatically sent to them. Is this possible to do with...
  5. JayMay

    Your Go-to Website for Ebooks/Courses

    Hey guys, Has anyone found/is using a reliable site for downloading ebooks of all kinds with a big directory? Also, if anyone knows a good one for downloading online courses - not just IM related - which doesn't involve bandwidth/payment blocks that would be cool. Thanks and hope you grab...
  6. Prathek

    [GET] Any course from Skillshare

    Guys, you can request any course from Skillshare. Requests accepted until March 31st.
  7. E

    What are the best logo designing courses

    Hi fellas, Whats up? Hope you are doing good. So what are the best online logo designing courses? Doesn't matter if they are based on E books, Videos or both, just have to by a professional logo designer with experience and talent. Please tell me about online course related to only "Logo...
  8. amila.15

    Chrome extension to download skillshare free courses..!!!

    Search "Skillshare Free Downloader" in Google or in Chrome web store. Add the extension to your browser. How to do it Just Add this extension as a regular extension to your Chrome web browser!! When you go to a Skillshare class extension’s icon will be enabled then click it and wait for...
  9. Chiku Arsen

    Video course on Adobe Animate cc 2019

    Can anyone provide me with an online free course on Adobe animate cc 2019. I want to learn it all from scratch. Planning of creating some animations for youtube and make a little money. If anyone has got or gone through a free course on such please pm or guide me through the links. Thanks &...
  10. thefourowls

    Should you add online courses to your resume?

    So i´ve been doing some online courses related to digital marketing on udemy, google digital academy, coursera, etc etc I was wondering and googling about the possible benefits that an online course like those could bring if added to your resume. After searching the web i found that it could...
  11. Society Girl

    Free Online Courses

    No credit card required to enrol or anything like that. List of free courses: - Digital Marketing - Financial Trading - Photography - Personal Nutrition - Social Media Marketing - Graphic Design - Sports Nutrition - Mobile App Development - Diet & Weight Loss - Photoshop...
  12. Aehs01

    My Internet Marketing Journey - Pay Off My Mortgage [80k Left]

    Hey guys, I'm not at all new to the internet marketing scene and I've been mostly doing IM for the better part of the last 6 years part time. I'm not going to use this thread to dive into my story as I've already got a crazy long version of it on my blog. Here is my backstory (if you don't...
  13. A

    Social media course at Workshopr

    Social Media Course link here: www. workshopr. me/courses/social-media-course Available for a limited time, hurry up! Workshopr helps students and businesses collaborate through tech. Through online courses, students develop practical skills and apply what they learn in real-life business...
  14. johnkay

    What you think about my Udemy revenue calculations?

    Hi All, I am in the process of creating a course on Udemy about programming advance tutorials. I am worried about the pricing and revenue. I have done the below calculations. What you think about it? Price of course: $20 Price for students in Udemy sales/promotions : $10 After Udemy revenue...
  15. L

    Online Courses for beginners?

    Hello, I'm trying to acquire relevant seo and digital marketing knowledge, and besides reading well written guides and how-to articles the online courses became the most important part of my self-education process. I would like to share some courses that I found/find really useful, and also...
  16. I

    Need help with online classes!!

    Hello everyone, I have got around 1000 subscribers on Udemy, approx 100 reviews, got a mailing list of to which I send mails when I upload a new course or video, the price for my courses is very low, not more than $40 but I am not getting buyers, when I offer something free I get a lot of...