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  1. John Michelson

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  2. B

    Database of +5000 websites for paid articles. Is it useful?

    Hello! I have a question for the community. I am currently working for a company that has spent hundreds of dollars in getting a database (a set of excel spreadsheets) of websites to do outreach to///to try to buy articles from. In the past, I also worked for a company that paid freelancers...
  3. kabe


  4. worldnetwork

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  6. Edward Eric

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  8. Big SEO

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  9. Rasi Wilsy

    I need ranking guest posts for Adult niche

    Hello there I am looking to buy guest post on real authortiy sites with real traffic. Remember I have an adult niche site. Your niche can be anything but should be a real site with traffic not a pbn. Budget is high You can pm me here or skype me on live:appointmentmngr
  10. nazmulfeni4

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  11. spade87

    Guest Posts on Real Fashion/Lifestyle Blogs

    Hi Team, I have a client who has an e-commerce online store for women's boho style clothing targeting the US. I was wondering if any of the BHW members can help me in getting guest posts from real fashion bloggers. - Regular Posts on Blogs - Good Amount of Traffic - Active Social Media...
  12. BlackShield

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  13. Jafar_jaffy

    I am looking for Real Guest Posting Sites with DA 50+

    Hello, I am looking for bloggers who can offer me guest posts on the sites having good DA and traffic (especially from the US) I need it urgently.
  14. Monsterer


    Hi members, I am looking for reviewers for my upcoming outreach guest blog service, What you get: - You get the post in niche relevant Outreach guest blog - DA should be 40+ - Content around 500 to 600 words with quality writers NOTE: Only JR.VIPs i would like to prefer, I want a much...
  15. K

    Guest Post Suffering

    Hello everyone, I've been doing blogger outreach for the last couple of months, I've sent around 100 emails and got 2% response rate, the problem I'm facing is that it is either you send generic emails or one single email can take you 30 - 60 minutes of research to figure out a compelling way...
  16. Daniel-MD

    Outreach.Buzz - The Guest Posting Tool Secretly used by SEO Experts (3500 real sites, CF, TF, DA)

    :: Refund policy We have a 30-day money back guarantee policy so you can cancel anytime within that time frame and get a full refund back. :: FAQ 1) How is Outreach.Buzz different than other outreach tools? The most important difference is that our blogs and influencers list has been...
  17. The Curator

    Let's talk about Link building OUTREACH! (not necessarily guest posting)

    Just curious what everyone's process for outreach looks like: Do you do it yourself, or do you outsource it (assistant, agency or freelancer)? Do you use automation tools to help your outreach like Ninja Outreach or Pitchbox? What are some tips for other aspiring link builders when it comes to...
  18. Lord surh

    Blogger Outreach Tool?

    Hi people, anyone knows a tool or any easy technique to track my blogger's outreach program. When articles are sent to bloggers, need to search the topic on Google and Bing to know those who posted and get their DA and PA each for easy documentations. Meanwhile, we work with loads of bloggers...
  19. A

    Outreach on quality website

    Hi, I have a number of clients who are looking for QUALITY blogger outreach service. I can provide 30-40 post every month withing next 12 month . I am looking for bloggers with high quality domains. Please don't bother me if you have a long list of poor quality sites - not interested...