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  1. Getwhatchuwant

    Your experience/results with Outreach Guest Posts and Niche Edits?

    I see that Guest Posts on blogs via Outreach and Niche Edits seem to be all the rage on the forum lately. For those that have used these services, is it worth the money? What I mean by that is has it improved your rankings? How many of these types of links did you need to see positive movement...
  2. Edward Eric

    ▶️ 21st century ◀️ ☀️ Outreach Era ☀️ || 5+ years || 5000+ blogs ✅ No PBN ✅ Organic Traffic- 10k+ ✨ DA【20 - 50 】

  3. bluematter


  4. K

    Guest Post Suffering

    Hello everyone, I've been doing blogger outreach for the last couple of months, I've sent around 100 emails and got 2% response rate, the problem I'm facing is that it is either you send generic emails or one single email can take you 30 - 60 minutes of research to figure out a compelling way...
  5. Daniel-MD

    Outreach.Buzz - The Guest Posting Tool Secretly used by SEO Experts (3500 real sites, CF, TF, DA)

    :: Refund policy We have a 30-day money back guarantee policy so you can cancel anytime within that time frame and get a full refund back. :: FAQ 1) How is Outreach.Buzz different than other outreach tools? The most important difference is that our blogs and influencers list has been...
  6. HustleFriday

    What We Understood Sending 120k Cold Emails For Outreach Last Month

    So after a lot of discussions amongst our team members, we finally decided to launch an outreach service last month. No, I am not going to share a link as this is not to promote that service. It is about what we figured out after sending thousands of emails throughout last month. Here's the...
  7. A

    How to get backlinks from forbes,CNN and other news site?

    Hello Everyone, I m new in Seo and i want to know about how I Can do good outreach to HQ Websites Like forbes,CNN and other news site Please Help Me Guys Thank You
  8. wblteam

    [100% Risk-Free] Get Higher Ranking with Relevant, Powerful Links Built With Manual Outreach Only

  9. The Curator

    Let's talk about Link building OUTREACH! (not necessarily guest posting)

    Just curious what everyone's process for outreach looks like: Do you do it yourself, or do you outsource it (assistant, agency or freelancer)? Do you use automation tools to help your outreach like Ninja Outreach or Pitchbox? What are some tips for other aspiring link builders when it comes to...
  10. back2form

    How to do guest blogging ? back2form

    Discussion Here.. I get, I got, I getting repeated PM's.. Don't PM! Public Discussion benefits other people to know "how to do Guest Blogging" First things First : What is Guest blogging ? Guest blogging is a method used by the owners of blogs to increase traffic to their sites. They offer...