1. H

    [Journey] My journey into PAA and Affiliate Marketing

    Hello guys, I've been a lurker here for a few months and own quite a few of my own websites and I've been wanting to monetize them and actually start driving traffic to them rather than having them just sitting there. I've never had much success with affiliate marketing before but have made the...
  2. Andrewbar

    Start making money with your very own People Also Ask (PAA) Autoblog Site - Only $0.0025/Post - Starting at $50/10k posts - Comment for ...

    Lately a lot of PAA sites have been shared on this site that are making a lot of money. Ever wanted to have your own PAA site but never knew where to start? I am here to help: I will provide you with a completely automated site that will publish PAA posts. With your site, you will also...
  3. B

    Is this normal (PAA + AI)?

    I'm running a site wich is PAA with AI generated content. It's a new domain ~4 month old. For almost all individual sites I see the following pattern with GSC. The pages are still indexed. But looks like they are pushed out of the SERPs completely for "normal" keywords. Only if I'm searching...
  4. HenryObi

    What Is The Most Effective Method To Include FAQ Section In A Blog Post?

    What method would drive more search traffic or have Googlr feature your questions and their answers? I typically just list thr question using bullet points with their respective answers below each question. But I feel this method is an optimal, what do you do? Is using a plugin better? I'll...
  5. crystalwiz

    Autoblogging my a** to 100k visitors per month (Let's go)

    So I started a new WordPress blog on a new domain in April 2022. Developed slowly and set everything up carefully, looking super quality with all necessary legal pages and. Now I got approved by Adsense two days ago. You know what? The site is an Autoblog but a very high-quality AI blog. I must...
  6. 4

    PAA website list $$$

    Hi :) Looking for a comprehensive list of PAA pages that are currently ranking and have at least 500k visitors/month. Budget: $50 for 20 pages

    AI webmasters.. watch out!

  8. Alma

    PAA scraping seems to be loved by Jeep, the multi-billion $ company lol found this lol, a screenshot before they fix the access someone could email them about this and probably make $ for finding this bug, I cba, thank me later :)
  9. I

    How to Scrape PAA Questions and Answers With SEO Minion The Right Way

    Hi All, I saw couple of people stating that SEO minion does not scrape PAA answers somehow. I have a different experience so thought I would share this quick ref on how to use SEO minion the right way to scrape PAA questions and answers. Question was asked here 1. First , you need to install...
  10. nazmulfeni4

    Earn Min $1K /Mo (Guide Included) ⛔ Possibly The Best PAA Informative Automation Blogging On The Forum ⛳ Comment For Discount

    Good News! I will now be able to create any automated niche site with GPT-3 content. I know many people want to start an automation niche site journey. But They don't know how to start, Where to start, How to generate ideas, How to develop an automation script, How to maintain an automation...
  11. B

    How the "FCUK" is this even possible -- PAA

    [STEP BY STEP METHOD] - HOW TO MAKE YOUR FIRST $ ONLINE WITH $0 BUDGET + BONUS [BLUEPRINT PDF] how in the Fˆ&%ING hell do I make my "first $ online" with "$0 budget"...
  12. nazmulfeni4

    ❇️ Already Earn $100K+✅ Auto Blogging Site Build Service ⏩ GPT-3 AI + Scrape + Template ❇️ $0.02/Post ❤️ Rank Guide❌50% OFF ❇️ Review Copy

    I know many people want to start an automation journey. But They don't know how to start, Where to start, How to generate ideas, How to develop an automation script, How to maintain an automation website, or how to integrate GPT-3 AI in articles. Etc etc.. Don't worry !! I will provide you...
  13. Alma

    ✅[PAA] Selling my scraper/software + know-how (currently at $20k+/month) [confirmed by mods]

    Hello, Many of you may know me from my PAA journey or my comments about PAA. I used to sell a list of PAA sites when they were unknown about 8-9 months ago and my biggest regret is not starting earlier with it. I was able to build my website to 1 mil+ visits per month and $20k+ month profit...
  14. iam_ironman

    [Code] Scrape Google PAA Using Python + Requests

    Python code to scrape PAA from google Seen a post made by @RealDaddy that PAA would increase your organic traffic, so I made a code to scrape PAA text with python import requests from lxml.html import fromstring import lxml.html header = { 'User-Agent': 'Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0...
  15. D

    Is it possible to use ScraperAPI, ScrapingBee to scrape PAAs from Google via passing JavaScript instructions?

    This article says that you can use ScraperAPI to execute JavaScript via a headless browser. I believe JS rendering costs 10 credits. The ScrapingBee request builder allows you to pass JavaScript instructions. JavaScript rendering costs 5 credits, and if you want to scrape Google you need to...
  16. F

    PAA Website Keywords(Question) Research

    Hi, I have got some list of PAA keywords(Questions) which shows some difficulty level with Keyword research tools. Is it treatable like normal keywords difficulty or PAA questions should not be considered as keywords? I'm yet to research those Questions separately to find out what are the...
  17. Alma

    My PAA + whitehat journey (currently at $12k/m+)

    Hey, Some of you may know me: I sold 10 lists of PAA websites about 8 months ago, when they weren't as well known as today. Few months after I started my own pure PAA website and yesterday was my first $400 day. Both visits and CPM are increasing. My only regret is not starting earlier. This...
  18. theIMMachine

    ⭐Ranked PAAs in a List⭐ 'PAA - People Also Ask - Search Results'⭐ Answer these PAAs & Increase Your Ranking Chances!

    We all know how important is PAA, ‘People Also Ask’ in SERPS & how many clicks do they “steal” from SEO results!! Presenting you our simple solution of showing all the ranked PAAs by showing your competitors PAAs in a list/sheet. What do we do ? We give you the required number of PAA’s you...
  19. O

    Google Rich Results (People Also Ask)

    Hi, everybody! I'm relatively new to most technical aspects of SEO and mostly work on inbound marketing tasks and started doing SEO. Lately, I started to dig this topic and what I am most interested in is how do I get my company website pages (blog pages) to appear in the "Prople Also Ask"...