1. S

    [Question] Sites Parasites and strange magic.

    Hi guys, this is not the first time I find when they use edu or gov sites. In the search results of Google, a pdf file with an affiliate link. But I can't figure out how they do it? Is this a hack? I looked these sites do not give the option to add files or articles
  2. javadth

    any brazil parasites ?

    hi, I'm looking for Brazilian parasites, can you recommend me some of them or tell me how to find them?
  3. SirLouen

    [Basics] The parasites properties you must know

    There is plenty of info in this forum, regarding on how to build on top of parasites and how to profit from there. There are some experiments, which even demostrate the power of parasites. But many people struggle to understand why parasites work and the importance of using them when talking...
  4. hideath

    GSA Blast vs Cheap PBNs - What's better for parasites?

    I have little to no experience with parasites ranking, What's the best practice to rank a medium parasite for example? I'm talking about cheap GSA contextual blasts vs cheap PBN links, If you have ever tried both, what worked better?
  5. djsobuj

    Don't use fliphtml5 as parasites

    Don't use fliphtml5, my account got banned with 100 books today, I haven't build even tire 2. My account was old and I upload those pdf within 4 days. I think if you do slowly, you may have a chance. Or per account per pdf. I feel sad now.
  6. 5ung1

    Some Web 2.0 platforms for making parasites ??

    Can anyone share with me top 10-20 web 2.0 , i need it for making parasites for my movie site :)
  7. Rachmaninoff

    [Guides] Unpopular Parasites that work like a Charm

    Since Google algo is pretty f’kd up due to the latest core update, I think you already know that it’s a good time to rank some stupid parasites. I noticed these parasites below are constantly on top 20 Google and they’re indexed pretty quickly. You can build them as many as you can to get...
  8. hideath

    Ranking parasites after the google update?

    I never tried to rank any kind of parasites, but I have a few questions about it Does anything change after the May update? Are parasites links classed as high authority links, even if they are spammed? What's the best method to rank them, blasting or building few authority links as tier 1? Are...
  9. imonboss

    Which Parasites are currently working?

    I have never tried this Parasites thing. After reading a few parasites success on bhw, I am looking forward to giving this a shot. Here is a list of what I have found to have worked in the past: 1. 2. page 3. 4. 5. 6. 7...
  10. Myst3ry

    [JOURNEY] $XXX,XXX | Buy a House All by Myself ️

    Hey everybody. I want to introduce myself within this journey thread. I was always somehow "addicted" to my computer but not addicted to playing games or something like that. I was always creating something. I started with Adobe Photoshop, Visual Basic, HTML and I was playing with many other...
  11. Ronnie Machio

    Are parasites still working in 2020

    I am just wondering if parasites are still helping rank. I am thinking of using this method.
  12. Asad as


    So I am trying to rank my first parasite , this is my first time properly trying seo, i have zero knowledge on link building.. Wanted to know , which links i choose to rank a game hack parasite pbns , social signals what?? there are so many options here , and i dont even know which one will...
  13. Kirti Kumar

    How to index my parasites links within few minutes?

    Hello Everyone One of my competitor indexing their parasites links within few minutes in google search engine. You can take an example of "game of thrones season 8 episode 6 mp4" (Search in google). You can see a lot of parasites links are there. I don't know they are indexing their links too...
  14. idbn667

    question about parasite method- i did it right?

    hello i pretty newb hope someone can help me.. first i created website at weebly,added content of around 1000 words,now in the last line i put keyword with anchor text link to my money website. if its right,my job now is just blast this website with cheap backlinks service? thank you

    What is the best parasite for on page SEO?

    Hi, Any suggestions for parasite webhosts that let you control the on page SEO fairly well please?
  16. ScarlettMark Stephen

    What is Parasites ?

    What is Parasites ? And how could we do SEO for this type of website ?
  17. S

    What defines online marketing?

    Hey -- newbie here -- Im a Computer Engineering Student with front end development experience (mostly with big CMS's for my school website) and just began doing freelance web dev work. Over my brief work experience I have : -developed with Drupal and other CMS. -worked with SEO but purely the...
  18. seoscrachiers

    Linkedin Pulse as a parasite?

    Hi, does anyone have used linkedin pulse as a parasite and ranked in google for medium and low competitive keywords? Please share your experience if you have done so. Thanks
  19. cyrusv

    [Case Study] Ranking few parasites targetting same low competition KW

    Hi all. I've finally managed to squeeze time out of my business to run some SEO case studies. I've been reading up a lot on ranking parasites in 2018 and I wanna try out what I've read. In this case study, I'll be ranking some low competition kws for a local search term, which is able to nett...
  20. 710fla


    After writing two parasite related guides (linked below) I decided to take it a step further and release a case study on a real life money making method. You can use any parasite you want I am using because I already have the page up and indexed as well as the fact that Google seems...