1. alex270 payment gateway doubts

    Hi I want to use on smm panel business. 1) Do they accept Indian registrations? If not, how are Indian panels using the payment option? 2) Are they accept SMM business model? I contacted their support team several times and provided all relevant information, but...
  2. alex270

    How to Cloak Payment Gateway(Stripe/Paypal/Razorpay) Checkout?

    Hi I am an SMM seller, and I hope you are aware that popular card payment gateways (Paypal, Stripe, and Razorpay) do not accept the SMM business model, so I need to conceal(Cloak) my SMM business from the payment gateways mentioned above. Example: Site A: This is the SMM website that I need a...
  3. dragonguy4

    Paypal just deducted $245.7... for no reason

    Just got this email from paypal, i thought they were only converting EUR balance to USD on that account But after logging in, turns out the balance was reduced by that exact amount. Insane, they just do it out of the blue Has anyone ever received this kind of email? Googled only return one...
  4. alex270

    SMM Business Card Payment Gateway Redirect Trick Option

    Hi I'm looking for a programmer or ready-made script that has experience with payment gateway redirects, bridges, cloaking, and funnel website methods. [Or] if you have a better solution that has worked in the past. Am SMM seller, hope you know popular card payment...
  5. PartnersBay

    PayPal Accounts For Sale - US, EU, UK, Verified, Ready to receive your payments

    Hello BHW community! My name is Kevin from EcomWolfs, nice to meet all of you! :) We are delighted to offer PayPal accounts on this forum. Please check our sales thread and contact us via SKYPE (click this link to message us) : SKYPE LINK Few words about the team you will work with...
  6. Trust WorkShop

    Buying / wanting to buy SMM services and pay / paying using Paypal ? Read this.

    We cannot deny the fact and reality that a lot of SMM service providers (sellers) mention everywhere (BHW, Reddit, etc) that Paypal keeps suspending their Paypal accounts and they are aware that Paypal suspends their accounts, because selling SMM (social media marketing) services is against...
  7. Zachaaa1

    WTH Someone to Unlock my Paypal account (Locked by phone verification)

    Hello Folks. Am not sure if this is possible but I need someone to unlock my Paypal account that is locked (Not really locked but I can't log in) because they want me to confirm the number by text and sadly I don't have access to that number (The number is gone for good) so now am stuck and I...
  8. G

    "We added your new payment method, but can't use it right now. To continue, choose or add another way to pay."

    How do I sort out this issue please
  9. Crypto Marketing

    Visa, PayPal, Western Union Among Fall Flurry of Crypto Trademark Filings Exciting big names in the list. It will be crazy if these trademarks turn into actual products. According to Visa's fillings, the firm is contemplating a "cryptocurrency wallet," describing it as...
  10. megaMind007

    Need USA business PayPal (at least 6 month old with transaction history)

    I like to buy a couple more USA business PayPal and Personal PayPal which is fully verified with SSN / driving license and VCC and VBA each account should have at least 6 months old with a transaction history. if anyone provides these PayPal services pm me. Thanks in advance :-)
  11. M

    Paypal Bussnies Account is asking for a bussnies License.

    Hello guys, Hope this message find u well and healthy. I'm using my bussnies paypal for 4months now and recently i withdraw about 2.6k and now paypal is asking for a bussnies License wich i dont have.How can i avoid this is there any solution or should i say that im a freelancer or something...
  12. Nody Khan

    Is bitsafe safe for india

    Hello Friends, Is a good website for indian people? Is anyone using this platform for receiving and sending money? Thank You...
  13. Norman_drey

    PayPal account locked

    I created a new PayPal account and received money which is on hold for 21 days, today I received another money and I got locked with the following verification method Please is it possible to recover?
  14. Crypto Marketing

    PayPal Invoice Scam Using Crypto Disguise

    A new wave of PayPal invoice scams have been using cryptocurrency-related businesses as their disguise. If you use PayPal then you should be careful not to become a victim of this scam yourself! How the PayPal invoice scam works: Alongside the communication is a phone number that the victim...
  15. Sartre

    Another friendly reminder to not use PayPal ❤️❤️❤️

    A 15-year-old account with 0 disputes registered using a legit LLC. 15 years of sending and receiving money via my business. I'm not even using it anymore cause they froze my account for getting too much money too fast a few months ago again. Today got limited for literally no reason with some...
  16. seo_alexa002

    Power of People - Paypal Understood It

    The people have responded and they scared the crap out of PayPal. Power to the people Capitalism works
  17. Twistler

    Need PayPal Account For SMM Panel

    Hello there. I've owned an SMM website over the past year. It's been quite successful, but the biggest issue is that 99.99% of our customers pay via PayPal. Currently I am accepting payments from a friends PayPal account since I am underage and can't verify my own PayPal account (I do have one...
  18. emvam

    Pay or buy products using paypal + reloadable vcc / virtual git cards / prepaid cards

    i want to pay via paypal and i need multiple paypal account. if i use proxy and add reloadable vcc / virtual git cards / prepaid cards to my paypal accounts (different card for different account), will i able to pay via this method without any extra paypal verification like bank, credit card or...
  19. emvam

    Need help to pay via paypal + reloadable vcc

    i want to pay via paypal and i need multiple paypal for multiple account. if i use proxy and add reloadable vcc to my paypal accounts, will i able to pay via this method without any extra paypal verification like bank or papers??? i mean i'll only load money on my vcc then i'll pay via paypal...
  20. mrBH000

    [Need Help] Documents for Paypal limitation

    Hello everyone, I've created a new Paypal account and received a few bucks. Now PayPal wants some documents. I want to know which business category I should select for the long run. As this is a business account, they are asking for delivery proof. I want to make it easy. How can I do...