1. Jeepy

    PBN Links - No one wants them anymore?

    Yoyyoyo supp Blackhattters. Anyway, what's happening in the PBN sales thread world? No one is buying PBN's anymore, new threads popup less and less. Is PBN trend going down or because of the somehow low cost PBN building possibilities everyone is building their own PBN's? I wanted to open a...
  2. robin222

    Does the PBN website need to update content every month?

    For the PBN network built by myself, do I need to update the blog content of each PBN website every month?
  3. R

    How i get 200k backlinks ?

    I want to achive this website backlinks profile. DA: 24 PA: 51 TB: 187k QB: 121k How many is web2.0 , PBNs, article , profile etc ? Can you estimate?
  4. AlbertWeskey

    Looking for a seller of high quality CBD PBN link

    I can't use PayPal. Card or Crypto only.
  5. Ekooo

    How important are PBNs for SEO?

    Hello guys, I started my journey for SEO 2 months ago and over the time I heard very much about PBNs and how useful they are when it comes to backlinking and collecting link juice. Since it sounded very useful I wanted to ask if its worth investing in building one as a beginner and also how...
  6. bui

    What do you think about hosting?

    I am using bluehost hosting. It's been 5 months since we met seo. I bought 15 of them at an expired domain auction. 1 IP 25 domains. 5 money sites, 15 pbn. There seems to be a problem with hosting and IP. The money site ranking is going down. It was a mistake to link from the same IP. what...
  7. f0rest00

    Free review copies for 3 members (THE SOCCER PBN - DA Avg 15+, TF/CF 20+)

    Hi, Good day, I am here to offer free review copies to 5 BHW members (each 1 link), *DA Avg 15+, TF/CF 20+, *300+ words of readable content *SSL certificate for random blogs Requirements : URL and keywords (1 URL and 1 keyword) Expecting detailed review within a day (max 48 hrs) once...
  8. The Data Scientist

    Are you using a Static Site Generator (SSG) to build your PBN websites?

    Dear BHW members, is anyone of you using Static Site Generators (SSGs) like Hugo to build PBN websites quickly? An advantage would be more efficient resource usage and to have no backend to worry about (updates, plugins, exploits etc.). A disadvantage would be a smaller theme selection than...
  9. StrixMedia


    Hello Guys, We are offering 15 Free Review Copies for our existing $1 NETWORK and In the return, We expect honest and detailed feedback from you. Please post on the thread to take a review copy. I will send you the PM. Our Service Link...
  10. prey24

    Ecomtancyweb's Manually Done Back-links Package To Improve Your Rankings ❤️ DA 50+ PBN Links ❤️ DA 40+ Guest Posts ❤️ Genuine and Divers...

    FAQs (Must Read) 1- Will you work on my new site? All sites are accepted excluding Porn and adult-oriented sites. 2- What method do you use? We use safe google webmaster guidelines only ( They keep updating ) 3- How many keywords do you accept? Four main keywords, keywords should be long...
  11. f0rest00


    Hello BHW Folks, I am giving away 3 free review copies. Each review copy will contain 1 post for 3 members. Links Features: DA 30+/ DR 30+/ TF 20+ 350-400 words content (HW) Random SSL bogs Requirements : Jr.VIP members with 200+ posts. URL and Keywords (I can accept 1 URL and 1 keyword)...
  12. KLASEO

    ⏳ Klaseo ⏳⏩PBN Blog Servies⏩Domain authority 50+✅Homepage do-follow backlinks⚡

    REFUND POLICY : If I AM UNABLE TO PROVIDE YOU LINKS IN THE GIVEN TIME I WILL REFUND ALL THE MONEY PLACE ORDER NOW! Contact us: Skype: @klaseo Whats App: +923422206236 Email: [email protected] Telegram: @Klaseo
  13. Rank Cartel


    Hello all, I am offering 5 Casino PBN link to 10 member. Thread :- https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/casino-cartel-power-packed-cartel-inspired-pbn-niche-relevant-da-upto-38-only-casino-gambling-poker.1451716/ Condition :- - must be a member of this forum for more then 6 month - Ask for...
  14. hkseosolutions


    【PBN POWER ❤️ 50 LINKS $40 】POWERFUL PBN BACKLINKS ✅ HIGH DA 50+ ✅ General Domains ⏩ DO FOLLOW BACKLINKS ❤️ Email: [email protected] Skype: live:69739c72455b2a41
  15. SeroKuzp

    Wich platform do you use to build a PBN sites (except WordPress)

    Faced with the fact that the WordPress engine has a lot of problems with viruses, plugins, download speed and so on. Tell me who successfully builds their PBN without WordPress. Maybe some website builder for example Webflow?
  16. T

    The ways to improve the efficiency of PBN

    Hello everyone, I have a issues with my satellite website (also known as PBN). i have a several PBN site which building to improve my money site. But i have some problem with this. When my PBN have ranking with target keyword. It's have ranking higher than my money site in spite of the fact...
  17. seostar2

    We Will Provide Manual Blog Comments With High DA30+ ➤Unlimited URL ➤& Keywords ➤Google Ranking ➤At Responsible Price➤50% Discount On Al...

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  18. Backlinks World

    Get FREE 2 Pbn Review Copy

    Hey BHW Buddies We are Providing Review Copies You will get 2 PBN Backlinks To Check The Quality of Links we deliver And You Have To Review On My Sales Thread I need your Website URL and Keywords Send me Your Requirements and will Deliver It In 24 Hours Thank You Backlinks World
  19. Seobymicheal

    Get Free Review Copy To Check The Quality Of The Links

    Hey BHW Members, I Will Give You 2 PBN Backlinks To Check The Quality Of The Links And You Have To Review On My Thread ❤️ You Have To Send Me The Requirements And I Will Deliver It In 24 Hrs Thank You Over And Out Seobymicheal :anyway: