1. Ventures

    Hiring PHP developer for sales bot project (Bonus points if familiar with GPT3)

    How's it going, I've got the beginning of a project already coded in PHP but looking for a smart dev to hire to continue to make improvements. How it works now is I manually use an Ai scraping platform for contacts (we will automate this later) I upload a CSV file and it uses our iMessage API...
  2. digitalrocky

    Looking for php, html, wordpress developer

    Looking for someone expert with php, html and wordpress. I have some functionality which needs to be added in website.
  3. hreflang

    How to get 300,000 query search from google in 1 seceond for SEOs :((

    I want to creat google keyword rank tracker service for SEOs as a product. Now, If i have 100 user per month and they want to check 100 keyword daily per plan i should be able to do 300,000 Google searches per month. None of the apis worked for me and can't support this amount of searching. How...
  4. bestspinner

    looking for programmer

    looking for php coder to create a page, dm for more information
  5. tregoal

    Need a professional Web Developer for my car rental project!

    I'm Looking for someone who has already working with car rental software in the past and have a general understanding of the industry. The website will be a general car rental searching and booking, but the only difference is that we will give access to other companies to register in the...
  6. anthonyinit

    PHP developer with video fetching experience

    Hello, I'm looking for a PHP expert who has experience with video converting / fetching script
  7. A

    Need help accessing messages being sent by telegram bot to my old account which I no longer have access to.

    I lost access to my old telegram account that had a bot on it with some important stuff. There are still messages incoming on the bot on my old account. I still have the HTTP API token, and have heard that I can access the bot from another telegram account with the token as I have seen others...
  8. rahuldhawan

    Full Stack Developer - Rahul ( Intro )

    Hello, I’m a Top Rated, Full Stack Developer with 12+ years of experience in PHP / Laravel / Wordpress development. I have extensive experience in Custom Modules and i can handle Laravel with Vue JS too. I am expert in handling LAMP/LEMP, CentOS/Ubuntu/Debian, cPanel/WHM, High Availability...
  9. A


    Need a good PHP Coder that can make a live panel (control what visitor sees from admin panel) each time they press next they are stuck on loading screen until I decide where to redirect them from my side (admin panel).
  10. BaranKanat

    I am looking for CSS+HTML5 Themes for sale all rights.

    (sorry for my limited english my native language is not english) Hello first of all, I am a backend developer. I am looking for CSS+HTML5 themes, all rights are for sale so like extra license. My goal is to combine themes with php and put them up for sale. I visited several websites on Google...
  11. P

    can u make a social exchange website where people exchange links .. to get followers sub views likes plays comments etc. i want one where people can e

    can u make a social exchange website where people exchange links .. to get followers sub views likes plays comments etc. i want one where people can exchange engagement for ig,fb,twitter followers annd plays followers comments and likes on beatstars soundcloud youtube and website traffic...
  12. M

    Hello, I am newbie here - A php developer

    I am new here and I am a php developer and started my own small business of freelancers.
  13. tregoal

    PHP dev needed

    I'm looking for a trusted and experienced dev in PHP to help me with some task i have in some of the projects. Should have knowledge in laraval framework and OOP PHP Also to be able to suggest and make decision what is best for the project
  14. S

    PHP file encryption

    Hello, I have a project in php that is protected. Does anyone know what encryption was used and how to undo it? the files look like this:
  15. S

    anti-phishing system

    Hi guys, can anyone tell me how to create or where can I learn how to create a strong anti phishing system for my site? when I do the hosting I have this screen: "The following website is fraudulent Attackers at ***.***.***.*** may lead you to take dangerous action, such as installing...
  16. A

    Tips and guidelines for using Envato Element Theme

    Hello to all, some of you have access to Envato themes and designs, especially WordPress themes and others. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your time. 1/ Using a buy SEO group Envato themes are expensive. Too expensive for what they are. So you might as well make the most of...
  17. dmister

    Hiring BACK END DEVELOPER - for a SMM panel

    Looking for long-term back end developer. Required skills: Php, API integration, Laravel, JavaScript Requirements: 1. Experienced with the above skills. 2. Ability to accept crypto. 3. Ability to follow instructions. Bonus for others: If you can refer the right person for this position...
  18. S

    [LOOKING FOR:] Frontend, Python, PHP/Wordpress and DevOps Developers - needed for multiple projects!

    Hi I'm Steve! I'm looking for developers that fit one or more of the following descriptions for multiple projects. Frontend developer: Short work description: • Creating/building the frontend for WebApps, both website and the dashboard/admin/user panels. Specific knowledge about: - Html -...
  19. osdmagic

    How to SEO CodeIgniter website without using plugins?

    Hi, I developed a website using the PHP framework. Now i need to SEO the website. What are the initial steps to do that? already i have expreieance with WP SEO plugins.
  20. G

    Need a spam keyword page generator

    1. Generate pages in batches through a keyword list. 2. Support pseudo static link (eg: .htaccess) 3. Implant the other server through webshell 4. Preferably php, aspx script 5. There is a background manager that supports template customization I want to do blackhat seo through webshell. Does...