pinterest bot

  1. ergoprime

    Auto Adding Pinterest Users to Boards

    Do you know of a software/script that gives me the possibility to automate adding users to boards? Something like iMacros or Murgaa Recorder would be okay. The best case would be if I only had to add a username into a field once and then the script adds the user into various boards.
  2. ergoprime

    Pinterest - Redirect URLs

    I don't want to spam Pinterest with one URL, so I thought: Why not upload many Pins with different URLs and different images which redirect to my Post. I could promote the same Post as much as I want, because as far as I know Pinterest doesn't use any crawlers to see whats behind the link. Or...
  3. J

    Is there any money in Pinterest?

    I'm thinking about starting a pinterest journey with a few accounts. Is it worth my time? I'd let pinblaster run the accounts. I don't own any blogs or websites. Am I able to monetize the accounts in the future (after 2-3 years)? Any startup suggestions? Thanks a ton!
  4. D

    Pinterest Follow iMacro or Bot

    Hi, I desperately need a bot or script that goes through the 'about this pin' section (where it shoes who has pinned the photo) and goes into all of the peoples profiles and follows them. If you need more information about the section I am talking about. Click on a pin, scroll right down and...
  5. H

    (Jv) My Pinterest acc & Pindominator you idea

    hello, i have pinterest account and pindominator lisence account 1: 9.8k followers account 2: 1595 account 3: 1.3 followers account 4: 815 followers I need someone who is interested in working together to earn some $$.. Let me know if your interested
  6. tompots

    [Giveaway] Free Pinterest Bot - Free For Everyone NO Activation Required

    I have decided to strip down all my bots and give it away for free to forum members. All you need to do is to download the software and then extract the file to your desktop or your c:\ drive please only use one of these tow locations to avoid and permissions problems. I'm not including any...
  7. tecnocheap4u

    Pinterest Bot working today

    Hello guys, I want to know if there is some bot working today in pinterest with all his features like auto-follow , repin, follow, like, coment and all useful features in pinterest. Thanks in advice
  8. hunterlee

    Pinbot tool for pinterest

    I just discovered this new tool for automatically following pinterest users (while getting followers too) and decided to share with you all... Its called PIN AUTOMATION TRAFFIC ROBOT and it works really good... I prefer it to iMacro and others... some would even ask you to pay for PINBOT...
  9. I

    [REQ] Pinterest bot that can..

    I'm looking for a pinterest bot that can scrape images/links from an external site and repin them back to Pinterst. Not looking for something custom but looking for a bot that can does this and the other normal bot things i.e. repin, follow, unfollow, comment etc. Can anyone recommend one?
  10. healzer

    XX $ to X,XXX $ per month [Amazon + Pinterest]

    The Amazon+Pinterest method has been known for quite a while. However in this thread we are going to look into some interesting spins & tricks to increase traffic & earnings. If you aren't making any money online or are trying to bank on Pinterest: take your time to read this thread OVER and...
  11. norkodeo

    Looking for PINTEREST private or not but working BOT + account creator

    Hello, I have 3 different Pinterest bots - one of them is not updated and not working, other keeps crashing everytime and not working properly and the last one don't have account creation function. SO - I'm looking for a custom bot with account creator. Or account creator + proxy checker if...
  12. webhostingproviders

    [Get] Pinterest Auto Software (bot) - FREE

    A great tool, I am using since long time Ninja Pinner robot "The NinjaPinner robot handles all of the grunt work for you and SAVES you time" Download Link/Sales Page: ninjapinner [dot com] 1.Type your name and email you wish there - on this email you will get download link 2.After 2 Hours the...
  13. T

    Tumblr & Pinterest Bot

    Looking for a Tumblr and/or Pinterest bot. Must have. Auto like, Auto follow, be able to use proxies. I have found several.. please link me or PM me to one. Thank you BHW!
  14. newon

    3 Pinterest a/c from same PC. Is it OK?

    I have asked this question earlier in different thread but got no answer. Sorry for making a new thread. I have 3 Pinterest accounts which I operate from same PC but different browsers for each. I don't login all three a/c at once. I mainly pin from one a/c and repin from others. Is it OK? I...
  15. newon

    Pinterest Banned my Account : How to get back

    Today Pinterest banned my one and only account. It had 15k Real followers got over a period of 6 months. The account was generating around 500 UVs per day to my blog. So I was very much serious about this account and was not spamming at all. Everything was under the TOS of pinterest. But...
  16. yorktownfashion

    pinterest bot

    Anyone here sells the pinterest bot? I know there are tons of pinterest bots selling in the markets,i.e pinblaster,pinpioneer,ninjapinner and pinpal bot. But I wanna handle more than 50 accounts each time with.without proxy. The bot can re-pin/upload photos ,if it can automatically create...
  17. weblues

    Twitter Marketing Software - Instagram Bot - Pinterest Bot - Tumblr Bot - Follow Liker

    Best Twitter Marketing Software, Instagram Bot, Pinterest Bot & Tumblr Bot Twitter Edition (Screenshot) Instagram Edition (Screenshot) Pinterest Edition (Screenshot) Tumblr Edition (Screenshot) Follow Liker allows you to automate your social media activities and gain...

    Pinterest Auto Liker Imacro - With Timer

    Hey guy's.Wrote up Imacro to auto like images from popular pages.It has a timer which you can set to whatever you want. Just go to Pinterest popular page,load macro and let it run.The higher your timer the longer you can run it. VERSION BUILD=8300326 RECORDER=FX TAB T=1 SET !ERRORIGNORE YES...
  19. D

    Working on a custom pintrest bot to scrape photos.

    Did some searching and was looking to find a way to scrape photos from pinterest. Didn't find anything so im developing a bot. Hope to have it done soon (I outsourced it) If it works well ill share it free. Im getting more involved with bhw since im getting more serious with my projects. Anyone...
  20. yorktownfashion

    PINTEREST - 87 pins but 2,376,281 followers on pinterest

    I just find that this guy has only 87 pins on boards but this board gain 2,376,281 followers . Anyone knows how could this done? Here is the reference page pinterest . com/janew/paper