pinterest bot

  1. U

    Mass Pinterest accounts information updater. Maybe have some ideas?

    I have a lot of pinterest accounts, but all of them are without photos and other information. Maybe have some ideas about some soft to mass update profile information? Thank you for any help!
  2. B

    [Want] Has anyone figured out how to scrape from Pinterest yet?

    I know the file names for the thumbnails ends in a b or towards the end, and the full image ends in c. Has anyone figured out a bot for this yet? I don't have the scripting abilities to do it myself and downthemall hasn't been much of a help, also if there's a bot out there please point it...
  3. xpesos

    Need someone to develop pinterest bot for me..

    i need someone to develop a pinterest bot , things which the bots available in market don't do, but they are simple... PM me for more chit chat
  4. D

    ****[FREE] Awesome Social Posting Software - Set and Forget - Social Savior ****

    I was going to sell this, but I'd rather give back to the community and help some brothers save some $$$$$! So everyone is freaking out about the latest Panda and Penguin updates, with sites dropping in the serps like crazy. But one thing has emerged - Google LOVES social media votes...
  5. C

    Ultimate Pinterest Mass Follow Bot

    This bot can do the following things: 1. You enter the login information of a single account, and enter the keywords you want the bot to search for. It will follow all the strangers it finds for those keywords. With this you can get highly targeted followers within your niches. 2. You paste a...