1. The Universe Legend

    What is the best social media management tool nowadays?

    Hey BHW, A long time didn't post here, hope everyone is doing well. Working on a new ecom brand, and I want to know what's the best tool to manage my social accounts of it (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube...) I want to schedule all the posts for these accounts, any tool with a...
  2. devinda

    Looking for Pinterest Bot please Suggestions

    Any good , working Pinterest bot Would love your suggestions.
  3. react420

    Start with Pinterest

    Hey there, I'm very interested in starting Pinterest as a side hustle. so I would be happy about any tips I have the following questions: + how to find a good niche, what criteria should I look out for? + where do I get the pictures from that I should post + how many pins should I post a day
  4. mkstromin

    My 1st test on Pinterest. Not too bad but could and should be MUCH better.

    91 actions aka conversions, payout is $9 = so 91 x $9 = $819 revenue. Outbound clicks = kinda low, but now i can improve it by 25-30% CPC/CPM = ideal CTR = very good (tho, now i get around 5%) Industry = ecommerce Time frame = 2 weeks.
  5. vikasind

    How to invite people to join my group board with 10m+ monthly viewers

    does anyone know how to invite people to join my group board? I have 20k followers and 10m+ monthly impressions.
  6. H

    How can i post 1000 pins per day

    Hello friends, I saw that many people are posting more than 500 pins per day until 1000 per day and i tried to develope a simple bot for posting pins with automation from a csv file, but i got banned affter posting 80 pins directly. Then i was able to post a pin each time after 3 minutes. can...
  7. N

    Find similar clothes/outfits for me to buy from my pinterest board

    Hello! I have a pinterest board with about 100pins of different outfits. I am looking for someone who can go through the board and make a spreadsheet of each clothing item, along with links where I can buy the items (or similar items--in fact I don't want exact copies, would like some...
  8. G

    i'm building a pinterest auto bot

    hello friends, I provide traffic on pinterest for affiliate marketing and I have automated it, I share 500-1000 pins a day i get a lot of clicks and sales on products such as weight loss on networks such as clickbank digistore24, I get good traffic with this bot, but it doesn't come more than...
  9. blue_lime

    Bulk create and schedule Pins from csv or excel

    As I wrote in title. Can you reffer me solution for create and schedule pins in bulk from csv, please? I found only NinjaPinner which allow csv upload. Is there another thing which do you use for that? Thank you.
  10. rodrigo della rovere

    What is the highest percentage of outbound clicks you've ever gotten on pinterest?

    Pinterest has a low exit click-through rate. I've tried all kinds of call to actiom, but with no results to go beyond 1% of outgoing clicks. And what are you doing to improve this metric?
  11. vikasind

    Pinterest monetization

    Hey guys, so I started a Pinterest account a month ago in the beauty niche. I am in touch with an influencer and she makes videos for me. In 1 month, I have reached traffic of 175k monthly views. The traffic is mostly attached in the screenshot (the third world I guess, don't know what others...
  12. drums

    Pinterest has a new feature

    I've been waiting for this feature for a long time. Now we will be able to add affiliate links or website links to idea pins.
  13. Jacke met

    Pinterest analytics nothing show up

    Hi guys the analytics show up just in business hub but in overview nothing show up Any solutions do you face this problem too guys ?

    It's ok if i post this on social media ?

    Hy guys I create short videos using the TikTok app, I use my face and i make my own content The thing is i upload this video to Pinterest, Youtube shorts, Instagram, and Facebook reel Now they think its when I create the video I have the TikTok logo on it I will have problems with other...
  15. seo_alexa002

    Whats Best Pinterest Ranking Strategy??

    What's Best Pinterest Ranking Strategy?? Is it beneficial to Rank Pinterest Post on Pinterest or on Google? Ranking on Pinterest What Matters Most ??? Content? Engagements??? Thank You
  16. darklord20


    Hello everyone, this would be my third Journey and I would not like to fail again. The first one was about tiktok and FAIL. The second one was about webs and FAIL So this journey I'm going to try something different, CPA(NSFW and SFW) + SOCIAL NETWORKS, I say social networks because I plan to...
  17. Bhuvi Uniyal

    Pinterest account case study

    Here I share a case study of one of my client's accounts. We signed up this client in October 2021, November we did not pin much and in December we started pinning both idea pins and regular pins. We are currently at 18K followers and 5.1 Million monthly viewers. Below is the breakdown of the...
  18. A

    What would you do with this pinterest account?

    hi guys i have a pinterset account with over 90k followers and over 5 million monthly views but i do not earn any money from it or drive traffic to my website from it. what would you do if you have this pinterest account. it is pet pinterest account
  19. verwest

    What would you do with this pinterest account?

    I stopped working with him a long time ago. What do you think is best done with it? It has grown completely organically. ]
  20. I

    Zero Impressions on Pinterest

    So Pinterest, Recently started posting on an account I had and just turned it to a business account. Started posting and it's literally been about 4 days and still Zero impressions proudly sitting on top of my stats. Has anyone else experienced this or is this part of the "pay to play" arena...