1. Nw_Work

    [Suggestions Pls] Wordpress Plugin for WhatsApp share upon custom fill form or content lock

    Hi any one knows a plugin which can allow custom form to integrate whatsapp share where after share with 5-10 friends or groups then lead to submission of form or unlock content?
  2. Divisoria

    CrocoBlock All Plugin -RankMath SEO -WP Rocket -WP Astra Pro Growth Bundle -Oxygen Builder + Swiss Knife Pro -LoginPres Pro | Lifetime/Y...

    TAKE NOTE: I will need your admin login details to activate the Dynamic templates features & JetFormBuilder for you. (You can use temp admin access if need be, or just change your password after i activate it.) PAYMENT * Binance all cryptocurrency accepted * PayPal PRICE $69 for a...
  3. E

    GTranslate Plugin SEO Effects

    Hi, I have one Korean blog which has 300 posts about exercise. Also, I got more than 500 keywords ranking 1st page on I want to get more users from world wide so I'm planning to translate all of my blogs by using automatic translating plugin. I tested the GTranslate plugin...
  4. jondaz

    Grid like post with image ads in between

    Hello BHW Members, I want to make the post grid look like the epic news plugin. The question is, does the epic news plugin have a function to automatically insert an ad image between grid posts? For example, after 3 posts, automatically enter 1 ad image. If for example, the epic news plugin...
  5. L

    any one here have yukapo subscription

    Any one here have yukapo subscription i need nuss wordpress theme if you can please download it for me Thank You
  6. AussieDollar

    Wordpress resume site

    Hello, I'm looking for a way/plugins to create a website where visitors can post their own resumes or fill templates for a resume. Basically a website where 100's of people can post their resumes. Any advice would be appreciated.
  7. Xaggerating

    Woocommerce Thank You Page Help

    I created a thank you page and used elementor to customize it. After payment you get redirected to the page but the order details are not populating on the page. I am using woocommerce. Also, when I was seeing the details, the customizations for the details using elementor were not showing up...
  8. J

    Bulk External Link Change/Update Plugin for WordPress Blog

    I've a WordPress blog having many posts having external links to certain domain, I'm looking for plugin that can change the external domain from to in all posts published. It could be one-click change/update kinda. does anyone knows...
  9. crystalwiz

    How many active plugins do you have on your website?

    Hi WordPress user, How many active plugins do you have installed on your website right now? What does your loading speed look like? Just a thought.
  10. Floccer

    Automatic newsletter plugin for wordpress?

    I have been building website where i want to send newsletter to subscribers where i would show latest posts/deals to people. Is there somekind plugin available that would be able to do this? So it would have premade template that shows for example 5 latests wp posts that has been made
  11. Naughtyfatkid

    [Need suggestions] What are good Wordpress themes/plugins for an Ecommerce website?

    Hello BHW, The website is for a photo printing business. So the idea is for the customers to be able to upload their jpeg/png pictures when they order from the website. Do you know if this could be done on a simple wordpress site? If yes, do you know a theme/builder that would best suit the...
  12. light and bolts

    Customizable Form Plugin [Wordpress]

    Does anyone know what form-plugin can do this in Wordpress? Add a date and various customizable fields? The plugin from the image is built in Larvel, but I need the same for Wordpress. This is the image link in case Thanks in advance
  13. L

    wordpress elementor issue how to solve this problem

    When I click anywhere in my elementor wordpress website a black screen appears with white close icon How to fix this I enabled disabled all plugins still same issue
  14. Toz

    Wordpress Blog + WooCommerce Search Plugin?

    Anyone know of any high quality plugin that allows visitors to simultaneously search both WooCommerce products and blog posts on your website? Thanks
  15. X

    Automatic plugin wordpress

    Hello I'm looking to multi WordPress website about tutorial and software i need some plugins to generate post about software or tutorial free or Ebook
  16. harrywilliams

    How to Create a Sidebar Like This? IS IT POSSIBLE?

    How to create a sidebar like that, to help the reader to move between articles and grey the selected article. Is there a free or a premium plugin for this purpose?
  17. KJREDDY247@

    Which plugins are you using to add .stl / 3d xml... file viewer on WordPress? (For 3d Viewer)

    Which plugins are you using to add .stl file viewer on WordPress? Any better options to have a 3d viewer option for a WordPress site? To have something like on this website:
  18. Hustlim

    I want to make a WordPress website with a plugin. Best plugin, advice?

    Hello, community, I want to make a website that focuses on affil, where I will publish original reviews in English. Affiliate offers have the option of creating a GEO affil link. This means that the service in question is in 15 markets and I would like to reach them all. How do I do that? I...
  19. U

    Would like to move wayback copy into wordpress. Any good tools?

    Hello, I am working on a PBN for myself, and some of the old domains I am finding just have a very static HTML site. Is there a way I can easily take the wayback ( site and move it into a new wordpress? Like maybe a plugin for wordpress that imports the wayback copy and makes the...
  20. iupdpcvm

    Is there any plugin that create articles based on spyntax, keywords?

    Hi guys, is there any wordpress plugin that can help me generate articles starting from my own template that replaces only given keywords? For example, I want to create articles around "Best meals for {Keyword1}".