1. G

    Keywords For Microsoft Advertising Campaign

    When doing keyword research, do you just add the keywords found in the keyword planner to your campaign? Or do you also add keywords found in tools like Semrush... I'm just curious, because I'm not finding too many keywords in the keyword planner. Any advice would be greatly appreciated...
  2. U

    FaceBook Pixel iOS 14.5 - What's wrong with it?

    Hello, how can I fix this warning? "The domain that prioritizes your iOS 14.5 event has not been selected. Your ad may not show to people who have opted out of tracking on devices running iOS 14.5 or later." Anyone has this problem? :( Thanks for help!
  3. A

    Can I use direct Affiliate Link in Display Ads?

    Hello everyone, I want to ask something. If we are promoting CPA offers. Can I put direct affiliate links in Facebook ads, Taboola ads, etc.? If I will be using a direct affiliate link then, Will I violate the policy?
  4. F

    Blackhat PPC inapp

    Does anyone here do blackhat PPC inapp? The principle is to develop a mobile application, send traffic on it, the visitor installs it, and he is redirected to a landing page when he opens the application Generally, it is used in the gambling, forex and other markets.
  5. U

    GoogleAds - Optimize without trigger learning again.

    Hello, Like in title. How can I optimize googleads without trigger learning phrase again? Things I want to do: 1. 10% daily budget increase every day. 2. Remove keywords that getting very little impressions. 3. Add some new keywords 2-3 (to test) This things will trigger learning again? If yes...
  6. S

    How to know if my website recieve Fake or Real Traffic

    Hello, Am using a paid subscription on a software that as they say, it will bring Real traffic to your website by sharing on social media and tweets and direct traffic. All i see in the software is the number of traffic that was sent to my website. How can i know if my website is recieving Fake...
  7. S

    Earn Money From CPA Offers

    Hello Everyone, Am a beginner in the CPA marketing and i did some small results but i couldn't go further than 4$. I got this with a content locker with a ebook to download after completing an offer, but i used picoworkers to get those results and then i realized that it was not legit to do...
  8. cpanewbiehere

    Why My Google Ad account is Spending only 100 Perday?

    Why My Google Ad account is Spending only 100 Perday? I have a budget of 580 Perday, Everyday from last 3 Days its spending only 100$ Perday whereas the Budget is 580$. How to make it fixed?
  9. jafakash

    How to stop google ads fake clicks ?

    How to stop google ads fake clicks is by using a google Adwords click fraud detection tool.
  10. I

    Looking for traffic in LATAM, Canada (no Ontario) and other Geo's traffic for gambling

    Hi, We are looking for a PPC freelancer or agency can drive traffic for casino/betting big brand with Google ads or FB in LATAM, Canada, Nordic. We can do others Geo's if you know how to do black hat If you have other type of traffic please let me know. Please send me DM only if you have...
  11. U

    Can I run GoogleAds on this niche?

    Hello, its possible that I can run dating ads that are strongly restricted and moderately restricted? Or its some kind of warning they'II ban my account If I don't change this? I only read about ads will be allowed but only limited.
  12. L

    How to promote this link

    Hello can some expert please tell me where to advertise this link https://bit.ly/searchingforjob from last 1 month i am doing it on LinkedIn but no benefit any other way if you can please tell me Thank You
  13. G

    How can I scale my Facebook ads x2?

    Hi guys, I am doing good on Facebook, I am not gonna lie. Spending around 10k daily making good profits, but raising budget over 10k is difficult. Working in lots of geos currently. Give me your strategies how to scale big, please. Everything you have. Tips for higher CTR and lower CPC? Tips on...
  14. DrArchive

    Linkvertise Reviews - Look please :)

    Hello, thanks for entering the post I had a doubt about this platform, I've been using it for about two weeks and it looks good. But on the subject of withdrawals, more specifically those from PayPal, they scare me a bit (I'll explain below) It turns out that I requested a minimum withdrawal...
  15. kendzalo

    [JV] Our Digital Agency + Your Lead Generation

    Hello, We are a digital agency specializing in SMM, SEO, PPC, Web Development, and Design. Currently, we have a couple of customers but are looking into ways to expand. We are always looking for new talents to bring to the team. We will pay you a commission for each paying customer you bring...
  16. Mjinnn

    Best way to learn FB Ads?

    Whats the best way to learn fb ads on a budget of $300? I eventually want to start a ppc agency so i want to get experience. I have experience because i used to run an ecommerce site years ago so i know about the various metrics and how to improve them but as i said, ive been out of the game...

    What are the common PPC mistakes?

    PPC is not always my strong hand. What are the mistakes that I should avoid?
  18. D

    I’m making $10k/day profit with Google ads

    I currently have multiple aged google ad accounts with significant spend history (5,6 figures). I’ve used some of the accounts already for a niche & have been making $10k/day profit consistently. I’m wondering how I could use them to make even more money. Anyone with experience in this ?
  19. S

    Hiring PPC expert for whitehat gambling ads. Scammers skip (Video meeting & Bank Wire transfers)

    We are hiring Google PPC Expert to run our WH Gambling ads. We have googles permission to advertise gambling with our google account. Salary is commission % from net profit. PM me here. Best regards
  20. S

    Google Ads live but no click impressions

    From last few days my ads live but dont get any click impressions..anyone know why this happened.. Any solution? thanks