1. mailicreate

    How to develop a PR2 page into PR5 or 6

    I am new to SEO and looking to learn PR building. Please comment with:- 1. How to increase the PR? 2. How long does it take? 3. How to retain the PR and prevent it from falling to lower PR's ? Thanks.
  2. BlackHatKnight

    Pagerank 6 tumblr blog

    What should I do with a PR6 tumblr blog beside selling backlinks?
  3. T

    Buying a PR6 Ranked Website

    I am starting a new online company and the domain I have is brand new (only 2 months old). I have found a website on Flippa that is for sale and has a PR6 ranking. The niche of the website is not exactly like my new online company but it is in the same industry. If I was to buy this PR6 website...
  4. D

    14-Year Old PR6 Blogroll Links & Blog Posts!

  5. webm4ster

    Where to get High-Google-Trusted BackLinks

    Really guys, I am pretty hecked! :date: Yesterday I was drinking a beer with my competitor and he showed me the URLs from, etc. he BOUGHT recently. I though that such trusted sites do not sell non-relevant links but all these backlinks contained links to his...
  6. L

    5 PR6-PR9 Sites to Get Free Anchor Backlinks - from New Member

    Hi, I am new member to this world. Please accept my small gift! 5 PR6-PR 9 Site to Get Free Anchor Backlinks! Please find attached file! Thanks, Linkmaster2011
  7. tejsin

    {Help} If I buy a PR6 site what will happen?

    I would like to buy a PR6, or PR7 site but I heard that when the domain changes owner then the PR drops. Is it true? If yes, what should I do to keep the PR? If I backorder the domain, will it cost anything to me or will I have the domain and its PR after I bought it? Please post...
  8. jmason616

    High PR ******** Blog Commenting 100% Approved

    PR4 - PR7 Do Follow Blog Commenting Service Every comment will be related to the topic of the blog page. Every comment will also be 100% approved If your link gets removed, I will do my best to replace it on another blog with same PR or higher PR. Turnaround Time = 1-2 days PR is the inner...
  9. J

    i have buyed 4 letter .com domain is it worthfull

    Hello, i have buyed 4 letter domain like ( it is created in 07/2004. Pr0. how much i can get by these domain if i sell it. I got it in 40$ cheap. so, can i earn some good money from this. If i struggled andincrease its pr5 or pr6, then how much i can expect. any help will be...
  10. X

    another pr6 backlink method

    okay guys i am brand new so i will help contribute this method that i use to get some backlinks to my sites. This coupled with some forum signature posts allows me to rank #2 on a 5,000,000 result term on google, with only the domain .com of the keyword ranking before me. the basic idea is...