prepaid cards

  1. emvam

    Pay or buy products using paypal + reloadable vcc / virtual git cards / prepaid cards

    i want to pay via paypal and i need multiple paypal account. if i use proxy and add reloadable vcc / virtual git cards / prepaid cards to my paypal accounts (different card for different account), will i able to pay via this method without any extra paypal verification like bank, credit card or...
  2. KT240

    Merchant Account for processing prepaid cards

    Does anyone know a less strict merchant account provider/payment processor that will happily process prepaid gift cards without any issues? I tried Stripe, got underwriting review approved, processed a bunch of orders, got payouts, then got shutdown for attempting to use a bad card too many...
  3. Orozuz

    (Decent) Ad networks that accept prepaid cards

    I'm looking for ad networks (that are good, not like popcash) that accept prepaid cards as a payment method. Most of them, at least the good ones (google, fb, bing, twitter, pinterest, etc) don't accept ppc. I'm trying to promote CPA offers and can't find a viable platform. Thanks.
  4. Ezzocard

    Ezzocard Virtual Cards - Instant Delivery, International Billing, AVS

    Dear friends, We are happy to present our high class Virtual Card service! We offer virtual prepaid Visa and Mastercard Cards issued by US and Canadian banks. Ezzocard Virtual Cards easy to Use for Secure Shopping. VCC will get you access to shopping worldwide. We provide different types...
  5. D

    Visa Prepaid card - unable to use it for online purchases

    I'm having big problems using prepaid cards. These are onevanilla cards. I log them into onevanilla .com and assign a zip code. For example, I have tried to use them on seoclerks (i even create an account there with a dedicated proxy ip from the same zip code I registered the card on). I...
  6. Ezzocard

    Which Google Adwords accounts accept prepaid cards?

    Hi there, I'm using Google Adword regularly and I prefer prepaid cards as a method of payment. However 3 weeks ago Adwords stopped accepting prepaid cards as a method of payment. I tried it with different countries accounts without success. Who knows which Adwords accounts still accept Prepaid...
  7. H

    Need High Risk Merchant for Online Casino and Bulk Prepaid/Debit Cards Vendor

    Hello Fellas, I'm interested in high-risk payment processor for an online casino located in eastern Europe, and also Debit or Prepaid cards (Visa/MasterCard) vendor. Do you have some recommendations? Thanks.
  8. ryangineer

    Prepaid Visa or Privacy Card not accepted - workaround?

    Hey guys, Love, love, love BHW. This is MY kind of place. Working on scraping data from a website that requires a credit card for account creation. I used to be able to just go to CVS and get a prepaid credit card or use the Privacy credit card and it worked like a charm. Today, however...
  9. itmirchizone

    VCC Available for PayPal , Ebay , Facebook , Adwords | One time Loaded & Reloadable VCC

    BLACKHAT TOOL KIT VCC to Verify Ebay | Paypal | Adwords | Facebook One time/Reloadable Fellow BHW Members, As Per you know Guys me i am selling VCC over BHW from last few Months. The...